ARIES Home Wireless HD Video Digital Transmitter & Receiver

ARIES Home Wireless HD Video Digital Transmitter & Receiver

for HD 1080p Video Streaming (NAVS500)

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Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Kyle M December 25, 2022

This only worked for 10 mins before the hardware got so hot I swore it was going to melt and catch on fire. I returned for a refund.

Tom December 24, 2022

I've tried a few HDMI transmitter/receiver devices, and the Nyrius Aries Home+ was the first. I ordered it based on a recommendation in an article I found online, which placed this at the top of its list.A couple pros: it has two HDMI ports and a remote to switch between them; most of the devices I tried only had one HDMI input. It also appeared to work well, with a clear picture and sound, over a short distance with direct line-of-sight.Unfortunately, within a week, the receiver died. It was unable to power up at all, so I had to return it. I was glad that it pooped out during the return window! I was unwilling to try another one; there are a lot of different options, and I didn't want to risk getting another dud.

GB December 18, 2022

Good reception, great picture

Rory M December 12, 2022 Arizona, United States

Will not connect with newer computers. Worked with tech support and best they could do was get extremely poor quality image from older laptop.

Rory M December 11, 2022

Will not connect to newer laptop. After working with tech support, the best they could do was transmit extremely low quality image from older computer (see image included). Picture was not even usable. Could not make out faces or read text on TV it was transmitted to. Very disappointed for something at this price point to work so poorly.

cornelis k December 3, 2022

I don't know what is wrong with the new stuff.We have had 1 for several years, allways working well.I have mounted now 2 new ones both are broken in a week. Mounted in the same way as the "old" one. I don't know what happens

Dr A December 1, 2022

It works barely. 30 feet line-of-sight between the units and it goes in and out until I fiddle with the positioning of each separate unit. Then when it works it's good. The remote transmits nicely through the system. We watch our recorded ATT UVerse recorded news while having dinner.I put a splitter on the HDMI "out connector" from the ATT Uverse. One HDMI from the splitter goes to the TV and the other to the Nyrius Transmitter. The Nyrius remote control line is taped a few inches in front of the UVerse box. 3 HDMI cables are required: one to the splitter from the ATT Uverse box and two out of the splitter.The Nyrius receiver is connected to a small TV near the dining table. I almost sent this whole thing back but my wife thinks that I should have time to fiddle with it and get it working while she prepares the meal. So, now I've got a new chore. Fiddling with this before dinner. Glad to be retired. Thanks a lot.

David X October 25, 2022

I had high expectations for this product but turned out to be a total waste of time. The deal breaker is the distance. It runs on 5G Hz therefore it has a very limited transmission range and is prone to interference in the nearby environment. This is unfortunately the nature of the 5G Hz frequency, not entirely the fault of this product alone, but Nyrius should have done a better job testing and explaining their actual range in a real-world environment (e.g., in my case, 35 feet between transmitter and receiver but with 2 walls in the middle) so that people would better understand what outcome this product can achieve before making a decision of purchase.My result: the transmitter and the receiver barely make the connection, and even if they do, the connection will only last a minute or two before the signal is lost and the linking process starts all over again. IR control works with a terrible delay as well.Will return this product and keep looking.

Luis V September 20, 2022

The delivery was great, the equipment is easy to set up. The price went up drastically. I had bought the same wireless HDMI and it was cheaper.

Amazon Customer September 15, 2022

The product is limited. You can't use a splitter, the product must connect directly to the source which forces you to use the output port to connect your primary screen. When you do that the primary screen constantly refreshes because the signal from the source connected to hdmi 1 drops. The screen connected to the wireless receiver didn't refresh as frequently, but had issues locating the wireless signal to come on-line.

Gerry August 19, 2022

The add says up to 100 feet. I get less than 25 feet. The IR receiver needs the controller to be withering 3 feet to work.

Amazon Customer August 5, 2022

This product delivers on all of the promises that it makes. I have completed several tests with the product including range, latency, and refresh rate tests. Using a super wide monitor in picture by picture mode with 1ms response time, I used the Nyrius wireless HDMI receiver on the left screen and a wired HDMI connection on the right screen and saw absolutely no difference in latency, refresh rate, and resolution between the two. This wireless HDMI truly has zero latency and practically transmits instantaneously. I am able to achieve a constant stable 60hz refresh rate at 1080p with no interference.For a more practical use, I wired the transmitter to my desktop in the top right corner of my house, and wired the receiver to a TV on the bottom left corner of the house, which is as far as I could take the connection. To my surprise, the signal is certainly capable of transmitting through both a floor and a wall as well as a couple other obstacles and experience little to no issues. The wireless HDMI can sustain 60hz at 1080p with zero latency even under this circumstance, and it is downright impressive. Only after a couple hours of use did I notice some artifacting for a few seconds, after which the effect disappeared.I highly recommend this wireless HDMI product for those who are looking to stream a computer or game console with zero latency to any location in your house. It is suited perfectly for this role.

D. S July 28, 2022

It does exactly what it's supposed to do. Pure High Def Images and sound with no wires and a nice clean look

M July 28, 2022

I've bought two of these and both have failed in about 18 months, first time thought just a one off. Additionally, I had to reset/resync almost monthly in the last 3 months of its life span before it failed. Switching to another brand due to Nyrius lack of quality in its product.

Nathan W July 25, 2022

Tried a cheaper alternative that claimed 4K and gaming capability. Completely false, and returned for this one.This one works perfectly, no lag, and can game, Blu Ray etc without issue. Highly recommend this product.

Ary A. July 16, 2022 Massachusetts, United States

I am extremely happy. With my Nyrius product. It did exactly what I was expecting, getting 2 TVs playing the same video at the time wirelessly in my basement. The transmitter/Receiver system works perfectly.
Rebecca, from Customer Service was absolutely helpful and very professional. Good job guys!!!

Makari July 15, 2022

this device causes major interference with speeds went from over 500MB to under a hundred mb while using this device

Bob W July 4, 2022

This product didn't have the range as expected. Returned product after initial setup. Product didn't connect to remote tv.

Walter L June 18, 2022

Easy to hook up and great picture

Randy S April 22, 2022 North Carolina, United States

I am very happy with this purchase. It has great range. Wish I purchased the 2 receiver model instead of the single model.

Robbie April 3, 2022

With no previous experience I picked this brand and unit and we're pleasantly surprised by it's simplicity and most importantly the picture and sound. This really fit our application of projecting a camcorder to another area of the building.

Customer April 1, 2022

This works well, but needs to be fairly line of sight to work. Given I had no option to provide cable to this TV it awesome.

JEFF M March 21, 2022

I'm sending hdmi from my Yamaha zone 2 output 50' out to my patio display. It works great, you have to turn the power button on every now and then. It turns off and not sure why. It's only happened once. Picture is great.I would recommend this unit,I have tried other brands with no success, it's been working for about a week.

C March 18, 2022

Off button turns it off for a few seconds only. Then it wakes itself up automatically, along with the monitor the receiver is connected to. It gets hot quickly so it's obviously wasting a lot of electricty. Not recommended.

Jeffrey K March 9, 2022

If I was rating this purely on picture and audio quality then I would probably give it three stars. The fact that two of these have died on me in the past two years makes it a one star. Don't waste your money unless you only need it for a short period of time

Aaron W February 1, 2022

I like the quality and sleekness of this device. I was under the impression that I could use 2 TV's at once (same channel) but that is not the case. There is only 1 in port and no out port. Can only use with 1 TV, wirelessly. Pretty useless for the application I need...

Amazon Customer January 27, 2022

This product is a great idea but has terrible implementation. I have a really simple set up in terms of one device input and a 10 foot line of sight between the transmitter and receiver and yet it requires multiple restarts and a lot of luck in order for it to work. This is very frustrating for such an expensive item.

Gary E January 23, 2022

Needed a signal to my patio TV separated from my hookup by a concrete block wall. Granted, the transmitter and receiver are only about 3 feet apart but there is a standard concrete block wall between them. No lag. No picture degradation. Very pleased.

joseph h September 25, 2021

The Aries Home works. I have my main video game setup in another room with a maze of wires and the Aries resting right in the middle of it all. No interference, once connected it's great. Auto off/ on fuction on the receiver is also great so I don't have to turn if off or on Everytime I use it.The unit is displaying in 1080p @ 60hz with zero latency as far as I can tell. Playing PS4, Switch and even N64 games in another room (with Bluetooth controllers) I've noticed zero lag.Yes it does get warm but not anything crazy like some other reviewers were worried about. I love it so far and if it ever does take a dump I'll revise this review.If you're looking to send 1080p through walls in another room and worried about interference from other wifi signals or anything like that just look at my picture and know it'll still work fine.

Raymond August 16, 2021

Normal a good product will only get stars and not a review. But this product is exactly what I was looking for. I'm a heavy gammer probably play from 4 to 16 hrs a day. Games like call of duty(warzone, mw and cold war), fallout 76, pso, halo, battlefield, and more. I can't notice any delay from when I push a button and it happening on my tv. The only hiccup Ive notice is the audio occasionally will bug for a minute, this could be caused by my home theater is plugged in to the tv. And so thing there is causing a little glitch. Only last for about 3 to 6 seconds.

Amazon Customer August 8, 2021

Does not work as advertised. Even though the transmitter was in line of sight and only about 10ft from the receiver, there was observable lag and screen defects (random white pixels appearing every few seconds everywhere), making this completely unusable for any application but especially for gaming.

gasman94 August 8, 2021

Had some problems with first unit. Amazon sent out a second unit. Second unit woks great. Have been using it for a few months now. One issue with this new unit not receiving a signal from transmitter. Turned off both units for about a minute and rebooted back to normal. This unit save me a lot of aggravation in trying to relocate a cable line. Well worth the money!

Amazon Customer July 17, 2021

Was trying to use to transmit from main living room tv to garage ~40' away but the couple walls appear to be too much for this to handle. I've not totally given up on it and know it was a roll of the dice if it would work for this application, so will still try to use as part of some type of work around.

JNikKnox July 17, 2021

I upgraded our movie projector so we could stream on line movies for our outdoor movie nites. Problem is we couldn't get the sound from our TV/Receiver to the outside speakers. TV is not a transmitter. So is the projector. Needed to find something that would stream to 2 different sources. The Aries + solved the problem. Allows you to transmit to the projector while also looping back signal to the TV. Hallelujah! Took me a long time to find this. LOVE IT!

Chris July 11, 2021

All good, works great!

Barbara B July 3, 2021

This was purchased to allow me to move my TV and stereo setup to the opposite end of the room where there is no cable line.I hooked the transmitter to the Cable box and the Receiver to the TV, via HDMI ... problem is solved!! I am no longer restricted to place my TV wherever someone else felt was the perfect spot for the Cable to come in!!Freedom!!!

Katherine k June 11, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Works like they said it does easy set up done in no time

dave June 11, 2021

Garbage- Unit WILL NOT hold a connection from direct line of sight setup of 8 feet as pictured. Paired manually multiple times, symptom continued, 'connecting fior a few seconds, signal drop, reconnect… wash repeat. Customer Service/Tec Support...Does it exist, no one home!Stay away Product is junk!

Amazon Customer May 21, 2021

Tried to set it up in a 30' RV. Would not connect unless in direct line of site and only 8' away in the same room. I returned the item easily.

Stacy K May 9, 2021

Worst product. It never stays connected. The screen is always patchy and sound comes in and out. Very disappointed.

Expect w May 5, 2021

I bought this to have a wireless signal from my Spectrum/Charter cable TV box to the TV. Most functions worked as they should, but it wouldn't transmit the numbers '2' and '6' from my remote to the cable TV box. Than defeated the purpose of the equipment. Nyrius customer support just said to return it to Amazon since that's were I bought it. I'll look for the same kind of equipment, but not from Nyrius.

Tammy H May 3, 2021

I use this to stream surveillance video from an NVR to a remote monitor less then 50 feet away. The monitor is on 24/7. I just ordered this for the 3rd time. My first one worked excellent, but quit working after 11 months. I purchased it again last February, and this time it quit working after 3 months. It works really well and very easy to set up, just disappointed they are not lasting long. I just ordered it again today. This will be my 3rd one, hoping it last longer, because I do like how it works and the quality of the video, so I'm willing to invest in a 3rd one. Wish us luck, it's kind of pricey to keep buying so often.

John C April 26, 2021

I love this product because the picture quality is amazing, the setup is easy and it solves a huge issue with the layout of my living room. My TV is mounted over my fireplace so cables and large electronics are not possible near the TV. This allows me to run several components on the other side of the room. No doubt this has saved me thousands since no special remodeling or electrical work is needed.My only issue is the first one I purchased five years ago was going out. I guess five years is a pretty good run. Too bad they don’t last even longer.

Don B April 8, 2021

Turns my TV on by itself

Adam March 22, 2021

I bought this item a few weeks ago to broadcast wireless video from a cable box to my TV. The transmitter and receiver are only 7’ apart with a full unobstructed view. When the video transmits the picture quality is great. However, it will not broadcast a constant video signal at all. Every few minutes the TV picture / audio will drop and then return after a few seconds.There is no remote with this unit so I can’t change wireless signal “channels.” I even tried lower the quality of the video broadcast from the cable box to 720P. That doesn’t work help fix the problem.This unit is useless unless you don’t mind losing audio/video every few minutes. Very disappointed. I don’t not recommend this product at all.

Chris S March 14, 2021

Works great when it works. I use this for my projector that's about 15 feet from the transmitter with a couch partially obstrucing the los. Sometimes (30% of the time give or take) I have to wait a few minutes for the wireless transmitter and receiver to connect. I know the receiver is sending a signal to the projector because I get the little yellow no signal logo that is unique to the wireless system. Sometimes if waiting a few minutes doesn't work I have to reset the transmitter. Takes a little playing with and it can be frustrating but so far it has eventually connected everytime. I coupled this with an hdmi switch with optical output to my sound bar and the system is great. I get great picture quality, just as good as if the devices were hard wired and have noticed absolutely zero lag while gaming which would have been a deal breaker for me. If it connected first try everytime it would be an easy five stars but it doesn't and didn't straight of the box so I'm inclined to think its just the way it is.

Jack L March 10, 2021 Georgia, United States

Item seems to work well. But I was really disappointed when I received a used unit.

Mark S February 27, 2021 Texas, United States

Overall I’m impressed. After trying two other models the Aries home was the answer. I was using the wireless to connect my AVR surround sound 7.1 system to a ceiling mounted projector. I’m getting 1080p for appletv and Xbox but Directv only 480.

Scott C February 19, 2021

Can’t recommend this product. I owned a wireless hdmi Nyrius product years ago and it was great. This product would take literal minutes to connect, would have a success rate of maybe 10% and even when it did connect the image quality was very poor and audio playback was lo-fidelity and spotty. The reason for two stars is that in an environment where there was 0 external wifi interference the connection rate was better (image quality was still poor though). However, I find the reality of me having to turn off my entire home wifi for this product to work is a poor solution.

SLS February 14, 2021

After being refused a warranty on my 1st one saying I bought it from an unauthorized seller I bought another that was a mistake! the 2nd one has the same issue there is NO WAY you get 100ft I have these in the same room and the sound continually cuts out! SO... pretty much no warranty on a junk product that won't work. I literally have this just across the room with nothing interfering receiver & transmitter staring at each other.

Stan K. February 7, 2021 California, United States

So far so good.

Ralph K February 2, 2021

Hooked it up as per documentation. Worked great in the same room. Moved to my office on the same floor and maybe 24 feet from the transmitter. Worked good for about a week. All of a sudden no signal or unwatchable video & sound on my tv in the office. Don’t waste your money!

Garry, J January 17, 2021 Ontario, Canada

works really well, I’m using it through 2 floors. Takes about 20 seconds to sync once the tv is turned on, never had a break in signal while using

Bob O December 13, 2020

We moved the transmitter and receiver all over our den. We had to point the remote to a very specific spot on the wall to get it to work. It is set up line-of-sight between the transmitter and receiver approximately 12'. When you turn on the remote it takes about 90 seconds until we finally get a picture on the TV. Every so many minutes the picture or the sound will disappear. Very frustrating and disappointing considering the cost of the product.Not happy at all with the product. If this is as good as it gets, then I will just revert to running a cable across the floor.I would appreciate any technical advice you could provide to make this work or allow me to return it.

Jeremy R December 11, 2020

Super easy to setup and works great! Hooked it up to my Nintendo Switch and there is no lag! Tried 3 other products and this one is 1000x better than all the others. 100% recommend.

Michelle R November 24, 2020

Best part about this setup is no remote required. It auto detects signal and turns on transmitter & receiver. And shuts off automatically as well. My only con could be it takes about 10 seconds to boot up. Almost enough to make you nervous. And then there it is, crystal clear.

Jordan s November 17, 2020

Bought this in March, now November and it cuts in and out. Turns off. Constantly having problems.

Julie L November 16, 2020

This works great the pictures are perfectWould recommend for sure

william October 30, 2020

works as described

Ruben October 24, 2020

I did a lot of research to find the right wireless HDMI to use with my cable box. I first bought the Jtech digital 200 meters it was link of working well but the signal was on and off until the transmitter broke after a few days. Then I bought the Nyrius Aries Home + and so far it work perfectly. Great product to transmit our cable tv across a large living room.

Gary M October 13, 2020

Easy to install but not able to change channel

Patrick October 13, 2020

This product does successfully wirelessly transmit the cable from the cable box to a remote display. The distances mentioned are ONLY for line of sight with no barriers. Transmitting through walls drastically reduced transmit distance. Picture is very good.

