Mirror your Laptop

Streaming video content from your desktop computer

Many users use their desktop computers as their media hub. This often houses all media files including videos and music. You may have large hard drives or servers storing your media content in addition to using streaming services like Netflix or Hulu from your browser. You also may have a sophisticated home theater setup with high definition big screen TVs and surround sound systems. In this scenario you want to enjoy that rich media content on that cutting-edge home entertainment system. You can easily and wirelessly connect your home entertainment system to your desktop computer media hub even if they are located on opposite ends of their house. A Wi-Fi connection is not needed so if you have files stored on your media hub you don’t have to use any bandwidth to be able to enjoy that content in another room.

Recommended Products:

ORION HOME AND ARIES HOME – Both products would work great for transmitting media from your computer to your TV. The Aries Home offers a zero latency and a longer range. The ORION Home is a more affordable option with the ability to add additional receivers.