Stream Blu-ray to your HDTV

Connecting A Blu-ray Player Wirelessly to Multiple Tvs

You may have a central hub where you keep all of your media playing devices such as Blu-ray players, cables boxes, or streaming boxes. To avoid buying redundant media players you can opt for wirelessly streaming those devices to multiple TVs or projectors throughout your home. You can have your Blu-ray player wirelessly stream to your main living room TV, but also your HDTV in your kitchen, or even the TV you have set up on your back porch. Blu-ray players may not be convenient or visually appealing to install in certain locations.

Recommended Products:

ORION Home & Additional Receivers
– With the ORION Home you can transmit your HD audio/video from your Blu-ray player in your living room media console to your beautifully mounted TV. With additional receivers you can send that same signal to your bedroom or man cave projector.