James H. October 13, 2020 Texas, United States

Plug and play. Great video transmission to outdoor TV (just a regular TV but on the covered lanai. Only thing is it momentarily blanks the screens on both tv's when commercial come on. Weird. Don't transmit sound on this as I have speakers wired from amp to this area. I have two other Nyrius units that do transmit audio without a problem.

BRIAN M September 26, 2020

This product worked extremely well at first but has since turned into a disappointment. The cable box is in the same room as the TV so it’s not a distance issue. I’ve tried to reboot both boxes for the device and nothing works. For the price that this unit costs, I would have expected a little longer longevity.

T. K September 20, 2020

Easy to set up. I did opt to buy a separate HDMI cable splitter ($12) to ease the setup on my particular set needs. Picture is awesome on receiving unit.

Michael A September 19, 2020

Range no where as advertised. Very disappointed. Worked better the higher up the transmitter and receiver were placed.

bosstrent2010 September 9, 2020

I love this thing. Made it easy for me to run my Xbox one and ps3 to my tv mounted on the wall so I can keep all wires concealed behind the tv. Transmits the signal nicely. People are impressed when I tell them there’s no wires, well none that they can see.

Cathie September 4, 2020

I hooked up the units and connected the devices and turned on the TV expecting to configure the set up but boom! Already transmitting and all working with a great picture. Easiest install I’ve ever done. If the box does power down then you turn it on, do wait a minute for it to power up before you can get the image in the TV.

Timothy S September 4, 2020

Range isn’t as advertise. Kind of works when it wants to. Great when it works unfortunately that’s about half of the time.

Woody September 2, 2020

Used this to replace a damaged in wall HDMI cable that could not be replaced. Did not notice any lag which was my biggest concern with going to this technology. It was very easy and quick to set up and get operating. I wish I would have tried this first instead of the hours I put in trying to replace HDMI ends!

Stephanie August 29, 2020

This is the second HDMI wireless transmitter that I have purchased with the hopes of being able to transmit my satellite receiver HDMI output to a TV that is less than 50 feet away, through one wall. The previous purchase was from a different vendor, different product...same concept and same issues. I live in a rural area with no other residences interference is not an issue. It worked fine for a few days then no video or audio. It appeared to lose connection with it's host. I wish I could find a solid piece of hardware that will perform. Seems that making a dependable HDMI transmitter that will last is a technological hurdle that cannot be overcome at this time.

Robert L August 25, 2020

Easiest setup. High quality video all the time. IR relay positioning took a few minutes, but the result is perfect.Great buy! Was recommended to me and that person was absolutely right.

mike08g35 August 23, 2020

This product worked ok for a little less than 3 months, then the transmitter died. The return window was only 1 month! I ordered may 3, return window ended June 3. What a waste of money.

Justin August 5, 2020

Purchased to watch live sports out on our patio, approximately 40’ away, zero connection issues, solid picture quality

B3EddieB August 2, 2020

Came in a factory sealed box. Setup was easy and it worked with no issues for about a week until it didn't. The transmitter and receiver indicate that they are talking to each other, but it does not transmit a picture. HDMI input on the transmitter must have died. The TV display shows an icon of a movie camera with an X next to it. I tried different video sources and HDMI cables to no avail. Unfortunately, I waited too long before setting it up and it's past the Amazon 30-day return policy, so it has to go back to the manufacturer at my expense. I hope they will honor the warranty from this supplier.

B. H August 2, 2020

a little stubborn on the signal once in a while could be the wall but only 35 feet

Amazon Customer July 31, 2020

So easy to install. Plugged devices in and it detected them almost immediately. I was able to setup an xbox one with my wall hung tv and put the xbox in a closet so that there were no wires showing at all. Excellent product. Highly recommend.

Kevin C July 25, 2020 Alberta, Canada

Worked well when transmitter and receiver were within 10-15’ of each other, what’s the point .... Needed something for greater distance and separation. Let’s just says it’s collecting dust weeks after I bought in October 2019.

Joseph July 23, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Bought a used NAVS500 from Amazon, much better price than the brand new one and no cosmetic defects or performance shortcoming. Set up is easy and straightforward. Only problem is signals sometimes poor resulting in garbled video and audio. Unplug and replug the transmitter will correct this problem. Also unable to insert the transmitter onto the clips on the base, hence transmitter stands misaligned with the base.

Manuel July 21, 2020

You only need to install it, connect the HDMI cables power on both units and voila ! very easy and works great

Oliver A July 11, 2020

After going thru multiple other products, this is the only one that is able to send HD and 5.1 from the master bedroom upstairs to the family room downstairs. It also sync video and audio between the units to you can see and watch the program in both TVs exactly at the same time.I love to watch music concerts while i do stuff around the home and This allow me to do it with even full volume as all home theaters are in sync

LPZ July 2, 2020

I use this to transmit information from a DirecTV Genie mini upstairs to another TV downstairs. The picture is excellent and the remote extender allows me to use my present remote to control channels, sound, etc. without needing a separate device. My only complaint--and it's a minor one--is that it takes a bit of time for the device to scroll to the correct channel and start transmitting when everything is first turned on. It would be nice if the device could remember the last setting and not have to scroll every time.

Lurch June 26, 2020

The user interface is a bit more cryptic than modern standards of UI prefer, but a little futzing lets you find what you need to see.

David c June 19, 2020 Mississippi, United States

I have purchased at least 6 Nyrius units in the last 10 years . All have worked great except for this one setup where I lose connectivity intermittently. I am trying to work with tech support but it is tedious since they only operate via email and responses take days. How can any issue be corrected like this

Falcon-pro June 13, 2020

I can now transmit my pc monitor w/sound to my main TV/sound system. Here's the setup. PC with HDMI for monitor -> HDMI splitter - > this HDMI transmitter --> [airwaves] --> this HDMI receiver --> HDMI splitter -> TV(to watch) -> Receiver(to listen). Having both my monitor and my TV on splitters allows me to quickly switch back and forth with the touch of a couple buttons.

Nic H June 12, 2020

Absolutely do not purchase this product if the two locations for transmitter and reciever are not in the same room. I tried putting the reciever 40 feet away from the transmitter two rooms away (several walls) and it never connected.Worthless.

Amazon Customer June 10, 2020

I bought this one to replace an older wireless HDMI setup. I set everything up correctly. It would work fine for about 5 minutes then start freezing and showing artifacts on the picture. then it would switch to a super low resolution be blurry and fuzzy along with the freezing and artifacts. I returned it but the seller hasn't refunded my money yet. still out the $40 in shipping.

Amazon Customer March 31, 2020

Very surprised at how easy this was to set up and even more surprised when it worked with no annoying complications!I recently bought a house and upon moving in was trying to decide where to place the tv in my living room... that's when I realized there's no cable outlet in the living room. What the what. Who does that?? So luckily I found this device and amazingly it works.Now I can watch hgtv with the gf and plan all these DIY projects we will never do in the living room! What a bargain.

Dave M March 19, 2020

Absolute garbage. The transmitter and receiver are 16 feet apart and can I pick each other up without directly holding the receiver and pointing it right at the transmitter. Does this thing can transmit through walls, it can't even transmit through air. Look elsewhere for your wireless needs.

MikeF March 15, 2020 Florida, United States

The NAVS500 was easy enough to set up and works well for my situation. I knew the set up needed an HDMI a-b switch after I previously had problems with the NAVS502 effecting my cable box.
One other thing, I wish the NAVS500 came with a remote like the 502 did, Oh Well.

Beth A March 12, 2020

Tried this for several months. Literally within 8 feet of each other, line of sight, and it will not work. Just keeps searching for the signal.

Bryan B February 25, 2020

It works as advertised. Easy installation.

MichaelF February 12, 2020 Florida, United States

Set up was easy enough after downloading the complete instructions from website and it works fine. BUT, I had a problem because of that set up. I had it between my cable box and 1st TV sending to a 2nd TV in another room. That seemed to work fine but with things off or in standby it kept causing my cable box to reboot constantly. I did contact Nyrius thru their website email but didn't get a reply, so I figured out a way around the reboot problem on my own and found I could have gotten away with the NAVS500 instead of the NAVS502.

** February 9, 2020

I needed to transmit a signal about 20 feet away around the corner, but the signal interference was too significant. The picture quality was quite poor. I had to return this.

Ed N February 7, 2020 Georgia, United States

It works, not great but it works. Picture slides sideways randomly. Change channels and you have to wait for it to re-sync. Contacted tech support and never got an answer.

ByronK January 31, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Super easy to set up and basically works as advertised but unfortunately image quality is too degraded for my eye. I hoped to use it in my home theatre to connect to my ceiling-mounted 1080p DLP projector but after a quick test comparing cable to wifi connection I realized there was too great a quality drop off. Colour became noticeably greenish/yellowish and sharpness suffered due to a fuzziness that resembled a Photoshop Noise filter. I got eye strain within a few minutes of watching. Perhaps it's not well-suited to DLP technology. Customer support was great and returning the product is easy and hassle-free.

Edward N January 26, 2020 Georgia, United States

As a Computer Engineer I have higher expectations for this type of device. Mine is setup with direct line of sight, maybe 25ft apart. While is worked out of the box it has problems. Changing channels can cause it to Resync, reacquire signal. Randomly, for no reason the picture slide sideways and goes blank. It comes back on it's own after it reacquires signal again. I expect better for this price.

troy January 25, 2020

this does the same thing as a physical hdmi cable/surveillance nvr or dvr to monitor-tv/computer to tv and you have no large cables running along the floor to hook up the pairing devices, that looks so unsightly. it must be using blutoothe to pair the main unit to the tv-receiving device and it works flawlessly. every 6 months or so it will stop transmitting for several minutes and then everything is back as allright. it must be taking a much needed recycle bin dump when doing so. say goodby to your rocketfish hdmi, but always keep them in case radio waves are being compromised.

Janboy51 January 7, 2020

I had to move by a window to get this to work. Block wall did not work. Otherwise works great.

Mitch December 19, 2019 Illinois, United States

i have tried others, but the Nyrius has the quickest, and most accurate connectivity

Doug Halm November 12, 2019 California, United States

Because my cable TV provider, Spectrum, doesn’t offer a whole-house TV option anymore (watch your DVR recordings on any household TV), I chose Nyrius NAVS502 as the next best option. I can now watch a recorded program in my den and continue watching it in my kitchen when making dinner - and go back & forth between rooms as much as I want, depending on the complexity of the meal preparation. I can’t tell you how nice that is! And, most importantly, it works flawlessly. It takes a few seconds to get going but it is perfectly sync’d as I can hear both TVs when going from one room to another - about 20 feet apart. I hooked it up so my den TV is directly cabled to the Nyrius transmitter and the transmitter is then cabled to the Spectrum DVR box. I hooked up my kitchen TV to the Nyrius receiver and also to my Spectrum digital TV adapter so I can either watch live TV on that set via HDMI1 or watch transmitted TV from the den set via HDMI2. I just switch input sources. I’m very, very pleased with this purchase.

Adam C November 11, 2019 Florida, United States

I needed to get Cable access in my in-laws den but needed to transmit signal from an upstairs loft area into the den. Of the Nyrius options the home plus seemed to offer the best coverage options. It has take a little while to find a good location but now that I have we are getting great reception and picture quality. The transmitter is approx. 60ft away and is passing through a wall and an upstairs floor to the receiver in the den.
Very happy with the product. We have had it in place for a week and I am very happy with the quality so far.

Amazon Customer September 29, 2019

It works fantastic. Easy install. Fast shipping. Not issues at all.

Ajax September 26, 2019

I was excited to try out this product, but I think it was defective. I couldn't get the transmitter and receiver to sync and pair with each other at all. I tried it with the devices in two different rooms and even tried it with both devices in the same room less than 5ft apart from one another.They would just flash the white light and search and eventually stop searching until I tried again. I must admit for the price of this item, I was expecting a significantly better experience, but was left with a very bad impression.

GL35 September 11, 2019

I haven't had a chance to use the product much but at the moment it is working from my living room to garage, which is about 30 feet with a wall. I'll update my review once I have used it more, but I am really frustrated with the instructions. The instructions in the box include only a quick start up guide and do not mention pairing. After trying to get the transmitter and receiver to link together for nearly or 2 hours, I was about to box it back up and send it back to Amazon, but decided to look at the manufacturer's website for assistance first. After looking around for awhile, I finally found a full manual. The manual starts out with the exact same instructions for setting up and again do not mention any need to pair the devices. However, at the very end of the manual there are directions for pairing. Finally, after pairing and nearly three hours of trying to get the thing to work, I finally got the transmitter and receiver to link. Like I said it seems to be working ok for now, but the complete failure to detail the pairing process or the need to pair in the instruction that came in the box is beyond frustrating.

Mauricio F September 6, 2019

It is really impressive how it works with a great picture and stability.

Joel C August 26, 2019

Just what I was looking for

Jason L August 25, 2019

I owned a competing extender which worked well enough but would not passthrough dolby digital and degraded the source image. I have a multiple resolution splitter outputting 4k to main tv and 1080p to 2nd tv from a 4k fios cable box. Other extenders would default boths tvs to LPCM. Nyrius allowed me to send dolby digital to both tvs and provided a truly wired like connection. At a distance of 25' with tx in cabinet and rx hidden behind the tv through 1 wood door, i have no connection or interference issues in a highly networked area(NYC). It does take 10-15 secs to lock into a wireless channel upon powering up but is a non issue for me. You can have 2 tvs in close proximity without a echo effect, 0 to .1ms latency as both tvs are pretty much in sync. Got a used like new unit for half price and would buy it for full price without hesitation.

LTH August 24, 2019

Worked great for about a month, now drops video and sound daily. Outside Amazon 30 day return so I guess I'm screwed. Transmitter and receiver are in the same room in direct line of sight, about 12 ft apart. Guess I'll be paying the cable company or someone to run a line to other wall.

lnc August 15, 2019

works good sometimes not as good others, seems more like software issue than anything.

Alex B August 2, 2019 Oregon, United States

So far it works how it ought to. Doesn't overheat. Tried 6 other $180-$250 transmitters and all dropped pictures and lagged.

Ezequiel f August 1, 2019

Muy buena recepción y excelente definición , lo recomiendo totalmente.

Redghost July 28, 2019

When we first got it, it’s a great product, about half year. It will suddenly loses connection and reconnect again. And recently it’s getting worse. It’s very hard to find any support or warranty claim from here. It’s just a pain that you watch a movie , but connection lost and reconnect after 2-3 second and then to again . One movie sometimes can do 5 times .

adel July 23, 2019


Atomic D July 14, 2019

Solid signal 20 feet away, almost never drops and does't wig out and refuse to work like my older model. This one I would recommend.

Jon July 9, 2019

Does as described

Joe June 30, 2019

A new 4k TV was installed in an area that does not have cable. The Nyrius Transmitter and Receiver looked like a perfecting solution. The transmitter and cable box is in another room about 30' from the receiver. After scanning the installation instructions and connecting everything, there was no video on the new 4k TV. So I went back and reread the instruction and gradually, through trial and error, got video on the TV screen. It was 1080i and looked good. But not as good as my TV that is connected directly to the cable box. I tried to change to another station but the RF blaster was not working. After going into the room the cable box is in and confirming the remote changes the cable box as it should, I again reviewed the instruction and eventually noticed the blaster cable has two blocks on the cable and one side of each block is longer than the other. The long side of the blocks must point toward the cable box. OK now all is working and channels will change although sometimes it takes multiple tries.Some times when I turn on the receiver with the remote no video comes up. Occasionally I have unplugged power at the receiver and tried again and it works. After it comes on the video is usually good but occasionally the video disappears for a few seconds and then comes back, repeating every 3 or 4 minutes. Irritating when watching sports.The latest problem I am experiencing is a repetitive ZZZZT sound that occurs for 1 or 2 seconds every 10 to 15 seconds. I have tried isolating the problem by using input 2 at the transmitter, by switching to another HDMI input at the 4k TV, by changing to another station, etc. But the audible noise persists.Based on my experience I would not recommend this product. It works but is very finicky and has an audio problem that is irritating.

Jordan June 25, 2019

Bought the home+ to connect my ps4 pro and my cable box to my Samsung TV. The cable box works... ok I guess, the audio is slightly behind sometimes, and sometimes the screen will flicker and turn off. The ps4 pro doesn't connect AT ALL. After searching all over online, I found an extended manual that told me the symbol on my TV that came up when my ps4 wouldn't connect was telling me the video format was not supported. After trying different hdmi cords (they all work) and reconfiguring my ps4 to 1080p format, it still had the 'format not supported' symbol. Customer support was, of course, closed, and Amazon tech support had no idea how to help. If tech support doesn't figure this out tomorrow, I'm returning this.

Audrey K June 20, 2019

Positioned units in line of site of each other 6 ft apart. Worked without problems for 3 weeks. Now it fails every couple of days requiring the units to be re-paired. Now I'm stuck with these because I cannot return them through Amazon.

Helen S May 27, 2019

I first installed sender/receiver within 12 feet of each other with no obstructions. After 'pairing' them several times, units continued to fail at an amazing rate. The last try was to move the receiver as far away from my wireless DVR, and situation improved. Still occasional drop outs while FF media. Unit can work fair/well, but they mention its inability to be within six feet of another wireless devise. For the money I would think there would be better options.

