Stream to Multiple HDTVs

Connecting A Cable Box Wirelessly To Multiple Tvs At Home

You may have an existing cable box in your main home entertainment system but you want to be able to access that content on other TVs in your house without purchasing or renting another cable box. This would also apply to any media source you have in your main home entertainment center such as a Blu-ray player or digital streaming box, but you do not want to buy additional units as they may be too bulky or inconvenient to mount in other areas.

Recommended Products:

– Both of these products have a HDMI loop through option meaning you could have a wired connection from cable box to your TV going through the transmitter, while sending a wireless signal to a second TV in your home. That way you can have two TVs using one cable box. With the Nyrius ORION Home you can also purchase additional receivers to stream that content to even more displays in your home.