Stream Blu-ray to your HDTV

Connecting A Blu-ray Player Wirelessly to Your HDTV

As part of a clean wireless setup you may want to connect your Blu-ray player to your mounted HDTV. You may also have setup your dream home theater system with a ceiling mounted projector for the ultimate cinema experience. The only issue is having your Blu-ray player within reach of your projector, but also located in an accessible spot so you can actually change out the discs.

Recommended Products:

WS55 or ARIES HOME – With the WS55 or ARIES Home you are able to stream the content from your Blu-ray player to a TV or projector. The ARIES Home + offers a slightly longer range, the ability to connect two separate source devices such as a cable box and Blu-ray player, and features zero latency, while the WS55 comes in at a lower price point and more compact size for the transmitter. The WS55 has the added benefit of being able to accept additional receivers so you can add other TVs to your wireless setup.