Carlos V May 23, 2019

Overall is a very good product, just a little hot when active: it tends to generate a lot of heat.

jim May 19, 2019

Sent it back , could not get it to work as needed

Larry Grimes May 15, 2019 Michigan, United States

Originally had my unit connected to our primary Xfinity DVR cable box and had multiple issues so contacted customer service for advise. The loop through feature have my main set cycling on-off-on-off to a blank screen every 10 seconds and the receiver set only worked with it turned off. Customer service suggested returning it for a repair or replacement but decided to try connecting it to our secondary cable box first. Doing that fixed everything. The picture and sound on the receiver set is at optimal level so am very satisfied with this unit.

Amazon Customer May 14, 2019

The video is perfect and the audio is synced to the actors mouth movement. and setting it up is just plug and play.I love these these things. they work as good as the cable companies top box. There is just one problem. When power is interrupted the receiver automatically turns on. Down here in FL this happen a-lot. These units must be unplugged when going on vacation.

Amazon Customer April 27, 2019

Very disappointing product. Slow to turn on. Horrible delays when switching channels. Struggles even with a clear view between receiver and transmitter

John K April 22, 2019

The product is good for what I have it set to do.. Which is send signal 10 feet in line of sight to the tv. The only issue is sometime the sound gets very distorted and squeals and other times the video gets very distorted until I reset the box

Raul G April 19, 2019

Had to return the first one transmitter and receiver would not communicateThe second one works as advertised easy to install, worked right out of the box.

Richard, H April 12, 2019 New Jersey, United States

The ARIES Home wireless works like a charm. It took me less than an hour to set up. The booklet that came with the product was somewhat lacking in instruction so I went online to NYRIUS support and watched 2 YouTube videos on pairing the transmitter and receiver and setting up as well as using the IR remote extender. I had to press the IR button on the receiver a few times in order to sync with my remote control but that was quick and no problem. I now have beautiful HD TV and my remote control works flawlessly. I needed the wireless as my second floor room with the TV lacks a cable outlet. My actual cable is downstairs with the DVR cable box as well as the transmitter and IR receiver. I chose NYRIUS as other companies claim that their products do NOT go through walls and ceilings as the NYRIUS product claims (and DOES!). I bought this particular ARIES product as it has a 100 foot maximum range which I needed. Well done NYRIUS and thank you for solving my problem and making my life a little more enjoyable again.

Richard, H April 9, 2019 New Jersey, United States

Extremely happy with how it solved my cable connection problem. I have the tv playing HD on the second floor and the wireless cable connection working perfectly. The remote control via IR works flawlessly as well. My actual cable connection with the transmitter is on the ground floor. Thank you Nyrius!

R. H April 9, 2019

The Nyrius Aries Home totally solved my problem of having my actual cable connection on the ground floor of my home while my HD TV was on the second floor in a separate room that lacked a cable outlet. I initially called Nyrius prior to my purchase because I had some questions as to whether this will be compatible with my existing equipment. It was and the Nyrius rep was very helpful and pleasant to talk to.I was initially skeptical about purchasing this as I had bought other items in the past claiming to make my life easier without much success. It turns out I was very wrong about this product. The Aries Home lived up to everything purported by the company including the wireless signal going through walls, floors, etc. I now have wireless cable running my TV in beautiful HD and I am using my remote control flawlessly to operate everything as if my DVR was upstairs with the TV. I did find the short instruction booklet (just 2 pages) to be somewhat lacking in detail but I went on to Nyrius support and watched two YouTube videos explaining the pairing and setting up of the transmitter and receiver and another one on how to set up the IR remote extender. Both were very helpful. All in all less than 30 minutes to set that up. I'm glad I purchased this model that has a maximum 100 foot range as my TV is at least 50 feet from the cable box and transmitter. Thank you Nyrius!

Tom B April 3, 2019

Replaced a damaged cable in my RV. Works perfectly with no signal degradation.

Amazon Customer April 2, 2019


Joel E March 16, 2019

I’ve had this for about a year to transmit an indoor cable box out to my outdoor patio TV. It worked great for a few months.....then suddenly, every 5 minutes or so the tranmitter picture drops out, then back on. Tech support wasn’t helpful either.

J. C March 13, 2019

This device works ok WHEN it actually works, which is almost never. Like other users, it will connect fine for a few minutes and then either lose audio or just start searching for a channel. I have to power down and re-connect it every time I want to use it (which is almost every day) and it still does not work a majority of the time. It's extremely frustrating. And I also agree with others that it seems to get worse over time although I have no idea why it would unless the signal gets weaker. I had one for almost a year and it worked well before it stopped working altogether. After troubleshooting with customer service, the company replaced it for (it was a pretty easy process to get the replacement), but now the new one does the exact same thing. It's too bad. If it actually worked, it would be a great product.

GJ March 13, 2019

Picture quality is very good, my problem with it is every morning I have to unplug the power cable and plug it back in on the receiving end before it will work.

Natasha D March 10, 2019

This was not as easy to set up as the directions stated and the remote kept shutting off and the TV would turn on spontaneously in the middle of the night?? Best option for me now.

A.CGR.Vaughn February 27, 2019

It seems like a great idea.The problem is:1. You will be constantly switching to different channels on the transmitter hoping that one of them will actually give you a clear picture that doesn’t come in and out.2. If that’s not the problem, you will have a picture that suddenly goes black whether you’re watching live TV or any other thing from a DVR source. Additionally, if it’s not the picture AND the sound that goes out it’s just the sound while you watch characters on your TV move their mouth’s without anything coming out.3. This has no rhyme or reason as to why and when it’s going to happen. You might have a couple days where it seems to be working great and you think you’ve actually figured it out. Then you have the entire day of ridiculous frustration as you try and change the transmitter channels pausing and stopping and rewinding shows you’re watching. Meanwhile kids frustrated that their Daniel Tiger show isn’t playing.In conclusion, my overall opinion is that if there had been any other item I could find to substitute sending our DVR to our TV, then I would’ve gone with that. Or at least tried something else with hopes it would work better. For now the only cable line we have in our entire house is at the opposite end of our living room. I am going to continue on my frustrating search to find something that works so I don’t have to drill a hole in the outside of our wall. Maybe it’s just time to give up cable altogether.

Stephen H February 26, 2019

Was very easy to install. I change channels on Xfinity App. Haven’t used included IR remote.

Fred S February 22, 2019 Wisconsin, United States

The Aries Home worked well in my rather complicated home theater system even though there is a wall between the receiver and transmitter. I do hope that a 4k version will be available in the future.
I had been told not to expect the Aries device to work well with a system such as mine that has an AV receiver, but that is not the case. I have had no problem.
One other thing is that I wish that devices like this would come with a complete operation manual. I had to download and print the manual.

the s February 9, 2019

True plug and play, connects in seconds and provides clear image with no noticeable lag. Maybe for some serious gamers you might notice a tiny bit of lag, but for casual gaming and browsing I haven't noticed any lag whatsoever. Transmits 1080p and crystal clear audio with no issues. Pleasantly surprised.

FABIANO L February 9, 2019

Thank you satisfied, I just have to thank you very much!

Dan M February 7, 2019

Like you, I was looking for something to hide the cables hanging from underneath my TV. I tried out a few solutions but they either had unreliable picture quality or were too expensive. This wasn't cheap, but it did deliver. Setup was pretty straightforward and comes with all of the cables you will need. Once it's set up, it's good to go -- it will turn on and off as it detects a signal. There is maybe a one second or so delay between when you press a button on remote and when the picture is updated so I may not recommend this for gaming, but if you're just watching TV or streaming any kind of video (think Apple TV), it works great! Would buy again!

Jerry M February 6, 2019

Piece of junk!!! This is the second such device I have tried. My transmitter and reciever are less than three feet from each other but, the connection constantly drops. I have tried to configure them in every possible way, to no avail. Don’t waste your money! I have decided to pay someone to fish an hd cable to whee I need it. Should have bit the bullet a long time ago.

Charles January 31, 2019 Massachusetts, United States

The product worked right out of the box. It does what I bought it for.

Jim C January 29, 2019 Colorado, United States

Does the job usually, sometimes suffers from interruptions.

Christine S January 25, 2019

WOW...I dreaded the upgrade from cable tv to X1 platform because an IR remote was necessary for my installation. The equipment sat in a corner of my living room for a year. Two days ago, I screwed up my courage to give the installation a try. As expected, the X1 went pretty easily, but my situation requires the IR remote so I opened the Nyrius box, plugged it in, and before I could fine tune your equipment, the tv two rooms away was receiving the perfect signal. Two minutes later, after re-positioning the small sensors, I breezed through the remainder of the system initiation and set-up. I was speechless. Your system works splendidly. Thank you !

RP January 23, 2019

Easy to set up right out of the box. Connect the wires to the two tv's, turn the transmitter and receiver on, and it sets itself up!

Jonny L January 22, 2019 New Jersey, United States

I cannot give 0 star bc it doesn’t have that option. I opened a complain, but they never could fix the problem. TS blamed my tv service and never figured what was the problem. I just gave up with the issue. Now the unit is working worse and it is very annoying. It keeps blinking, cutting the programs you are watching, no matter if it is a live program or a recorded. The unit are no more than 4 feet and a thin wall. Not even that when your turn the remote tv, most of the times you have to unplug all the equipments (NYrius) to get the signal in the remote tv. So dissapointed. This is my second unit the 1st I bought on amazon and I returned it, and I bought the 2nd from NYrous. Even worse.

Alex W January 21, 2019

Great product and value!

custom s January 21, 2019

It didn’t work. I bought it from the Nyriud Store and since the beginning I have just problem. I opened a case but they never could figure it what was the problem. I gave up trying to fix it. But lately they unit is working worst. For any reason is blinking and blinking. Even if you watch a live tv or a recorded program. And the installation is 5ft far between the units and only connected to directv box. It doesn’t work smooth when it has to sync. I have to reset both units or unplug them. Very Expensive and it doesn’t work, very annoying

Jeff C January 19, 2019 Arizona, United States

Bought this unit as a way to get a tv out on my newly built deck without the hassle of running cables. The unit works great and the signal II'm getting is awesome!

Jeff C January 16, 2019 Arizona, United States

from Advanced Lock and Safe,LLC on January 13, 2019

Works Great!

I recently built a deck and added wanted to add a flat screen tv out there. But getting a cable ran out there didn't have a good signal, too many splitters etc I guess. I added this unit to our satellite box and boom it worked out of the box and the picture is awesome!

See your full review

E V January 13, 2019

Super easy to install, it works perfect out of the box, almost intuitive, in minutes you will be enjoying good quality image and sound..Conectes mine to a proyector with ease.

Advanced L January 13, 2019

I recently built a deck and added wanted to add a flat screen tv out there. But getting a cable ran out there didn't have a good signal, too many splitters etc I guess. I added this unit to our satellite box and boom it worked out of the box and the picture is awesome!

Steven H January 12, 2019

It is only 12 ft. Apart but has trouble finding the signal. It seems to pick up the amazon fire easier than the directv box. I just keep changing channels until it works. The picture is great, and definitely good for a projector installation.

S. J January 6, 2019

The thing is crap. On startup it does not connect with transmitter and receiver. Attempted multiple times repairing. The units are in the same room in a theater not even 10ft away. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes or more for the units to connect. Total crap. When I called their customer service when it was under warranty they would not honor the warranty and send a replacement. Waste of money these things aren't cheap

t blan December 30, 2018 Pennsylvania, United States

like the product but somewhat disapointed with customer support due to lack of follow up

Abuahmed December 25, 2018

It is very good for use and very easy

Becky B December 15, 2018 Indiana, United States

I wanted my tv on a different wall in my living room. I was told it wasn't possible because of the plumbing in the wall. I bought this in the hopes of being able to put my tv where I wanted it. I have had it for about 3 weeks now. I have not had an issues with it. It transmits without any issues.

Tod December 14, 2018

At first the transmitter and receiver would not connect, even when position only 12 inches apart. After about 30 minutes of trying various trouble shooting step, I swapped out the HDMI cable that came with the units for a know good cable. After that it was able to connect.However, after using this for a few weeks the connection keeps dropping. The transmitter and receiver keep losing sync.I owned an older model from this company for 4 years and never had any problems with it until it died. This newer model is nothing but trouble and the setup is exactly the same setup.

Wishbone December 12, 2018

Bought this product with high hopes based on the reviews. It is very easy to install and setup.After 5 months the transmitter died. I took great care to make sure this equipment was installed with a battery back system on both the transmitter and receiver end.You would think it should last longer than 5 months however this is not the case.

Charles C. Robinson December 10, 2018 Texas, United States

This system worked right out of the box. Some setup required of the TV set (telling it that the input is HDMI-1) but the Wi-FI transmitter and receiver established a link soon after they were cabled up and turned on, producing a great picture and sound. The IR Extender needed a trip to the Nyrius support website in order to fully understand how to install the cable at my cable box but I can now change cable channels, etc, from the room where the TV is located. Saves a lot of steps. Only had this a couple of days but so far I'm very pleased.

Chuck December 9, 2018

Edit March 4, 2019:Actually, going through the manual channel setup process and this device is working fine again. Luckily I was able to find instructions on-line. All issues below are solved now :-).--------------I installed this a couple of years ago. It was always a bit touchy using it with a projector where the HDCP sync would timeout too quickly, causing it to have trouble getting started, but would usually settle down. Now with stronger Orbi installed in the house, it almost never syncs up.

Mitch B. December 8, 2018 Tennessee, United States

About 2 years ago, I considered buying the Nyrius Aries Wireless HD transmitter & receiver. Instead, I went with another brand. The other brand was okay until it quit functioning after 18 months. Then I went with Nyrius. Upon installation (which was simple), it was less "laggy" than the other brand. There is almost no delay at all. After only 1 month since install, I expect (and hope) that it will also outlast the other brand. With it, I am connecting a DirecTV Genie client with a Panasonic plasma TV about 15 ft. direct line of site.

Chris S December 8, 2018

Picture good, but my issue is with the IR receiver. It’s very weak. You have to be no more than 4 inches away to change channels. One would think a quality long range IR sensor would be a key component of the solution, but it was overlooked completely. As such, it defeats the purpose of wireless Transmitter if you can’t ise the remotes.

David V December 4, 2018

I use this running a Comcast cable box and ps4, works amazing no lag on picture even when playing online games

Mike Solinas November 28, 2018 Ontario, Canada

There is only 1 hdmi port so I curious how do I watch tv and send the signal to another tv at the same time?

Dennis M November 21, 2018

Awesome product with awesome customer service, i highly recommend it for a home theatre that is being installed post drywall.

Richard November 21, 2018 Florida, United States

Amazing. The best wireless video extender I've ever seen in my entire life. We first bought 1 to extend the monitor for +-100 feet and it is working and it is in an industry environment where there are noise from the production of our products and no interruptions and now we're deploying to 10+ new projects we're currently working on. I really recommend it.

Alex W November 20, 2018

Great product and value!

Brian A November 5, 2018

Any closer proximity and I'd be better off running cable.

Jamie T November 1, 2018 Ontario, Canada

Product arrived in a day! Super quick. Package and contents in perfect condition. Plug and play with no set up assuming you have the HDMI cables. Very easy and perfect picture from a room to another 25 feet away with minor obstructions. I replaced an HD Flow Itrio that worked very well also but was 8 years old and had been operated for hours a day. This product though is half the price and so far it’s been on 4 to 10 hours a day for 3 weeks and not a glitch. All good.

Gayle Peters November 1, 2018 Ontario, Canada

Great product! Always a little reluctant when they advertise "just plug in and go" but it really is true! I had to get some help setting up the remote but all is good. Very easy. Thank you.

JoeP October 30, 2018 New York, United States

The signal send/receive is great but I wish the model I have had a button to switch IR frequency like the first model I rec'd. Or if the first one had the HDMI pass through. The IR function on the lesser coat unit does not work with my cable box!

Helen C October 30, 2018

These were great, I bought them set them up in mid-august. We had a TV mounted on the wall, but no way to move our cable outlet to that side of the room. So, we purchased these and set them up. Discovered that they interferred with the wifi router, so we place the router up higher and had no issues. Then, I return home on Oct. 27th to discover no more cable tv. I test the cable box works, all the hdmi ports on tv and box work. I have power on the units, but is seems nothing is being transmitted. Tried laptop and xbox and those didn't work either. So disappointed. I have contacted the company and will update with their response.

Mr. Z October 30, 2018

Works great! The receiver is on the other floor and has to go through plaster walls and does it without any issues. So glad I didn’t have issues like other reviewers.

Dwayne D October 30, 2018 Ontario, Canada

Have purchased a few of these, decent product but this one was shipped with the wrong power supply. Correct one was shipped in replacement no charge, just additional time to get it.

Steve A. October 29, 2018 Prince Edward Island, Canada

I have the units about 25 feet apart, going through a wall and floor. The first few days the signal was getting lost fairly often, however within the end of the week the signal seemed to strengthen. Now it is rare that signal is lost. Picture and sound are clear and the remote extender works well for the DVR. So far very happy with performance and signal is strong, even with units located on different floors.

VFXnirvana October 26, 2018

Amazing!!! I spend hours reading reviews for the best wireless transmitter WITH NO LAG. I had a few doubts about this item, but is perfect. I can play online games with no issues on my PS4!!

Bruce B October 20, 2018

A few issues here and there, but overall it works as intended.

Omar S September 13, 2018

Very bad experience ..I did Install it within 10 meters .. Not working as they described .. !I tried to contact the customer support .. COULDN'T !!

Adam O September 10, 2018

I had this product for a little over 2 months until it finally stopped working. 1st thing to fail was the IR remote extender which stopped working after about 1 month. This meant if I wanted to change cable channel on the remote TV, I would have to go to to the cable unit which is in in the source room. This was extremely annoying. Then after another month the main unit stopped working and it would not transmit to either the source TV or the remote TV. Very disappointed after having spent well over $200 on this unit init including delivery. Now am going to purchase another brand.

