Stream from your DVD Player

Connecting Your DVD Player to Your HDTV Wirelessly

You’ve spent years building up a massive DVD collection. Streaming the movie online won’t cut it. You want the bonus features, the director’s commentary, the limited edition case. You also want to hook your DVD player up wirelessly to your Plasma/LED/LCD TV. We got you covered. With a Nyrius audio/video sender you are able to transmit a standard RCA composite connection from your composite cable device such as a DVD player, VCR, classic gaming system such as a Super Nintendo, cable box, and more.

Recommended Product:

Nyrius NY-GS10

Nyrius NY-GS3200

The GS10 is capable of transmitting composite RCA connections from a device to a display such as a television or a projector. The GS3200 offers longer range capabilities and is rated for 400ft in an open space environment.