Stream from your Camera

Streaming Live Video Content from Your HD/DSLR Video Camera

As an amateur or professional filmmaker creativity is often limited by technology. There will be times when you want to place your camera in hard to reach places or angles that do not allow for easy viewing of the footage. You may also want to include movement in your shot with a Steadicam or gimbal. This prevents a director from seeing what footage is being captured and prevents the director from providing performance or camera direction during a take. By connecting a Nyrius Transmitter to a camera that live footage can be streamed to an off-camera monitor in real time. This allows for more efficient filmmaking as immediate changes can be made to a take without stopping the action and having the director review the footage before everything is reset and restarted. Nyrius will work with a wide array or consumer and professional level cameras with an HDMI out.

Recommended Products:

– The compact design of the Aries Pro allows for easy installation to camera rigs and the long signal range allows the action to occur at a safe distance from director’s monitor setup. Please note that the transmitter will require a power supply/battery.