Amazon Customer September 10, 2018

Super easy to install. It took me less than 5mins. The receiver/transmitter are about 20ft away with a dry wall and bathroom in between and it works fine.

Cheri O August 28, 2018

Our unit keeps randomly losing the signal necessitating a re-sync which is a bit of a pain. The sender/receiver are only about 15 feet apart (one downstairs and one up). That said, when it is working, it is amazing. Didn't need to punch holes in our wall to get a signal sent between floors.

greg d August 23, 2018

For some reason the way my home is wired the cable outlet is located in the dining area. I used to run the cable under the carpet to the living room but had hardwood floors put in last year. I purchased the first unit last year on the advice from my son-in-law who used one. Weird that the head unit (receiver that plugs the HDMI to the TV) looked different than my son-in-laws. The one i recently purchased looks like my son-in-laws receiver. The first one proved problematic and needed to be reset at least once a week - it finally died a few months ago - we tried to simulate cutting the cord over the last few months but my wife didn't like it so I purchased the 2nd unit - this one seems to be performing much better than the 1st one - it's a great product with amazing video and audio transmitting wirelessly to the TV - just hoping I get more than a year from this latest purchase.

Mohammad M August 13, 2018

Major interference issues. Can’t have anything around it which doesn’t make any sense because the whole point is to be streaming to the tv. Gets stuck on channel 4 and and then it loses connection. Very very disappointed with this product. Looking for another product after spending this much money major disappointment

J. S August 5, 2018

This is a must have if you want to view your security cameras on an extra monitor without running wires. I am well pleased with this product.

Eugene K August 4, 2018

Range is good.

Amazon Customer July 24, 2018

This worked great for a year and a half and then suddenly stopped working. Next time I will buy something with a longer warranty because I expected it to last longer than 18 months especially since 6 months of that time it was in storage. I would not buy this product again without a longer warranty. - Verified Store

Roy C July 22, 2018

Very dependable wireless A/V system. Fantastic 1080P picture and sound quality - Verified Store

T. G July 14, 2018

Works like a charm. I broke a hdmi cable on my Motorhome that was 40’. You can’t even guess how much that was to replace. The Aries saved me a ton! - Verified Store

Scottie J July 12, 2018

I was actually surprised! Works much better than I expected. I have it located in a coat closet about 20 feet from the TV works great. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 4, 2018

This did not have a HDMI output on the transmitter which means it only transmits to 1 TV. Not sure why anyone would want that? This was not clear in the product description. - Verified Store

David O July 3, 2018

Unit six not work as described. Contacted seller and arranged for exchange - Verified Store

Qinghong Z June 24, 2018

Excellent! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 8, 2018

Bought only 5 months ago stopped working and very difficult to get warranty through dealer and their website. ShopTronics is not making it very easy to process warranty! - Verified Store

Kent W June 6, 2018

Don't use but i guess it works - Verified Store

Pongpol P June 1, 2018

The brightness of throughout picture is quite dark. A good thing is it can confirm about zero latency delay. - Verified Store

Duy A May 20, 2018

Don’t buy this. I’m buy this and use only month and haft. Right now didn’t work anything - Verified Store

OMAR P May 12, 2018

If there is any wall in the way of the signal it wont work.... - Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 4, 2018

This product works awsome no more cables strung through the house the picture and sound are crystal clear.
There is no static or interference. - Verified Store

Marlon C May 4, 2018

Fast delivery. Product works great! - Verified Store

Donald R May 3, 2018

Not real impressed with this transmitter. It works sometimes and seems to search for a channel way to often. It needs allow the user to select the channel. Also it seems that the older the thing gets the worse it works. Wish I would have returned it. - Verified Store

brian m April 28, 2018

decent but yet not crazy range - if you have it in range and no interference works all the time. I found about 25' to be max . - Verified Store

RGK April 22, 2018

This is awesome. Instead of drilling holes or running cable around the house this allows you to avoid the mess. If you turn off your TV for too long it can require a reboot but that is the only issue - Verified Store

Ryan B April 10, 2018

Works perfectly. Switches between both inputs. Perfect sound and picture synchronization. - Verified Store

Ted M April 4, 2018

The pair performed right out of the box with great picture quality. I can not address any audio latency issues as my wife is only using it to view her quilting software from her laptop. I would have given a five star rating but only one HDMI cable is supplied and two will be required to complete the installation. I had an extra. - Verified Store

Ted M April 4, 2018

The pair performed right out of the box with great picture quality. I can not address any audio latency issues as my wife is only using it to view her quilting software from her laptop. I would have given a five star rating but only one HDMI cable is supplied and two will be required to complete the installation. I had an extra. - Verified Store

Ronald E March 26, 2018

I like that it enabled wireless connection of cable and blue ray player hookups to my tv.
It proved to be unreliable as a means of transmitting my Directv Genie system signals because it resulted in frequent freezing of programs or complete loss of signals for short periods of time. - Verified Store

ronn1261 March 22, 2018

Nice - Verified Store

Salass March 22, 2018

it simply does not work. The Transmitter and the Receiver particularly have to be next to each other in order to work. But that just defeats the whole purpose. I wish I could just return this item - Verified Store

Michael P March 16, 2018

Works as advertised. Had to figure out right frequency for IR extender/my remote. Picture looks perfect. Range from my setup to TV is approx 40 ft. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 9, 2018

Works great - Verified Store

Nunya March 9, 2018

The nyrius wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver is fantastic. absolutely zero latency playing Xbox one and Nintendo switch on my projector in full 1080p. Really easy to setup it took maybe 5 minutes and I was ready to go. - Verified Store

Sophia D March 8, 2018

Works perfectly. Bought this to go through a wall from a distance of about 20 feet. There's minimal lag on the remote (I can't tell) and no complaints. - Verified Store

James L March 6, 2018

Never got this unit to work. Technical support could not help me to get it working. After wasting a lot of time I finally returned the product. - Verified Store

paul March 4, 2018

Bad product. Customer support claims that most things near a Tv or in a house causes unit not to work correctly. Local Best Buy has a great solution. - Verified Store

WhyZee February 28, 2018

Takes a while to get the transmitter aligned properly with the receiver and may occasionally require a reset. Otherwise is reasonably dependable and functionally satisfactory.. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 13, 2018

Not pleased with the quality. The IR extender is clunky and hard to place which isn't mentioned whatsoever. I'm very disappointed in this product. It should have another extender or at least a better way to transmit the signal. - Verified Store

njrapid February 9, 2018

We are a pro installer and needed this faster than our supplier could provide. We have used this brand before to success. After some dabbling we finally got it to work through a nearby brick wall in a mansion home that was near impossible to run a wire to.Now ultimately I believe client is spending more on this setup than the cost savings of a cable box at the tv but as long as they are happy.
The item itself took a little synching but when locked in provides a great pic at the distant tv.
B/c we split it off a cable box we used a 1x2 hdmi splitter that provided inconsistent results.We went to our truck and grabbed an inline hdmi booster that strengthened the signal and seemed to work.I don`t believe teh average homewoner would have this avail so if you get this with intent on using an hdmi splitter you may want an `inline` hdmi booster as well.
Otherwise we do not like wireless tech but this does the trick when nec. - Verified Store

Daniel January 31, 2018

It does its job well. I just wish it had an HDMI pass-through port. - Verified Store

Michael January 29, 2018

The unit worked intermittently when I first installed for a friend. I could not get it full signal so I figured it was too far even though it claims it has 100ft range. I was around 40 but going through a wall so I figured I was pushing it or had other interference. I decided to hard wire the TV i was installing instead of messing around. I decided I would keep and install in my 26x26 garage because it should definitely work there. Well it did not. Plain line of sight within 25 ft. Still didn't pair. I am very disappointed and wish I could return but it is too late. Ended up going to Best Buy and spending another $200 and got a unit that was flawless. - Verified Store

Michael January 29, 2018

The unit worked intermittently when I first installed for a friend. I could not get it full signal so I figured it was too far even though it claims it has 100ft range. I was around 40 but going through a wall so I figured I was pushing it or had other interference. I decided to hard wire the TV i was installing instead of messing around. I decided I would keep and install in my 26x26 garage because it should definitely work there. Well it did not. Plain line of sight within 25 ft. Still didn't pair. I am very disappointed and wish I could return but it is too late. Ended up going to Best Buy and spending another $200 and got a unit that was flawless. - Verified Store

PPD January 24, 2018

Works fantastically. No issues and I recommend. - Verified Store

Kazuomaru January 22, 2018

The system is working very well since I received it. It was relatively easy to install and I have tested it in several locations to determine range and throughput. In each instance I was surprised by the impressed by the picture and distances I could transmit in some pretty tight spots. Overall this is just what I was looking for... - Verified Store

Nicholas January 16, 2018

In my experience this will not work through floors however it did serve the purpose for me with the extender Quality seems good I’ve been using it for a little over a month now and haven’t ran into any issues once it was properly set up - Verified Store

JB January 14, 2018

I had high hopes for this but it is totally unusable. The video/audio stutters even when the Transmitter and Receiver are right next to each other. - Verified Store

Philip B January 12, 2018

Easy setup great picture. Minor lag. My setup 20 ft from trans to receiver 1080i (directv) Needed to add HDMI to a room without it near the DVR. Put a splitter on it 1 to the main TV the other to the Nyrius. 10 min setup tops.

Unlike others this is strictly 1:1 transmitter to receiver. I did not experience any of the issues noted in the negative reviews. Worked right out of the box with no fuss. - Verified Store

dinub1 January 8, 2018

Product is excellent. Boxes are very small and the whole product works as advertised. It is of very high quality as images are razor sharp on my LCD TV screen using HDMI and sound is sharp and clear. Very pleased with the product. - Verified Store

lorin f January 1, 2018

worked great - Verified Store

nick y December 27, 2017

It’s only issue is it will not automatically switch to a lower HD level. - Verified Store

Zee December 24, 2017

Setup was relatively hassle-free. Once unboxed the transmitter and receiver were able to pair immediately without additional settings required but had to manually pair when it was powered off and turned on again. Screen at both source and receiving location would go off for about 3 seconds during pairing stage but once it's connected the pictures were as clear as it could be and there were absolutely no delay in audio and video. Transmitter and receiver are located about 7m apart with closed door between them. - Verified Store

Zee December 24, 2017

Setup was relatively hassle-free. Once unboxed the transmitter and receiver were able to pair immediately without additional settings required but had to manually pair when it was powered off and turned on again. Screen at both source and receiving location would go off for about 3 seconds during pairing stage but once it's connected the pictures were as clear as it could be and there were absolutely no delay in audio and video. Transmitter and receiver are located about 7m apart with closed door between them. - Verified Store

Margaret Ann D November 27, 2017 Ontario, Canada

Had difficulty at first hooking it up. Seems to be working fine now.

Ivan T November 17, 2017 California, United States

Very good performance, some lag if you have more than 1 wall between rooms, but it does the work.

Joseph, Waldron, F November 16, 2017 Florida, United States

Seems to be working great.

Cindy J November 15, 2017 North Carolina, United States

Easy to set up, great signal strength. Transmitter senses when it's not in use and is able to "sleep" between uses so it should last longer than the previous model we bought.

Robert P November 15, 2017 North Carolina, United States

Once I set it up correctly, and moved the transmitter away from the cable box about 6 feet it has been working perfectly. Picture quality is amazing.

Jay H October 31, 2017 New York, United States

I moved into an apartment where the only cable connection was in a really dumb place, and I had arranged all my furniture in a silly way around my cable box. Then I bought and installed ARIES Home — it took about five minutes to set up — and now I'm not tethered down to the dumb design of my apartment. It's great. It takes maybe ten seconds to warm up and for the transmitter and receiver to find each other, but after that, it works great.

Clifford Hasin October 17, 2017

The product will work well for the chosen environment

Randal Spurgin October 11, 2017

easy set up. works flawlessly. no problems. replaced an older earlier version that was 4 years old. it gave up the ghost!!

Dave October 6, 2017

I wanted this to wirelessly connect the tv's in RV. For the most part this works great, but every so often the screens on both TV's go black then in about 2 seconds then come back on not sure why this happens. Haven't had a chance to call the company yet, but will update I do. 4 stars for now... - Verified Store

Robert H October 3, 2017

works great - Verified Store

Mark E October 1, 2017

I connected the Nyrius ARIES transmitter to my Comcast Xfinity cable box, and the receiver to my Vizio TV less than 10'/3m away.It connected instantly, no configuration required -- just turn on both units and it connects.The first 10-30 seconds of data transmission is rough. Sound is choppy, and the picture is pixellated and has many dropouts.After that period, sound and picture are near-perfect. Not perfect, as there are occasional hiccups in sound and picture, but programming is definitely watchable.One tip: If the transmission breaks up badly, rewind your DVR, because it's likely that the ARIES transmission had problems, while the underlying programming signal (from cable, satellite, OTA or OTT source) is OK.Definitely worth purchasing if you need a wireless signal to your TV. - Verified Store

fsinvegas September 29, 2017

I cannot get the units to pair together. When I first set it up it paired and worked for about two minutes. After that it has never paired again. The units are not that far apart with only a couple walls separating them. I cannot recommend anyone purchase this product. - Verified Store

A. H September 28, 2017

An elderly woman asked me for help. In her new apartment was no satellite outlet next to the TV. I selected the Nyrius ARIES Home HDMI Digital Wireless Transmitter & Receiver for HD 1080p Video Streaming. The installation was easy. Just connect the transmitter to the source (Satellite Box) and the receiver to the TV. Within one minute, the connection was established and we had a great picture. For the remote, I was looking at the installation sheet, for help. It told me that the manual is available on the internet. At home, I downloaded the manual that showed the way to synchronize the remote. Unfortunately, the receiver failed and we could not finish the installation. Amazon issued a full refund. - Verified Store

Kevin F September 20, 2017

I purchased this product in an attempt to avoid having to run a coax cable through the walls. It was terrible. At first I tried below the TV that needed coverage, and the signal went in and out and jumped. Distance was about 40 ft through two walls. Then, I placed it 25 ft away through no walls, and it wasn't much better. Don't waste your time or money. - Verified Store

Frank E Llewellyn September 20, 2017

The Nyrius performed exactly as I hoped it would transmitting the signal from the living room through a wall to the next bedroom. the sound and picture are synced eliminating the annoying delay. Having the IR to change channels is also a plus..It will pay for itself eliminating a Uverse box.

Robert Webster September 20, 2017

All went well with connectivity no problems

Josiah H September 12, 2017

Barely reaches 50 ft. At 50 feet, it constantly disconnects/reconnects, like someone is pulling out the HDMI cable and plugging it back in. Not worth the money for how unreliable it is. - Verified Store

custom s September 12, 2017

I installed many of this products, and I never had a complain. I bought navs500 kit, but it keeps impairiing. I have to force the pairing every day not once at least twice. My warranty to return the product expired for a few days. So I couldn't return the product to Amazon. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 12, 2017

Very surprised how well it works especially the fact that the receiver has the capability to use your cable box remote to control your TV channels. All you need to do is place the provided IR extender from the transmitter in front of your cable box. So far I have tried a distance of 30 feet though 2 walls and there was no video or audio degradation. - Verified Store

Frazzled September 11, 2017

So far, this works fine to keep both TV's on at the same time or just the kitchen one! Tried another kind before, but the kitchen TV kept going nuts. - Verified Store

TPorter September 11, 2017

Works great, easy setup. My tv is now across the room (20') from my cables over my fireplace. So worth the money! Oh, and my house is steel framed so we often have trouble with signals. No problems with this! Note: we do experience a bit of a delay on startup. But once it is awake there is no delay with picture, sound or remote instruction. - Verified Store

Farwah s September 11, 2017

Great product. It was easy to use and install. Good design features and easy to fit and store in small areas or closet. - Verified Store

Larry H September 6, 2017

Works very good. Excellent HD - Verified Store

Dylan September 3, 2017

Junk. Worked for a week and then would constantly cut out. Not only on the receiver but the transmitter also. Nothing but frustration afterwards and the device was only 40 feet apart. Even without the receiver on the TV would cut out and show a green screen for 4 seconds every 2 minutes. - Verified Store

Chuck Johnson August 31, 2017

The set up was a breeze, the picture and sound quality are awesome! So far, I would highly recommend this device.

Tommy C August 31, 2017

This thing really is a piece of crap. The receiver is 11 feet 8 inches from the transmitter, completely line-of-sight, with no walls between them and the signal is TERRIBLE (see attached video and listen to the audio).Not only that, but the transmitter has an HDMI 'pass-through' that loses complete signal randomly at least once every half hour or so. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 30, 2017

good product - Verified Store

m.h.banani August 29, 2017

Works great, picture sharp and 1080 hd,love it - Verified Store

Charles Johnson August 29, 2017

I researched several products before going with Nyrius. I selected this product for ease of setup and the stated range of operation.

So far I have not been disappointed. Set up was a breeze, and everything connected. The picture to my TV has no noticeable degradation, there is no lag between audio/video which I read happens with other products. The one 'issue', and it was minor, was there wasn't clear instructions as to how to get my existing remote to work. There is a button on the Nyrius remote that lets you toggle through different frequencies to find the one that matches your remote. Also, there IS a bit of lag with the remote - sometimes it registers two button clicks when I only press once. But again, a very minor issue. Overall I am very pleased with this unit.

