Stream from your A/V Receiver

Connecting your Home Theater A/V receiver wirelessly to your HDTV

For many users their A/V receiver becomes the hub of their home entertainment system. It is the connection hub for your Blu-ray player, cable box, video game system, or Wi-Fi enabled streaming box (AppleTv, Roku, Android Box). In many cases these devices are displayed in a home entertainment unit or console but you don’t want wires running up and down your walls to be able to connect your receiver to your HDTV. You may also use a projector for your home theatre system and don’t want to run long expensive wiring to reach the projector on the ceiling. Using a wireless HDMI transmitter eliminates the need for these wires and allows you to maintain a clean media console located in a convenient location. Connecting additional receivers to this system allows you to enjoy all of those products in multiple TV environments. Therefore, you don’t have to move or buy an additional Blu-ray player to watch that content in your bedroom.

Recommended Products:

WS55 OR ARIES HOME – Both the WS55 and ARIES Home offer a great solution for connecting an A/V receiver to an HDTV or projector. The WS55 offers the ability to add multiple receivers while the Aries Home has a longer range.