Our Story

Nyrius Philosophy

Our Philosophy


Since its inception, Nyrius has been a leader in developing innovative connectivity solutions. Our products have been enchanting home entertainment enthusiasts, business professionals, and creatives through exceptional product design, high performance, intuitive user experience, and outstanding customer service.

Nyrius Vision

Our Vision

We believe that our lives need to be simple.

Nyrius Mission

Our Mission

At Nyrius, we create people-driven products that make life easier and more fulfilling. Through innovative technology and engineering, Nyrius will empower you to experience your media without limitations.

Nyrius Values

Our Values


We have an unwavering commitment to our customers to create the highest performing products that offer the best experience possible.

Lifetime Customer Support

From the moment you are introduced to Nyrius, we want to offer you all the resources and assistance you would ever need for your wireless needs. We offer product support through our extensive online knowledge base as well as lifetime direct support through our expert customer experience team who will be delighted to assist you.

Community & Environmental Sustainability

Not only are we committed to our customers and our products, we want to make sure we leave a better world for the next generation of audio and video lovers. We have transformed our products and processes, and empowered our team members to make lasting positive impacts on our environment and our communities.

Nyrius Origins


Nyrius has a proud history of developing cutting-edge products. Founded in 2003, we have always strived to make lives easier through technology.

Early on in the brand history, our connectivity products included media fusion docks, wireless Bluetooth audio transmitters, as well as wireless smart home automation products.

With an extensive track record of releasing innovative products, Nyrius has received numerous awards. In 2009, the Nyrius Entourage 7 received the prestigious CES Innovations Award from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which annually recognizes the most innovative consumer electronics on the market.

Nyrius Today


Building on our foundation of media connectivity, our products focus exclusively on wireless audio/video solutions. Always looking to help users ‘cut the cord’, Nyrius is developing products to allow customers to control the way they experience their media. With so many options for sourcing rich media content, Nyrius is working to give customers complete wireless freedom in their home, office, and at play.