William B August 25, 2017

The thing worked great right out of the box. All I had to do is connect it, plug in the power and then watch and operate the television as normal. we have a smart Samsung television. We can toggle between Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. and back to broadcast television with no issues. - Verified Store

Jerry D August 25, 2017

I bought this product over three years ago. It has worked, but it suffers from frequent connection drops even though the transmitter and receiver are only separated by 15ft with no obstacles. There is no power, nor reset, switch so pulling the power from the transmitter is the only way to reset the communication. However, if you buy a remote hdmi port switcher, you can reset the port switcher and that fixes the problem of having to pull the power to reset communication. It works, but it's a frequently annoying experience. - Verified Store

LizWaltersATL August 22, 2017

The receiver and transmitter are very sensitive. Even the slightest block causes interference. Once I figured this out though, I haven't had any problems with the picture on the screen. I use my Comcast cable remote to turn on the TV, and it takes an extraordinary amount of time to turn on and also the remote can be very slow to react. However, this product allowed me to put my TV on the wall where I wanted it! I do recommend it if you aren't constantly watching TV. If you are, you might want a more powerful solution. - Verified Store

bkcr8on August 17, 2017

Easy setup. Works great. - Verified Store

Germain F August 16, 2017

Doesn't work well. Keeps disconnecting - Verified Store

MSB 9 August 15, 2017

I was a little nervous, but have been using for a year now, and the system has worked flawlessly. My wife wanted to put the TV on a wall with no cable, and this transmits about 15 ft across the room onto a nice big 60' 4K Samsung. Probably just showing HD, but looks great. No effort, nobody even knows its there. Plugged it in, and it worked, really nothing to the setup. - Verified Store

DaRhonda Hawthorne August 15, 2017

It was simple. Plug and play. Doesn't come with very detailed manual. Had to get online to review the IR I wasn't sure about. Otherwise very simple.

Amazon Customer August 14, 2017

Excellent!! - Verified Store

Edward Hernandez August 11, 2017

Powered up both units and was watching the game within minutes. Had to mess with the IR a little before I was able to get the link working. I was able to figure out how to toggle between the different freq's and select the correct one for my remote. Overall easy peasy, would definitely recommend!

Matt August 7, 2017

Usually takes about a minute for these devices to sync up once they've been powered down for a while. We have two separate units in very close proximity and we do not have any issues. I would highly recommend these devices; very simple to set up and use.

Sarah S August 5, 2017

I did a lot of research before buying this product (as someone who is not familiar with AV stuff at all), and it works perfectly for our set up. We have a wall-mounted flat screen on one wall, and the couch on the wall across from it in our family room. Next to the couch, we have located our DVD player and the Nyrius base (connected, obviously). The distance between the transmitter and receiver is no more than 15 feet, and there aren't any walls or anything to affect the signal strength. The transmitter part is hidden behind the TV - we actually just used some Command strips to secure it to the wall, tucked behind the TV screen. It's not noticeable at all.For our cable line, we were thinking about trying an HDMI splitter/switch box and using this single Nyrius unit (1 HDMI unit) to save money. We did not end up doing this because we could not easily route the cable line from the wall where the TV is to the other side of the room where the Nyrius receiver is. We were stumped because there was no space to similarly 'hide' a cable box behind our flat screen. The cable line comes up from the basement, and in the end, we tried just putting the cable box down in the basement (directly below the TV) and used the remote on it. It works!! (This last part didn't really have to do wight he product, but I thought it might provide some helpful tips for others who were in our shoes.)In any case, we are very happy with our set-up - no ugly cords to distract you. - Verified Store

Eric August 3, 2017

Easily set up, and has performed fairly flawlessly. Very rarely, the audio cuts out for a second, but that's very minimal. I have it going about 12 feet with line of sight.

David Melton, PE July 25, 2017

The product performs as expected. Easy to set up and connect to my overall system. You could improve the users' guide with more detail. I am an experienced Professional Engineer and I struggled some. However overall a great product.

kris July 24, 2017

Item is not what it says it is. Tried to install, had difficulty. Directions are just short of worthless. Looked on-line, got a little bit more information. Still had trouble getting the stupid thing to work, so I tried to find a number to call. Nope, you leave a message and they call you....then ask you to be at the device to try to help...Guess what, I was at work...'could I call later' Well no, they are only open for assistance during normal business hours....Finally got a more techno savvy friend to get it to 'work'. But it would only transmit lower numbered channels (below 300), ok well, I could live with that, not perfect but ok. Then it started not sending would have sound when it was first turned on for about 30 seconds, then no sound. If I tuned off on about 3 times it would maybe send sound...then even that wouldn't work, so had to start unplugging nothing...except frustration. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 24, 2017

Only works for 6 months to a year. Second one only worked 10 months. Easy set up does work great. Wouldn't mind if the price was $50 - Verified Store

Steven July 18, 2017

Works great, but seems to cut back and forth between devices when multiple devices are turned on together (Cable Box and Blue-Ray player). Normally I only have one on at time, but sometimes that's not the case. The overall performance it great though.

David S July 14, 2017

Never worked, right out of the box. Both units powered up, but never connected to each other. Returned for refund. - Verified Store

Kindle C July 10, 2017

Delivered in good condition and as promised. This product is a real problem solver. In our beach condo there is only one wall big enough for a 42' tv, and it is not the wall that the cable connection is on. The concrete walls and ceiling make it impossible to run the cable behind the walls. We were going to have to either staple the cable along the bottom of the walls like some of our neighbors have done (unsightly)or put up crown molding to run the wires through ( out of place in the small space). Someone suggested this product so we gave it a try and it works like magic. It was easy to set up. The only issue I have, and it's a small one, is that the remote has to be pointed at the tv to adjust the volume, but at the base unit to change the channel. Since they are in opposite side of the room it is taking some getting used to, but is a small sacrifice in exchange for not having to figure out how to run the cable. - Verified Store

Terrance S July 9, 2017

If you like spending a couple hundred dollars for something that will work a quarter of the time you want it to, this is right up your alley. - Verified Store

Pixelad July 1, 2017

Signal drops out all the time. Have to use standard wires – don't waste your time - Verified Store

Ron June 28, 2017

Beautiful picture and sound.It says 100 feet range. That has to be over the ocean in line of sight because it's only 20' from the my inside TV to my outside gazebo. I have to tie the receiver up high in the gazebo to get a good enough signal. Small inconvenience but the signal strength from the transmitter should be stronger. The directions show an example of a TV in the upstairs room and the other TV on the lower floor on the opposite side of the house. I cry BS. There ain't no way that weak signal will go through multiple walls and sync up. - Verified Store

Beach S June 27, 2017

Worked with spotty connection for months and then just stopped working altogether. So disappointed, this is way too much money to spend on a device that will only work a couple of months. Will not buy this brand again. Of course it stooped working a few weeks after I could no longer return the unit. Don't waste your money or time on this. Getting the units to sync is tedious at best and the quality of the product overall is poor. - Verified Store

Rick Brohaugh June 23, 2017

I needed to extend one television to another in our bathroom without creating an echo from a delay in the transmission like I experienced with previous products. Hooked our NAVS500 up quick and easy! No echo.

Amazon Customer June 22, 2017

Works great - Verified Store

Raminder S June 21, 2017

I had a in the wall HDMI cable that stopped working for some reason a few days ago and I was not too keen on getting it replaced. Replacing the cable would mean cutting off some part of the dry wall, installing the cable in the wall, fixing the dry wall, painting and whole lot of other complexities that come with an in-wall HDMI installation. I was intrigued by this product as I already own a iogear wireless HDMI device. I was not in favor of spending 200$ on iogear and looking at the reviews thought of purchasing this product. I got the product and installed it on my TV and receiver out which are around 5 feet apart (max) The receiver and transmitter were even closer as i did not have an power outlet near my TV. The system hardly worked for a few seconds and started blinking the video on my TV. Not worth it. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 18, 2017

Actually bought 2 of these thinking the 1st was defective. Both did a poor job of even transmitting the signal across the room. Maybe 20 ft. Bought a different wireless transmitter at Best Buy. Works like a champ. - Verified Store

David N June 14, 2017

The set up was quick and easy. It worked exactly as advertised. I use it to transmit video signal from my surround sound receiver to a projector about 30 feet away (so I didn't have to run a long HDMI cable) and it works flawlessly. Great product. - Verified Store

Rob June 13, 2017

I purchase this unit because the cable outlet was on the opposite side of the room from where my wife wanted a TV mounted on a wall. She is also cable-phobic, so I thought this would fit the bill with wireless broadcast. So far the unit is working great, with only minor alignment issues during set up. The transmitter and receiver are in the same room.I tried a temporary set up initially to confirm the unit would work with the receiver and transmitter directly across the room from each other, which worked great from the gitgo. Then I went ahead and hung the TV on the wall in a location where the TV was not directly facing the transmitter. After hiding all the cables behind the TV and leaving the receiver just under the bottom edge of the TV, but facing forward with the TV, I turned on the Nyrius ARIES once again. At first it found the signal, but lost it pretty quick. I continued to struggle to capture the signal, until I turned the receiver about 45 degrees toward the transmitter and then was able to lock onto a signal.With the transmitter and receiver pointed at each other, I have continued to have a great signal without any dropout. The picture is great and audio is perfectly in tune. I would have rated this a 5 star, but the unit is a little larger than I imagined it to be and line of sight needs to be pretty direct. Also, trying to figure out how to mount the receiver around the TV is frustrating without some length of cable showing. It would be nice if some type of flexible wall mounting brackets were included or even available for after market purchase. - Verified Store

leslie June 13, 2017

This does not work. It worked once in a while in the beginning, after a lot of pushing buttons and unplugging it and resetting it every single time I wanted to watch tv. It does not have a manual and I had to google for help. Contacting the manufacturer gets me an email about how to repair the transmitter. Doing that no longer works consistently either, and honestly why do I need to repair it every time I use it. Extremely disappointed!!!If anyone has any recommendations for a better device, please let me know! My cable feed is in the bedroom and does not reach my living room where my tv is :( - Verified Store

JD M June 13, 2017

Audio and vidio works well...however NO menu control in room 15ft. Away with Dish remote. IR is not working. Customer Support replied with a form/email letter to trouble shhoot issue. Still not working properly. Just needed to ask them a couple of questions....Not an easy process. Still NO use of remote in bedroom - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 11, 2017

Got on time no problem - Verified Store

Honeydip June 10, 2017

I love this product. I needed a way to connect my projector which is on a ceiling mount to my woofer, cable and DVD. I got the transmitter and receiver back in 2013. It was so easy and quick to setup and has worked great every since. - Verified Store

Loritha Hill June 10, 2017

I have both a transmitter and receiver that have been working perfectly since I found them on Amazon 3 yrs ago. But then the light on my transmitter started flashing and the picture was no longer playing on my projector. Of course I couldn't find my instructions. But I did a live chat with Daniela and in no time I found that HDMI cable had been changed. Thanks Daniela. I love love love this product.

William G June 7, 2017

Just what I needed for my RV. Transmits HD signal seamlessly. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 6, 2017

locks up and not consistant. - Verified Store

Chris Whitlocke June 6, 2017

Very easy to set up, set my tv to game mode and there is zero lag.

mike L May 27, 2017

Bought this to put a TV outside on my patio. Tv is located in a clear line of sight in front of a window 30-40 feet from transmitter. Constant interruption, drops, lost signal, pixelation. Did not work for me, and paid for the upgraded 100 foot capabilities. Couldn't go through a window at 30-40 feet. Wouldn't recommend. - Verified Store

Welton May 25, 2017

the product is good quality and has good performance, however I believe the price is not reasonable for the product as is.

Mark F May 15, 2017

I bought this unit to replace a failed Belkin Screencast unit. The Belkin was the second one of those that I owned. Both failed at about two years. Belkin has discontinued that product. So after a lot of research I chose the Nyrius ARIES. It is very compact. The setup is easy and essentially automatic - easier than the Belkin was. I have only had the Nyrius running for a few weeks, but so far it is flawless and hence the 5-star rating. Hopefully it will last longer than two years like the Belkin units. - Verified Store

sosvar2 May 13, 2017

As much of a tech expert I am --- I CANNOT GET THIS THING TO WORK!!! I tried every conceivable position, aiming, switching, and fiddling! NOTHING! How folks can manage this thing to work is beyond me. And I am only talking about 1-room away! - Verified Store

Bruce Katcher May 12, 2017

It was easy to set up, but the instructions could have been a bit clearer. Had to find out about how to get the transmitter and receiver to pair by going to the website. Also realized that I needed an auxiliary cable box to avoid plugging and unplugging. This also gave me the ability to watch different shows simultaneously on the main tv and the wireless tv. Works as expected, actually better as my remote doesn't require me to use the IR.

Mike May 11, 2017

Very happy! I purchased the Aries Home+ because I wanted to watch TV in a room with no coax hook up and did not want to run wire around the room. The distance between the transmitter and receiver is only about 30 feet, but there are 2 walls in between. The transmitter and receiver synced automatically and I can even use the cable company's remote by using the IR out option. Its like having the cable box in the room! It does take about 30 seconds after turning the TV on for the pictures to come through, but after that you are good to go. I would recommend this product to a friend.

Mark May 11, 2017

Do not buy this product! I've had this product for 11 months. It worked on for about 9. Now the signal is continuously interrupted or the picture is pixelated. I've replaced the HDMI cords and it didn't make a difference. The signal only has to travel about 6 feet. I thought it would be awesome but it just sucks. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 9, 2017

I use it for my outdoor TV because I did not want to have another box. Sometimes you have some signal issues when first plugging it in, where the screen will have snow or lag, but it catches up after a few minutes, but that only happens every now and then. The eye for the remote did not work with my cable box, so I have to go inside to change the channel if I need to, which is annoying, but I mainly watch sports outside so I am good for a few hours without having to change the channel. - Verified Store

Patrick May 4, 2017

Great product, it was exactly what I needed for a wireless tv in my living room

Railroadvideoguy May 1, 2017

works the best of the two HDMI transmitter/receivers that I tried. using this HDTV extender I was able to see my Security cameras in another room - Verified Store

James H April 30, 2017

Perfect picture on my patio from transmitter in bedroom two walls and 40 feet away. - Verified Store

Jack S April 27, 2017

Took very little time to set up. Worked beautifully out of the box. I don't anticipate any problems, but it would be nice if the manufacturers would live up to the promise in the limited documentation. It says to consult the manual at NYRIUS.COM/SUPPORT. That takes you to a bunch of FAQs. - Verified Store

shahar z April 26, 2017

barely covers short distance! - Verified Store

Craig D April 25, 2017

Too cool - Verified Store

AK April 23, 2017

Had to return it. Worked intermittently. Kept cycling trying to connect to each other. The distance between each other was less than 10ft and 2 dry walls. The early model worked much better until it broke on me. I ended up buy theIOGEAR Wireless 3D Digital Kit with Full HD 1080P and 5.1 Channel...these 2 items are the exact same products the only difference is the company labels were different....both products are POS... The IOgear sits in a junk box now... I spent $35 and got a hdmi cable and ir extender to do the job better and cheaper! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 22, 2017

Works as advertised. I used this to connect my PC to a projector without having to run a bunch of cable. I did have to still run the power cables for the receiver and transmitter, but they're much smaller than HDMI cables. I ended up needing a USB mini B female to male extender to extend the length of the power cable to the receiver. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 19, 2017

Just fine. - Verified Store

T.J. April 19, 2017

For $250 I expected it to last longer than 19 months. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 18, 2017

Great device to power our projector with no cords! - Verified Store

Phillip April 17, 2017

Doesn't work as advertised. 60/70 feet away with a wall in the middle. Constant signal drops. Returned. - Verified Store

Eddie R April 17, 2017

Couldn't use it from one floor to another even though devices are on top of each other. Mileage will vary. - Verified Store

Patrick O April 16, 2017

Very satisfied with product. - Verified Store

Stephen Pollaine April 14, 2017

The device works well, except for occasional lapses in connection which come randomly.

Amazon Customer April 13, 2017

So far so good. At first I had problems pairing with the blue ray player but it was solved configurating the player resolution or something. Really didn't know what I did but it is all right now. This is to say that the manual could be better. Same with the repeater. Is it for three different equipments ? Do they have some kind of priority? Is it possible to have a second receiver at the same time ?Last, the length of the repeater sensor is short. But I think that the equipment is good, fast and reliable. I would revoked it - Verified Store

Josh April 13, 2017

Great item, easy setup.

