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ARIES Prime Wireless HD Video Transmitter & Receiver System

Product Review (submitted on April 4, 2022):
Connected this from my TV that's installed over a fireplace to my A/V receiver which is about 6' away and it works perfectly. Initially I had the receiver (the part that's connected to the TV) connected to USB power on the TV. I had to reset the connection each time I turned on the TV. Now, after trialing for a few days, I connected it to the power outlet and that issue has gone away. The transmitter is also plugged to permanent power using an iphone charger plugged into the wall.I permanently mounted the receiver behind the TV and noticed some interference. After disabling the TV WiFi the interference went away. My Apple TV is connected directly to the network via CAT 5 cable.Hope this helps for anyone looking for a solution that avoids tearing up the drywall to run an HDMI cable.