Stream from your Cable Box

Connecting a cable box wirelessly to your HDTV

HD cable boxes can provide great content but they are often bulky/heavy. If you are looking to have a cleanly mounted TV with a minimalist design it’s not exactly easy to mount a big cable box alongside it. Remember seeing ceiling mounted CRT TVs with a VCR in a rack underneath? The hospital waiting room look doesn’t scream modern design. Go wireless by streaming your content from a cable box to your mounted TV without worrying about wires dangling down walls or tearing up drywall to try and hide the wires underneath.

Recommended Product:

Aries Prime

Aries Home

Both the Aries Prime and Aries Home offer a great solution for connecting a cable box to an HDTV or projector. The Aries Prime offers a more compact transmitter while the Aries Home offers a longer range.