Bridgette April 8, 2017

The tvs had to be within eyesight of the transmitter for thee laser to work ...not what I was looking for. Returned easily. - Verified Store

Greg April 7, 2017

Delivered on time. Was easy to connect to my Dish receiver. Used the pass thru connection to hard connect back to the TV the receiver was originally connected to. Connected the Nyrius receiver to the second TV. Powered up units and after ~30 seconds got solid lights and was able to receive Dish on second TV. Picture quality the same as what is on the main TV. No issues with audio. Both TV's are Samsung smart TV. The second one is a 2017 model. Distance is only ~20 feet, but is thru a wall. - Verified Store

CHRIS M April 6, 2017

I used the same product for about 18 months until it stopped working one day. I was so impressed with the previous performance that I decided to get another unit identical to the previous one but unfortunately It was unable to carry sounds and the image was In and Out, would not tolerate any FastForwarding of Rewinding. I thought it was just a problem with settings so I ordered a 3rd unit which gave me the same problem. To make a long story short, I am going back to using HDMI cables and I am returning the last 2 units i bought as it was a total disappointment. - Verified Store

Buckrub71 April 5, 2017

Works great for one friend and didn't for the other. - Verified Store

Disgruntled April 5, 2017

So, this is one of those things that is too good to be true. It is pretty straightforward, I installed mine without reading anything and the installation took under 5 minutes.It does take up to 10 seconds to sync the transmitter and receiver, but after that everything is instant. A perfect picture is displayed on the remote end.Included is an IR blaster so you can use your remote control and send a signal from the receiving unit back to the master. The only complaint I have is the cord for the IR emitter is too short. (I'm guessing it's around 4' long) - Verified Store

Jeffrey April 5, 2017

I use it to duplicate a cable box to 2 TV's and was very easy to setup. Works great and the picture quality is very clear. There's a remote to turn both transmitter and receiver to standby mode. - Verified Store

Luis N April 4, 2017

It doesn't work after 50fts - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 2, 2017

Perfect - Verified Store

Intelligentsia April 1, 2017

There is a perceptible and frustrating delay when using the remote or changing channels. The video quality is definitely degraded. It also impedes the cable box from detecting the TV entirely correctly for such things as auto-configuring the remote (a feature on Dish Network) For me, it ended up being a waste of money and went into the junk pile. For others it may be satisfactory. - Verified Store

BillP March 30, 2017

Using it to allow using our bedroom cable box for an outdoor TV. Just purchased a second remote for the cable box and works like a charm. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 26, 2017

Had an HDMI cable run from a tv in the front of my house to a cable box in the basement towards the back of my house. The HDMI cable wore down over time, being bent behind the tv up against the wall. My basement is now finished with sheet rock ceilings, so couldn't replace the cable. I tried this is an option, because running a cable line would mean I'd need to mount the cable box somewhere on the wall, that only has the tv on it. At first I couldn't get the unit to work at all, finally I set it up 2' from each other on a different tv, and had the receiver and transmitter virtually face to face, they finally paired. Now, it works fine, connects every time I turn the tv on, it's again working from a cable box in my basement in the back of the house to a tv in the front of the house on my main floor. Picture and sound are great too. it's not used as a primary tv, the room it's in has a bar and pool table, so really just background sports being played, but still, no issues with quality that I see so far. - Verified Store

Signer Ethan March 26, 2017

Works pretty well, occasionally cuts out.
Customer service is very hep[ful

Robert Smith March 25, 2017

Used this in my RV to get HD satellite signal to rear TVs without drilling holes to run HDMI cables. Works great! Put on a power splitter and works great on both rear TVs.

Evan March 25, 2017

It works pretty well provided that the receiver and transmitter are facing in the right directions with minimal space and obstructions in between. I live in a small, single floor apartment so take that with a grain of salt. The signal should go through a wall or two at short distances but is still extremely limited. It doesn't take a lot of space or obstructions to block the signal. Overall, it is a good product that can help you save a lot on your cable bill but do your homework to make sure that it is ideal for your set up. Also be sure to play around with the positions of the transmitter and receiver for maximum performance. - Verified Store

John Woodland March 23, 2017

Fast easy hook up. Receive 720 using HDMI. Receiver 35 feet and 2 walls from transmitter. Picture will pixel occasionally needing a rebooting at receiver.

Eleanor C March 22, 2017

This is my second Nyrius Aries product. The first was the NAVS501. It takes a moment to start after I turn on the TV but then works seamlessly. Great product! - Verified Store

G.K. March 21, 2017

I moved the TV from the kitchen counter to the wall separating the kitchen from the living wall. Not wanting to run the cable, I used this wireless connection. The cable feed is in the adjacent living room approximately 10 steps away through one internal wall. Set up is very easy. Plug and play.This devices works as advertised. Most of the time.On turning the TV, I always experience about 10 seconds delay before the wireless connection is established. A few times a day, the wireless connection is distorted or lost. The disruption never excided more than a minute. I mostly use this TV to watch the news and don't mind occasional interruption. I would not recommend using this device if you plan to watch something important such as sports. - Verified Store

Philip Y March 20, 2017

Pros: Amazon side was great with ordering through delivery. Installation of both transmitter and receiver was simple, picture illustrations only, connected transmitter to Dish satellite receiver, and I used velcro to attach Nyrus receiver to top of TV (flat screen edge) to enable IR window to face viewer -- TV is mounted high on wall with pull down mount (mantle mount). Recvr and xmitter connected immediately after powering both on and VOILA! great picture and sound.Cons: Dish remote does not work via the Nyrius system. Remote works directly to Dish receiver when line of sight is achieved from other room, but get behind wall and nothing. Put remote right in the face of Nyrius receiver, nothing. So, to turn Dish receiver on and off, change channels, use the Guide, etc., I must get up and achieve line of sight with Dish receiver. Trouble-shooting procedures are only available on line at, and topics are fixed with minimal procedures. I tried pairing the receiver to the transmitter (did not need to do this initially as they paired automatically) but did it as a possibility, and it seemed a pretty simple procedure. Units failed to pair, no video or sound, took multiple re-pairing attempts to get video and sound back, but remote for Dish would still not work. Went through all the monkey motions of turning ALL devices off/on, plugging/unplugging, etc. So, the Nyrius system achieved 50% of what I was trying to do (provides video and sound), but I could have done this with an extra long HDMI cable (Dish receiver to TV) and co-axial cable (from wall to Dish receiver position in same room as TV) and put the box in the same room for $20 and still had . Was hoping to go wireless to the TV from the Dish Receiver.So, it does send video/sound wireless, but remote does not work with system.UPDATE (3/22)Initially gave it 2 stars, but changing to one star as the second day the system failed to transmit video or sound and nothing was touched from the previous day other than turning the TV off that previous night. I did not even try to bother with it as I was fed up from the previous days frustration in not getting the Dish remote to work, so disassembled and repacked it for return. The possibility exists that I have a bad transmitter, but I am returning the system and going with wired as unsightly as it is, it works and is totally reliable. - Verified Store

JD F March 20, 2017

This is probably one of the best products that I have ever purchased. I have to say that my first attempt was a little disconcerting because the video stream appeared to be in slow motion but in less than a minute everything was running great. I would and do highly recommend this product! - Verified Store

Robert V March 20, 2017

This is a WIRELESS device. So yes, it is slower than a wired connection (8 second delay in connection) and the distance between the transmitter and the receiver is a factor in speed and resolution. But for me, this works perfectly. - Verified Store

VanSr March 18, 2017

Returned it. Was not satisfied with its operation. Did not get a hassle on return. - Verified Store

Douglas S March 16, 2017

Did not work well for me in my application- 1st floor transmission between walls - Verified Store

Clarissa March 13, 2017

Yes, works great!Have to wait a minute to get signal but works awesome! - Verified Store

Megan March 13, 2017

The system was incredibly easy to set up. I know next to nothing about technology but had a vague idea that wireless entertainment was possible. Thanks to the help of Donna in customer service, I was able to determine which unit would work best for our needs. Donna was incredibly kind and patient with me (again, knowing next to nothing I could barely describe what I wanted). I set some time aside over the weekend expecting this would take a while to set up. All in I think it was less than 10 minutes to disconnect everything, move it to another room, and reconnect it all to the wireless setup. Thankfully I guessed right in terms of where the IR receiver was on the DVD player. I think our remotes work even faster now than when everything was under the TV! All in all, I am really pleased with the product and feeling pretty darn tech savvy now (thanks again, Donna!).

Jack T March 6, 2017

Wanted to move the TV to a wall where there was no cable outlet and no way to pull one. So, after doing some research, I have decided to purchase the Navs502 from Nyrius. The transmitter/receiver set up was very easy. The device works very well, including switching the cable channels through the IR extender using a cable set top box in another room.
The only minor issue arises after switching to a channel transmitting in a 480i resolution, which is not displayed, as the device documentation explicitly states. The issue is that the channel number displayed on the screen (i.e. “5,” "11," etc.) has nothing to do with the actual cable channel number, and that after you enter any “known” 1080 i,p cable channel number, it takes about 10 seconds for the content to start showing again. Other than this, watching any 1080 i,p channels and switching between them works flawlessly - just as with a local set top box.

Suzy F March 6, 2017

Had to return the unit. It would connect for about 15 minutes and then just quit. I realize that you can get a DOA with any product, but I was concerned with their quality control and purchased a competitive product that has worked flawlessly. - Verified Store

John A March 4, 2017

Sound doesn't work occasionally but otherwise works great. - Verified Store

ann k March 3, 2017

We purchased this system due to its great reviews after our Rocketfish system crapped out.It worked perfectly the first day. I contacted Nyrius several times because the audio and video were lagging, skipping, pixelating.After multiple resets and cable exchanges I had to return the system. The company made ME pay for,the return shipping on THEIR defective item. AND they refuse to send another system out to me until they receive their broken device. I have been unable to view cable for 3 weeks now! I can't believe that we even paid for extended insurance! This is not the customer service I would have expected!! - Verified Store

charles s March 3, 2017

Upon receiving my product, I soon learned I was missing the IR remote. Contacted customer service at Nyrius ARIES and received my remote in about a week. Got the system set up and it works perfectly. No audio or video lag. Didn't give it 5 stars because of the inconvenience of the missing remote and the fact that it took a week to get it. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 2, 2017

It's alright abbot bulky - Verified Store

Codemannh March 1, 2017

Box came quickly and worked immediately upon set up. No issues with connection. Have had it for a couple of weeks and we can now watch TV outside without any issues. - Verified Store

Mark C. February 23, 2017

Our first Nyrius is located in the basement. The TV over the bar now works perfectly with the other downstairs TV for enjoying sports. The initial audio difficulty wasn't due to the Nyrius, rather the "audio output" factory setting on the cable connected TV. Our second Nyrius replaced an old AngleTrax system we had for our living room TV to communicate with our small kitchen TV. There is a short delay when the 2 TV's sync; however, I gave it 5 stars because from our experience it appears to be the best product on the market for high quality transmission of cable channels/video games/online television.

Ethan Signer February 23, 2017

Works great overall, except receiver is very slow to turn on, and occasionally turns off spontaneously before coming on again about 15-30 seconds later

hugo February 21, 2017

Why we don't have the possibility of buying a second or more receptors?

Thornwood M February 18, 2017

Yay love this! Tried another one and it was terrible, was not so hopeful with this but it works great so I got another one for the bedroom! The living room one is not that far, its maybe 15 feet apart but it beats running a wire across the room. I tested this unit for my bedroom by having the transmitter in a sitting room, attached to the cable box and the receiver in the adjacent bedroom and it worked great! maybe 20 feet away but with a wall and closet between them. The IR blaster did not work on my TIVO but did work with the cable box and remote. For the TIVO I could use the RF frequency and not need the IR blaster. So happy! - Verified Store

Michael W February 18, 2017

This simplified mounting the TV to the wall--two less wires to run and try to keep out of sight. It generally works very well. However, it is occasionally subject to interference from 5 GHz WiFi signals, and I found it necessary to separate it as much as possible from the Apple TV. It also helps to locate the transmitter as close as possible to the receiver. - Verified Store

Lee B February 16, 2017

Apparently peoples experiences vary widely. I live in a city and there is a LOT of RF going on, probably 20 WIFI hotspots are visible. I had trouble with the Epson wireless HDMI. Even with line of sight from 14 feet I was getting a lot of interference which was unacceptable for PC use but might go unnoticed watching a movie.With this adapter I can keep the transmitter in the AV cabinet and the signal is crystal clear to the projector 14 feet away every time. I have been using it a week and performance has been flawless. All I can say is to take the advice of our installer, try this wireless HDMI out, if it doesn't work maybe you need to return it and run a cable, but if it works it can save a lot of cost and trouble. - Verified Store

Hoglund's February 12, 2017

I bought this to stream video of my security cameras. It did not work consistsitly enough for me. I had it set upstairs the monitor was downstairs probably 40 feet apart. It spent more time searching for the signal then it did displaying the signal. - Verified Store

spike56 February 10, 2017

This product works fantastic. The perfect answer to putting a TV in a room without a cable box or antenna, and avoiding a monthly fee for an aditional box in a 2nd room. Crystal Clear wireless TV. - Verified Store

88pieces February 10, 2017

So far I'm very happy with this product. Hooked transmitter to my dvr plugged it in. Went upstairs hooked the receiver into the tv, plugged it in and it started working. It also goes into standby when tv is turned off. I will also add that if you try to transmit hd channels the picture on the receiving tv gets jumpy and you can't hardly watch it at least on mine. - Verified Store

MulyCat February 9, 2017

I had a hard time set time up the box the cable company gave me. Once I got my TV working directly off the cable box I then set up the digital wireless according to the directions. It worked flawlessly. I then moved the TV to the other end of the house and it still worked great. That was about 50 down the hall and around the corner. I'm happy now because I really did not want to run wires in walls and ceilings I did not own. This was also a big time saver. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 9, 2017

Needed to only go 4 feet. This device wasn't up to the task. Picture quality poor, audio fuzzy, frames dropping out. My guess is that there is too much information to transmit. - Verified Store

Kamodo February 9, 2017

Kinda slow in the beginning, but it works after all. Need more detailed step by step guide and installation for non-electronics dummies. My IR extender is not working yet. Still have to figure it out. No 1-800 customer service contact number.

Amazon Customer February 8, 2017

This thing is awesome! I am upgrading my mancave and have installed 4 tvs in the basement for the 'Buffalo Wild Wings' effect. I wanted the ability to have one game on all screens at once in the mancave. I searched long and hard for the right solution. This product was perfect. I have this next to my main tv with directv and chomecast inputs connected to it. one output is connected to the main tv through the hdmi out cable. Then whatever program I am watching is beamed wirelessly to the receiver in the unfinished area of my basement (through a wall). That receiver is hooked up to a one input 8 output hdmi splitter and I have 30 - 50 foot hdmi cables running to the other tvs in the room. There is no latency between the 4 televisions. I plan on adding at least two more tvs to this system. It is Incredible!! - Verified Store

Raymond F February 7, 2017

Just what I needed to get signal to the back TV in Motor home. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 5, 2017

After 2 months product stops working. - Verified Store

Robin Foldesy February 2, 2017

The NAV 502 works but is a little glitchy. My DVD player works flawlessly, but the Set Top Box does not. I cannot change TV channels from more than 6-7 feet away, and even when closer, channel selection is not reliable. There is a lag from the time I enter a channel number, or advance the channel, so that changing not quick or smooth. Customer Service, however, has been great in trying to help me resolve this problem which we are still working on.

Kurran B February 2, 2017

I believe this product is still working fine after 1.5 years of ownership. I thought it had stopped working but I believe it is just loose wiring. After checking to make sure the connections are snug it's working again. Will update if I continue to have problems.previous review:Worked great for a little over a year no problems but the last few months the signal is very poor going in and out. It now barely works at all, won't hold signal more than a few seconds. Our unit has not moved, it has a clear line of sight and is less than 40' away from the transmitter. Will contact the manufacturer but since it only has 1 year warranty I am sure I paid big bucks for nothing now that it's uselesss. - Verified Store

CJNeuman February 1, 2017

Works amazingly easy! - Verified Store

Sean January 31, 2017

I purchased this item specifically for my boy game room that the TV is on one wall and the gaming consoles are across the room on another wall. They also use the system to watch cable TV. The system works perfectly! I have no complains so far and they have been using the system for about 2 weeks now.The Nyrius ARIES system was easy to setup and for the cost it was well worth it... - Verified Store

Steve G January 30, 2017

I've been using this for a few weeks now and while it definitely does what it says, most of the time, it's more fickle than my wife trying to decide what to have for dinner.The base unit is about 35 feet from the remote unit and has to pass through one wall to get to the tv. Startup is fine, but anytime I hit the DVR (also on a regular wireless network), the wireless HDMI goes out. Usually for just a few seconds while it changes to a new digital channel to reconnect. But on occasion, it simply never returns and I have to restart the DirectTV DVR/Receiver (just off/on) to get the HDMI to start up again.Twice it has gone out and simply refused to restart until I rebooted both the base unit and the remote unit.It's possible that it is fighting with the wireless hub for our internal network and this is causing the problems, but it really should be able to deal with that without any effort. For us, it is a problem worth living with since it allows me to not tear out a lot of sheetrock that I would rather not tear out. But a flawless product? For us? Not really. - Verified Store

James A January 30, 2017

The product description states that the range of this device is 100 feet with no obstruction. In my experience with this product the receiver could not receive a signal from the source at a distance of approximately 30 feet with a floor/ceiling between the two. Given the positive reviews I saw here I hadn't expected such a short distance/minimal obstruction to present a problem. When I attempted to contact customer service for Nyrius I found that their customer service center is only open from 9-5 eastern time Monday-Friday. Not exactly convenient for folks who work away from the home during those hours. Their 'contact us' page invited users to send feedback to the president, so I wrote a short note explaining that 9-5 Monday to Friday was an overly limited window of time to work with them to troubleshoot this matter. More pressingly, I had purchased this device to be delivered on a Friday with the hope of watching college bowl games on Saturday and NFL playoff games on Sunday. Needless to say, I didn't get to watch those games on the TV I'd purchased this for. The following week I received NO response from my inquiry to the customer service team. My inquiry to the office of the president yielded a canned response pointing me to the troubleshooting/FAQ portion of the companies website which I'd already reviewed and followed to no avail. All of this to say, if your set up has very little distance and/or little to no obstruction between source and receiver this may well be a worthwhile tool. Furthermore, if you can contact customer service during working hours on a weekday they may be able to help you troubleshoot any problems similar to the one I experienced. If you aren't confident of the distance/obstructions and/or cannot be available for them to provide customer service during your workday, I recommend avoiding this device as it may prove to be a significant source of frustration. Amazon's no-hassle return was helpful, but cold-comfort given the high hopes I'd had for this device. - Verified Store

