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ARIES Home Wireless HD Video Digital Transmitter & Receiver

Product Review (submitted on December 1, 2022):
It works barely. 30 feet line-of-sight between the units and it goes in and out until I fiddle with the positioning of each separate unit. Then when it works it's good. The remote transmits nicely through the system. We watch our recorded ATT UVerse recorded news while having dinner.I put a splitter on the HDMI "out connector" from the ATT Uverse. One HDMI from the splitter goes to the TV and the other to the Nyrius Transmitter. The Nyrius remote control line is taped a few inches in front of the UVerse box. 3 HDMI cables are required: one to the splitter from the ATT Uverse box and two out of the splitter.The Nyrius receiver is connected to a small TV near the dining table. I almost sent this whole thing back but my wife thinks that I should have time to fiddle with it and get it working while she prepares the meal. So, now I've got a new chore. Fiddling with this before dinner. Glad to be retired. Thanks a lot.