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ARIES Home+ Wireless HD Video 2 Input Transmitter & Receiver

Product Review (submitted on August 5, 2022):
This product delivers on all of the promises that it makes. I have completed several tests with the product including range, latency, and refresh rate tests. Using a super wide monitor in picture by picture mode with 1ms response time, I used the Nyrius wireless HDMI receiver on the left screen and a wired HDMI connection on the right screen and saw absolutely no difference in latency, refresh rate, and resolution between the two. This wireless HDMI truly has zero latency and practically transmits instantaneously. I am able to achieve a constant stable 60hz refresh rate at 1080p with no interference.For a more practical use, I wired the transmitter to my desktop in the top right corner of my house, and wired the receiver to a TV on the bottom left corner of the house, which is as far as I could take the connection. To my surprise, the signal is certainly capable of transmitting through both a floor and a wall as well as a couple other obstacles and experience little to no issues. The wireless HDMI can sustain 60hz at 1080p with zero latency even under this circumstance, and it is downright impressive. Only after a couple hours of use did I notice some artifacting for a few seconds, after which the effect disappeared.I highly recommend this wireless HDMI product for those who are looking to stream a computer or game console with zero latency to any location in your house. It is suited perfectly for this role.