Smilestir January 29, 2017

This product is fabulous. Been looking for years for this exact thing! If you are having difficulty, be patient, you can get it to work for your setup (there are always exceptions to the rule, but largely I believe most complaints are not the fault of the product not working but the inability of the user to troubleshoot). That said, I will do my best to help make it easier for some based on my painful, unnecessary learning curve. It was the support of others here that helped me after I blindly struggled myself!!I am one of those people that does not constantly buy the latest technology, so I have a mishmash of equipment; 720p Samsung TV, Tivo Premiere, A/V Receiver with Optical output (yamaha) that is hooked to my Bose stereo speakers. So all but my stereo has HDMI IMPUT. As of last night, I got my TIVO Remote paired to the Transmitter Unit. Got my TIVO paired last weekend to Receiver TV. ALL, I repeat, ALL are fully working.So here are some pointers:1) Scrap the limited instructions that came with the equipment! Go to to get specific step by step instructions on pairing the transmitter to the receiver based on the model# you have (this would have saved me 8 hrs of playing around)2) Make sure your cable box (mine is TIVO w/card) is set to the lowest hi-def screen on the tv's you are using. In my case 720p, even though my bedroom has 1080.3) Your HDMI cables MUST be 1.3 at least! If yours are old, go get new ones. I had one in the closet I grabbed that was never used but old. When I paired there was picture but no sound with the old HDMI. At store, nothing clearly said 1.3. But basically it is 1080p, I just got the 1.4 since I was spending the money, which is up to 4K!These 3 things should get you paired with picture and sound.Now the remote features, so you can most likely use your source TV remote at the receiver TV room:4) If you have a universal remote, most Hi-Def cable boxes do (again go to to get specific step by step instructions to do this), and if it doesn't pair right away, you will need to re-setup your remote, just like you did the 1st time you got it (I learned this the hard way). In my case, TIVO remote. Forget plugging in numbers to find your receiver etc...I went to and found step by step instructions on pairing my remote with my system with the up/down channel button on my remote (it has more codes programmed into the remote than in the books). Not only does control now work in the receiver room, but a feature on my main TV is working that never did before, volume up and down! Until now, I didn't even know there was a different way to program my remote besides the onscreen menu etc.5) Currently I have my transmitter output plugged directly into my main TV. I am probably going to change that based on what others have said. I am going to put a certified hi-def splitter before the transmitter so that my main TV has TIVO going directly into it vs through the transmitter box for a couple of reasons; a) the less unnecessary pass-thru's the better quality you get. b) I'm not taxing the receiver use any more than necessary.I am a very happy camper right now!! I am not an IT person, just an ordinary person who has learned to figure techie things out through the yrs at a basic level out of necessity! My knowledge has come from trial and error & always a learning curve with new technologies. I hope I have helped you some & made it a more pleasant experience! Once set up, you will just LOVE this. Thanks Nyrius!! - Verified Store

Gary Gonzales January 25, 2017

They got it right this time. I had de-synchonization problems that led to complete picture pixelation with the model from 2 - 3 years ago. They fixed this problem in this new model. They also increased the capability with the IR remote controls. All in all, very satisfied with this new model.

narinder d January 24, 2017

This is my second nyrius. first one burned out after 3 years (no repair options....booo). Candace helped me buy this unit, plugged in both sides and boom, worked without a hitch. very happy with results!

Rebecca S January 24, 2017

Works great. You might consider getting a powered splitter though - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 22, 2017

I have been using this unit for about a week now and it is fantastic! Setup was a breeze and it does exactly what I expected it to. We recently moved our entertainment center to a wall that has a doorway on both sides. Our cable outlet is on the exact opposite side of the room so I would have had to run the thick cable coax under our newly installed carpet or over the doorway. Neither of which was going to happen. So now I have the cable box over by the outlet on the bottom shelf of a lamp table. The Nyrius Transmitter is on the same shelf with the receiver over in the entertainment center.I have the Nyrius transmitter connected to an Xfinity (Comcast) X1 DVR and the Nyrius receiver connected to my A/V receiver and it works flawlessly. The picture quality is exactly the same and there is no lag at all. I would highly recommend this setup. - Verified Store

Lucas January 18, 2017

Fantastic Product,

I bought the Nyrius Aries Home to stream movies, TV, and video games from my computer to my TV in another room. Straight out of the box it worked perfectly, no hassle or messing around with settings to get it to work properly.

The best part is that this does not use the internet to transmit the signal so your bandwidth limit won't take a hit when you are streaming

Amazon Customer January 16, 2017

It does everything you said it would do! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 16, 2017

unable to install device with the instructions available. instructions did not match the product. - Verified Store

Collision January 15, 2017

I'm using this to send a signal about 20 ft. at a bar. So far it has worked flawlessly. - Verified Store

Bob Becker January 14, 2017

This unit is so good that it can even send 1080P 24 hz mode ... which is the best movie video. It works with a Fire Stick and sends commands without the need of the IR setup.

bradley ormsby January 14, 2017

just set up my navs502 had a little trouble at first (my fault) live chat fixed the problem very quick system works perfectly now

Gerald B January 12, 2017

HD Satellite is connected to HDTV in garage. Second HDTV is second story, not that far from garage, but through a couple of walls / floor. Purchased the Nav500. Set-up was very easy. Connected right away. It appears of the units are left on, all that is necessary is to turn on the Sat Receiver - using the Remote Extender - no need to reset either of the Nav500 units. Today added Orei HD-102 1x2 1 Port HDMI Powered Splitter Ver 1.3. The signal is now available at either / both HDTV's. So far seems to be two products that work exactly as advertised.

Scott January 11, 2017

I purchased this pair to be able to extend cable TV to an outbuilding (over the driveway). The transmitter is in the window of my main home and 30 ft away is the window to my shop. The transmitter is on the window sill of the house and is connected to one of the little cable boxes via HDMI. The end of the IR remote send/receive wire is about 6' from the front of the cable box. The receiver is about 7' inside the shop, but has line of site to the transmitter. Pretty much an optimum environment. It was quite difficult to get the units to sync up the first day. They finally did sync and the picture and remote functions worked great. After several days of frustrating use, I realized that if the receiver goes into standby, you will likely have to unplug and plug it back in to get it to sync to the transmitter. So to recap - When you shut off the TV, the receiver goes into standby (red light). When you turn on the TV next time, the receiver will likely not be able to sync (flashing white light - wait hours if you like, but it won't sync). If you unplug/plug the receiver, it will usually sync right away. This may explain the trouble I had the first day getting it to sync. Documentation is pretty minimal. The receiver unit seems to have an Omni directional antenna so you can point the front of the receiver to where ever you will be using the cable remote control. - Verified Store

Alicia M January 11, 2017

This really works and I will recommend this especially if you don't want to use long cable around the house - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 10, 2017

works great now. had a few challenges in the beginning with getting the devices on the same channel and making sure the IR receiver was pointed in the correct direction. Once that was taken care of it works GREAT. I love it and would recommend it to anyone else. - Verified Store

Rhonda January 6, 2017

Working perfectly so far. Been a few weeks. Really like the built in infrared repeater so I don't have to aim the remote to the side of the room. There is sometimes a slight pause when changing channels while it resyncs (I presume) but not an inconvenience at all. I have the one with 2 devices. I have my cable box and DVD player on it. Only thing on top of my fireplace mantel now is the small receiver. Greatly reduced the clutter from devices and cables. - Verified Store

Amazon f January 3, 2017

Works well. I have this hooked up to the DVR of my security camera system, outputting to a monitor about 40 ft away. The signal goes through 2 walls in the process with no degradation or lag. Pricey but saves on the chore of wiring across the house. The remote control feature is pretty neat as well as it lets you control the output source with a remote from a totally different location. Would recommend. - Verified Store

B. D January 3, 2017

We returned it. I was at not even 50' but going to the other end of the garage from the nearest bedroom inside the house. Never could get it working. - Verified Store

S. S January 3, 2017

My experience with this device has been mostly excellent. I purchased to send whatever was playing out of my HDMI receiver to an outside TV eliminating the need for an OTA antenna or second cable box or apple tv. The device was simple to install with my existing setup. I selected this specific model as it included a passthrough allowing me to place this inline from my receiver to my HDTV rather than dealing with a splitter.Then only issue I have is that occasionally the outside TV will not have audio. Turning the TV on/off or switching between 2 HDMI sources on the receiver usually is enough to get the audio playing outside. When the outside TV is first turned on and then again after it turns off the primary display goes black as the box powers up/down. This is not a complaint, but just a heads up. There is nothing wrong, it is just the way it works. - Verified Store

Albert C January 2, 2017

The Nyrius has been great so far. It was a Christmas gift, with the idea of launching HD cable service into our kitchen where we have no cable outlets. The system was easy to set up and works perfectly. We also tried it upstairs on the other side of the house from the cable box and it still worked great. Very impressed with the product so far. Just as impressed with customer support, Donna and Candace were great during the ordering process.

Paul December 31, 2016

as many have said here ;hard to believe there allowed to sell this chit; worked for about 5 minutes;; IR never worked and nowzero nadda FPOS - Verified Store

Rene D December 30, 2016

Ideal for outdoor TV - Verified Store

John S December 28, 2016

This product is infrared, not wireless in the true sense of the wireless these days.Basically, if the transmitter and the receiver do not see each other, or some one passes through the 'ray' , you will get a transmission interruption at best. It does take time for the device / computer to recover if the link is broken. If you are in the middle of a presentation, this looks amateurish at best.However, I am going to use this in a small conference room, where I have a taller desk. I would not use this for a large(r) room or a large conference.Would I recommend it, or buy it again ? absolutely NOT. In fact if you check the fake reviews on this device about 33 % are fake. I should have looked at that before. ( you can see it for yourself at fakespot . com ) - Verified Store

The M December 28, 2016

Worked great when it was working. Would tend to go into standby mode occasional which was annoying. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer December 27, 2016

when it works it is great but it keeps cutting out. Documentation is poor. - Verified Store

Jon December 26, 2016

This item in junk. Every day, I have to unplug the receiver, and plug it back in in order to receive a signal. The transmitter is only 10 feet from the receiver, with zero obstructions, yet the picture constantly cuts in and out, as well as the volume.The customer service is terrible as well. I've only been able to relay my problems through an online chat, and I'm told repeatedly that in order for this to work, I have to unplug the unit, then plug it back in.Don't waste your money on this. - Verified Store

Kenneth W December 24, 2016

Worked for about an hour after I got it, has not worked since. (5 weeks later). returning this. - Verified Store

Cyberbio December 23, 2016

Works perfectly - Verified Store

Marsha Neff December 23, 2016

It works very well.

Amazon Customer December 22, 2016

Does everything as advertised. Signal is good within 30' through walls and doors. Set up was very simple; just plug in each piece and follow the directions included. There is a small time delay when starting up, but after that, TV and remote work fine. I've used it for about 2 months now and so far I am very pleased. Since I didn't want to drill more holes and run cable for someone confined to bed, this was the perfect solution. - Verified Store

DR. P December 19, 2016

Update. After a month of use the picture will shut off and I need to reboot in order for the picture to come back up - Verified Store

RoadRunner December 19, 2016

This worked out perfectly instead of trying to run coaxial cable through the walls to upstairs bedroom. Plugged everything in and turned it on. Can watch tv upstairs in bedroom now. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer December 17, 2016

It worked great for two days.. on the third day it died! - Verified Store

Alexander S December 14, 2016

I could only get maybe 25' LOS at 480. It works but I wish it had better resolution. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer December 14, 2016

I use a HDMI video switch and when it is connected to NAVS500, the sound volume level could not be changed. Even No help from support. Returned unit. Also will not work at all at 1080P. Have to us 1080I - Verified Store

Roger M December 13, 2016

I purchased the NAVS502 to save me the hassle of having to run HDMI cables from my cable box and blueray player to my TV. Very easy to set up. So far the system works perfectly.

Jerry Zabriskie December 13, 2016

Great product. Used for transmitting computer images of song words to a projector. Works exactly as advertised.

Sarah G December 11, 2016

Terrible reception - impossible to get a clear picture and the box and receptor are in the same room. Really annoying. Waste of money. - Verified Store

michael c December 10, 2016

I purchased this product in September and didn't use till November so I could not return since it was passed 30 days. I set this up in my bedroom the 2 units were about 15 feet away from each other with no obstructions. The unit were kept losing the signal or would not connect at all. I am very disappointed with this product. I recommend you do not buy it. - Verified Store

Jason W December 7, 2016

This device started off working fairly well. Every once in a while I had to restart both the base and receiver because of a lost connection, but that was few and far between at first. Now I find myself about 2 months in and the device constantly pops and shows artifacts onscreen. Every few days I have to reset both the base station and receiver to get them to connect. At this point I have an HDMI cable run directly because we cannot watch TV with this device anymore. Of course I am past the return window so I basically have to throw away this $200 device. Yes I know I can contact them and try to get it repaired, but I am not going to spend who knows how long working with them to do so.PLEASE NOTE - I am using this 8 feet away from the base unit. I am not one of those people that is trying to get this to work 200 feet away. I simply have built in shelving and I would need to go through a gas fireplace in order to run a physical HDMI cable. I will be doing that now however as this device is simply not reliable. I read reviews of the same thing happening and thought it was most likely user error. It was not. Please save your money and find another alternative to this product or you will regret throwing your money away. - Verified Store

Carol J December 6, 2016

Did not work, would not sync. - Verified Store

A. C December 4, 2016

Very easy setup for someone not-techy like me. - Verified Store

akira k December 3, 2016

I was very skeptical of this working. I wanted to stream cable to my bedroom on the floor above the cable box, but was pretty sure that there was no way this would stream wireless HD through the floor. Low and behold nearly 1 year later, this thing is still getting the job done, and it looks great! Very happy with this purchase. I've even done a little gaming through it, and the lag is very manageable (it is less than some bad TV's I've used). - Verified Store

Amazon Customer December 3, 2016

Unboxed the product and went straight to hookup. I am using the product in my camper and it is great! Wireless hooks up fast and picture is great. We move the tv from the bedroom to outside with no issues. Great product for not having to run wires. - Verified Store

Armand La Rosa December 1, 2016

I finally installed the system last night, and I am totally impressed with ease of set up and connectivity not to mention the perfect resolution. I really can't tell the difference in resolution between the set up now and when it was hard wired.

Lorene November 29, 2016

Fairly easy to set up. Worked as expected to outside TV! Only had to go through one wall. Going through multiple walls across the house would have been difficult though.

RAV November 28, 2016

Was somewhat difficult to set up and operate. My wife did not like using it because of difficulties. I would not recommend item much too expensive for what it does. Gave it 2 stars because I did get it to send a signal across the house but could not get it do transmit all the output from my receiver. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer November 25, 2016

The TV reception is great. The IR extender, the main reason I bought the unit, doesn't work with the units 12' apart. NYRIUS customer support is useless. Might as well be talking to a 6th grader reading from a canned list of comments. - Verified Store

Kindle C November 25, 2016

Wanted to get rid of the cable going around the room so I purchased the Nyrius Aries Home and wireless system. I set the transmitter and receiver 15' apart with a clear line of sight. the results were the audio constantly stuttered, and the video had issues as well. I moved the receiver around trying to improve the reception but with no avail. If you enjoy watching TV then don't bother with this product. - Verified Store

Gabriela G November 25, 2016

The system does not work, it is of poor quality. Big disappointment. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer November 24, 2016

Best thing ever works great. Never knew you can get HD wirelessly. - Verified Store

James A November 23, 2016

Outstanding! Did a great job of fixing my problem. - Verified Store

Dan W November 23, 2016

Not sure if I was using correctly, but the screen flipped on and off for my external TV, a 70 inch for Karaoke! Will retry w/ 2 TV's next week after Turkey Day, so Stand By......Part 2 of my Review: Well, it didn't work at either of my Karaoke Gigs!! Signal flashed w/ a direct line of site and only 20 feet! That was to a 70 inch TV for our Singers....NO Good. The next night, I attempted to use 2 External monitors, all within 10 FEET.....Flashing signal!!!Sendin' back for my REFUND. Had to upgrade to the HDMI Version of this, after my Laptop had seen better days and crashed. That had VGA Connectors and used the 'Older Version' of the Nyrius....Shame, Shame. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer November 22, 2016

I purchased after much research to send the signal from my Canadian satellite receiver upstairs to a television downstairs, similar to the picture example for the product. It was extremely easy to set up and so far has met my expectations. I would not know the receiver was in another room. The IR extender works great. I like the fact that it turns off when not in use. It only takes a few seconds to start up when turned on. I am very pleased with this purchase - Verified Store

Wallace S November 21, 2016

I wanted to upgrade from an older analog type transmitter/receiver(constant static & need to change the analog 'channel') to improve the picture quality, reception and 'look' of the equipment. This setup has worked beautifully for several weeks. And the IR control for remote channel changes works very welll. I will say that I'm not transmitting more than about 35 feet through two walls, but the pic quality is SO much better. And the clean lines/look of the equipment blends much better in my setting. I would definitely recommend to others trying to figure out how to get reception in an area where no cable connection is possible. - Verified Store

Melvin B November 21, 2016

This item worked well for 6 months. One day I turned on my TV, no signal.I disconnected the HDMI cable from the unit.I plugged it into my TV.I'm getting a picture. I went to Nyrius website. Click on the Contact Us page, No phone number.All Nyrius has is a contact form. It took a week of back and forth, before they finally gave me the return authorization. They keep telling me to pair the unit. I'm finally told the support person' The problem is you machine stop working' I need a replacement.I got the replacement.Guess what! It has the same problem as the one I sent back.Please don't buy this item. They have lousy customer service. What sounds good ain't good. - Verified Store

A s November 20, 2016

Works great, easy to use, remote mirroring works perfectly. We mounted the receiver behind the tv, and because the ir beam bounces off the ceiling it hits the reviewer dead on. Now we have no visible devices - Verified Store

Waymage November 20, 2016

The signal cuts out about ever five minutes and then resumes even when the transmitter and receiver and relatively close and direct line with each other. Find another solution. - Verified Store

Stephen C November 19, 2016

I regularly set up sound, lights and video for a show my wife does and often have to run the whole shebang from up to 75 feet away. As of late I was relying on a Kanex HDMI to Ethernet converter and sending my video to the stage via a 100' ethernet cable. But recently we had to do a show where a cable run was impossible and the video projector was 90 feet away.Nyrius Aries to the rescue. Worked flawlessly, found its own wifi channel and synced without an issue.Fabulous product. - Verified Store

Bob H November 19, 2016

I want to send an hdmi signal about 40 feet from the first floor cable box up to a second floor TV and based upon the reviews, I really thought this solution would work.Unfortunately, this won't cut it. The transmitter and receiver would not connect at all until placed within 20 feet of each other with no obstructions and even then there is only an intermittent connection cycling about every second or so followed by the transmitter shutting itself off about 10 seconds after an intermittent connection is established. This is going back for a refund. - Verified Store

Papasmurfh November 18, 2016

In writing this review, let me tell you what my setup is, since it is sort of a more advanced setup than probably most.I have the following items:Epson HomeCinema 3500 3D ProjectorKinivo 501BN 5 Port High Speed HDMI SwitchSonos Connect, with PLAY5, SUB, 4- PLAY1'sApple TVStreamSmart TVPlaystation 4So how I have this product hooked up so I have the projector that sits above my living room curtains with the Nyrius ARIES receiver hooked into the projector via HDMI cable, and the Sonos Connect hooked into the projector as well.In console that sits at the wall, i have the transmitter plugged into the Kinivo 501BN HDMI switch output port. In port 1 of the HDMI switch I have the Apple TV, port 2 the Streamsmart TV, port 3 the Playstation 4.What this setup allows for is having more than 1 device 'technically' plugged into the transmitter to the project that sits on the other side of the room near the ceiling.I still gave this a 5 star review because everything has worked for me flawlessly, with the exception of the hdmi cables that came in the box with the Nyrius. I don't know if mine were just randomly having issues or if they are just super cheap cables, but i purchased a set of HDMI cables from amazon when i purchased the unit anyway because you can never have to many hdmi cables if you ask me...Everything, as I said above, has worked flawlessly. I turn on the projector and everything switches to what it's supposed to as i turn them on. If i turn on the AppleTV then it comes up with no problems. If i turn on the playstation, again no problems...One of the issues I was concerned with was the lag time because I enjoy my video games, and while there is a small lag thats created by doing this wirelessly, it has not made a difference for me when i play games online. So I am very pleased. Considering the projector also processes the signal, along with the transmission of the hdmi over the air, and the sound processing to the sonos speakers via wifi, all in all, very impressed. I thought watching TV was going to be like watching a bad kung foo movie, but it's not like that at all.This product i am very pleased with. Hope this review helped you decide to purchase this product.Here is a list of the items i have purchased here at amazon that i mentioned in this review.AmazonBasic HDMI Cables: 501BN HDMI Switch: - Verified Store

Bill R November 18, 2016

Works great in getting signal without running wires. Highly recommended. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer November 15, 2016

All right, great product, excellent shipping, everything as promised, thank you, Marco. - Verified Store

naaagp November 13, 2016

Works great for me. I am transmitting from inside basement to outside patio TV. Sometimes sound is not audible, but a frequency change (with button) works every time. Great product for me - Verified Store

M. W November 12, 2016

I purchased this product to replace a Actiontec model MWTV200T that I had for just over 2 years. The Actiontec product was related at 1080p with a 150 range. The transmitter was located about 13 linear feet, although the signal has to go through a bathroom and walk-in closet (on the same floor). We had some problems over the 2 years with dropping the signal until it finally would not work at all. The Nyrius unit was much easier to install (start up) and the TV picture appears to be clearer than the Actiontec. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer November 12, 2016

Hooked it up and it did not work, never connected, kept searching. Returned it for full refund. - Verified Store

HMarini November 12, 2016

Setting up the system is pretty straight forward. However, the picture would constantly freeze until I moved my wireless router to another room. After the move, it only freezes once in a while. - Verified Store

odessa November 11, 2016

Thanks for a good product works perfectly. - Verified Store

Michael W November 8, 2016

they claim 100ft, i had these less than 50 through one Sheetrock wall. Often they would disconnect for no reason and then go into a wierd flashing mode. Moving them within 30 ft with no wall didn't help their reliability. Returned for a full refund. - Verified Store

Turndoggie November 8, 2016

The product works as it claims it does; so it has worked perfectly for an outdoor patio television. However, be prepared for strange screen issues in the television the device is wired to; and be aware you will be limited to watch the same channel on both TVs. We have found that we have to turn the device on and off when we experience the strange screen issues (blurry, double picture), does alleviate the problem but tends to be quite embarrassing when we have company over. - Verified Store

Charles H November 1, 2016

I have Nyrius ARIES Home for a little bit and I am very satisfied w/ what I paid vs. what Nyrius can offer. Then, I learn from their website, there's a Home+, so that I can connect 2 device to the receiver.I bought it couple of days before a birthday party, which I want to use this 'A/B' function. 30 min or so in to the party, I realized I could not 'switch' anymore :-( The video output never stopped, but, I can't switch in between 2 video source.Never had time to mess w/ my new Home+ version anymore as to find out it is a 'operator error' or I have a defective product. Well... I will find time and I shall come back and update this review. - Verified Store

Bob October 31, 2016

I connected the transmitter to my Directv DVR in the living room and the receiver to a TV in the lower level family room and it worked great! I can also operate the Directv DVR from the family room because it has an IR remote control. -Verified Store

Jonathan R October 31, 2016

Works just like it is described. Really good connection and transmits a clear picture. I am happy with my purchase and have already told all my friends and family about the possibilities thanks to this hdmi transmitter.
-Verified Store

John October 31, 2016

It works great. I tested it at about 80 feet inside my house thru standard sheetrock walls. Hi def signal and sound. no loss. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 30, 2016

Works as advertised. Installed in minutes and transmission perfect through three walls. Plugged into HDMI on both ends. Feeds cable digital signal through the air to receiving unit which is plugged into an HDTV 1080p. Transmission distance about 25ft. No signal interruption which existed with earlier model (same brand) which used analog signal. IR transmission for remote channel selection works great. I transmit signal from a bedroom to kitchen. Delivered ahead of schedule. -Verified Store

T.J. October 29, 2016

Finally attempted to use it for the first time today.... The reciever works but the transmitter is apparently DOA... Will not power or show any kind of indications at all. No lights no nothing.. I feel like I was robbed,,, -Verified Store

Craig October 29, 2016

If you are hooking into an existing cable box this is the one. Easy install and yes you can have more than one. I have one upstairs and down, no issues. Shine a flashlight at your cable box to find IR it will be red and round usually. -Verified Store

Bill D October 26, 2016

The first one worked so well that I bought a second one for a different room in the house. No interference when both are on, either.

peter V October 25, 2016

Great product -Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 25, 2016

it only worked for two weeks -Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 23, 2016

Just what I was looking for! -Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 23, 2016

"I Love this Product"
The product exceeded my expectations. It works in any room and through walls. I've told my friends about how effective it is. -Verified Store

Ryan L October 22, 2016

Only just set up, but already awesome. Geeks at Best Buy tried to talk me out of doing this.I used a 4K HDMI Splitter (Takya 1x2 HDMI Splitter) from my cable box to connect both my indoor TV and the Nyrius ARIES Home HDMI Digital Wireless which is set up to send a signal to an outdoor TV. Took not even 5 minutes to set up and the picture on the outdoor TV is great.
Keep in mind, I only had to send the signal about 30 feet and I've only just started using it. I'll update if it starts giving me issues -Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 19, 2016

Good product -Verified Store

H October 18, 2016

It works great as an extension to our bathroom from our bedroom. We had to upgrade to a different remote (RF) through our cable company, so that we could change the channel from the bathroom. So convenient to have when we are in the bathroom getting ready. The distance between the units is about 25' and not direct. I is well worth the money with no problems at all for months. -Verified Store

R. H October 16, 2016

Works ok. I have the transmitter and receiver about 10 feet apart in the same room yet the display on the screen says it is 720p, not 1080p. Occasionally drops signal and can hear sound but not see picture so have to turn TV off them on again to restore picture. But since it gets the coaxial cable off the floor between the outlet on one wall and the TV on another wall, my wife is happy and that is the ultimate goal. -Verified Store

Mar M October 14, 2016

Makes video streaming easy, now i can hardwire my network for faster speeds. -Verified Store

Tyrone J October 13, 2016

Device works great. I wish I would of know about Nyrius before I brought the rockstar wireless device -Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 12, 2016

I use it to transmit full HD to a TV that I can put outside my camper instead of having to use the coax hook up on the side of the camper which distorts HD channels. This was a breeze to install and makes HD viewing easy on another TV -Verified Store

JG October 12, 2016

Attention Buyers, The Aries may be good but the way they market it is terrible. You need the one with 2 HDMI outs in 99% of the cases, if you only have 1 TV. In other words, if you have 2 TVs ( usually the cable box has only one HDMI and one TV is sitting right next to the cable box ) then you need the NAVS502 which is the more expensive one. I gave a 1 star because they should sell it separate and very clearly specify that it the NAVS500 is for 1 TV setting only. The HDMI splitters will not work. If they were clear about it they will be not be making so many people waste time buying the wrong item. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 8, 2016

Great when it works. Very annoying. Works when it wants to. When it doesn't: Bad video, bad audio, no audio, gets stuck in broken states, constant power up/power down. Defeats the purpose of remote video. I've walked back and forth between transmitter and receiver so many times over the past six months. Barely a three. -Verified Store

Michael B October 7, 2016

product works great it just takes to long to start up -Verified Store

Rick October 7, 2016

DON'T BUY THIS UNIT. It worked fine at 45 feet for 25 days. Then it stopped working!!! If I place both units 2' from each other I can get them to work. -Verified Store

John K October 5, 2016

Works Like a charm. So easy to set up. Straight forward instucions made the difference. -Verified Store

Andre V October 2, 2016

I bought this because my cable TV connection was on the other side of the room from where I had the TV. As a temporary solution, I ran a long coax wire around and up over door thresholds to get the connection to the TV. Then I heard about these HDMI wireless transmitters and receivers and wanted to give it a shot. This has exceeded my expectations for ease of use! I just literally plugged it in per the instructions and it worked. No problems, no issues. I'm able to use the IR blaster at the transmitter side to echo everything received from the TV.
Only minor negative is that when you first turn the cable box or TV on, it takes a little bit of time to sync up and start receiving video (perhaps five seconds or so).
This would be most ideal for people who mount their TV over their fireplace or some place out in the open but don't know what to do with all their TV equipment (cable box, DVD player, AV receiver, etc). -Verified Store

Dylan October 1, 2016

Works great for my situation. For some reason the bedroom doesn't have a coax outlet. Image is clear, no choppiness. Might take a minute to start up but works great. Better than running a cable all the way to the room for sure. The box seem to heat up but it seems to be fine. Its an expensive buy but worth it for sure in my situation. -Verified Store

Mark R September 29, 2016

Works great. -Verified Store

James September 28, 2016

Total garbage would not sync up. Picture would be briefly displayed and then disappear. Lights on transmitter and receiver would continue to flash and would never actually display an image on the screen except the wireless transmitter signal searching in the corner of the screen.
Kit is cut and dry only need to power on units and should display whatever device you are transmitting tried multiple devices never would display on TV screen for more than a couple seconds . Had transmitter moved to various points in the room. Reciever and transmitter were not near any Wi-Fi spots or transmitters . Units would never see each other for more than a second or two.
I even had receiver and transmitter within a few feet of each other.
Do not relocate your furniture in living room until you test unit because I spent a while moving my furniture to find out nothing works right and now I can't plug my DirecTV in.
Either was defective or they cannot deliver as promised . -Verified Store

Frazier September 28, 2016

Not worth the money we spent. It goes in and out on us ALL the time. We have a projector so this is the only convenient way for us to watch tv or play games with our Xbox Kinect. We're well past the return date for this. We thought that maybe it was just a little problem that would go away with time (as some reviews have said) but it's actually getting worse. I'd do some further research before buying this product if I were you. -Verified Store

Bryan T September 22, 2016

Junk, plain and simple this is junk. Clear line of sight no obstructions 20' apart, out of 100 times of cycling power running back and fourth from the receiver to the transmitter, reading the online instructions that tell you to hold the "sync" button that the unit actually doesn't have I gave up. Tried contacting tech support but they never responded, either this unit is defective or it's just junk, no matter which it is I will look for a better unit and I would suggest you do the same. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 20, 2016

Worked as advertised for about 10 days and now it doesn't work at all! -Verified Store

Baraa September 18, 2016

IR doesnt work at all and Disappointed with wireless range, doesn't stream through concrete walls -Verified Store

gobriensf September 17, 2016

Using it to wirelessly connect my cable box to my TV. Works great. No artifacts or digital fill when watching HD content. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 16, 2016

I purchased this system for an additional TV that I use on my Patio. Easy to install if you have the correct info, addntl add ons ,etc. I purchased the Single port system, keep in mind the transmitter must be connected to your Cable Box, Satellite Box, which leaves nothing to plug your primary Cable into. I contacted Nyrius support and asked if I could use a Splitter to make the system work. They told me No it wouldn't transmit a signal and that I needed the 2 Port system. I tried it anyway w/ a Splitter and addnl HDMI cable( which by the way, no one sells locally, everyone I asked looked at me like I had 3 Heads!!!.. Electronic Stores are a thing of the past) that I ordered here at Amazon. Once I got the Splitter and addnt cables, I tried the system and it worked like a charm.
My Patio TV is about 25-30Ft away from my Main receiver etc in my Den and everything works great.. Save yourself some time and frustration if you buy the Single Port system and get a Splitter and extra HDMI cables when you order the system... So far so good -Verified Store

KSH September 14, 2016

We bought this NAVS502 wireless cable signal transmitter & receiver to solve a problem of no cable outlet where needed in a nearby room. The set-up was easy and straight forward. The separation was about 30 feet, with a 2 walls & stairwell in between the transmitter & receiver. The picture quality is excellent and no interference experienced at all. Very satisfied with this product, and would recommend it to others! -Verified Store

@jeff_l_johnson September 13, 2016

I wasn't sure when I placed my order if this would work well, but I have to say it has superseded my expectations. I have a home audio setup that has my TV mounted above the fireplace and all the components in a closet around the corner. At the original install they ran all the cables under my house. I have some background in broadcast communications so I figured I could handle the upgrade. My only problem was I did not want to get under my house. This piece prevented all that and cut my setup time in half. When I power up the system it takes less than 30 seconds for the units to sync. The video quality if perfect - no lag (I run my audio through a surround sound system. I would highly recommend this piece of equipment! -Verified Store

Jim L September 9, 2016

Use it for photos in are Dj company and works great in any room -Verified Store

William H September 8, 2016

Does what it says, easy setup and included mounting options. Using this in a conference room setting to transmit to a TV. Test movie just from a laptop and movie player worked great. Audio was ample and video quality was decent. Hopefully the unit will last a longer run. -Verified Store

Bob September 8, 2016

I am using this for my projector. We have had outdoor movies for the kids and I hate all the cords and leaving my laptop outside. This worked great. I am going to install the projector on a ceiling next, which this will work great for since I can't have all my other equipment hanging as well. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 7, 2016

Works great no delay when using the remote. You must be careful where you place IR extender. At first there was a delay when using the remote.. After changing the location of the IR extender there was no delay -Verified Store

Rebeca C September 7, 2016

Great for streaming. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 4, 2016

Works very well. Goes through wood cabinet with no issues. -Verified Store

Elie C September 2, 2016

Works Great plug and play it was for me. Used a different brand and use to always go offline. This does a better job -Verified Store

RCP September 2, 2016

this thing works -Verified Store

Viet L September 1, 2016

works well as long as you have a clear line of sight -Verified Store

Richard M September 1, 2016

This is the coolest thing since sliced bread. A must have for any projector owner. -Verified Store

Byron August 31, 2016

This transmitter and receiver if perfect for being able to use a second monitor for one's security system, one of the uses not mentioned in the description. The receiver is at least 100+ feet away from the transmitter and security system, and produced a perfect, sharp, and very colorful image. Wish a second receiver could be used to be able to provide an additional monitor. However, it definitely does the job that was intended. Out of five stars, I give it a SIX! -Verified Store

Robert T August 30, 2016

Works absolutely flawlessly... Has an energy save mode that will turn back on once the remote TV is turned on and immediately connects...great picture and audio -Verified Store

S. C August 27, 2016

Works great for me...but I am just broadcasting this signal about 14 feet through a couple of walls on the same floor.
My setup...I have DirecTV client located in upstairs gym, and wanted to share that signal with a TV in a bedroom. Never a need to have two different programs playing in those two rooms, so sharing works better than paying monthly for another box. This did the trick.

It would be nice if they had included a splitter in the design....that is, one input and one output HDMI so you could just put this in a daisychain from Source-Nyrius-to your original display and then ALSO broadcast to the Nyrius receiver. To accomplish this you need to buy a splitter that will give you one input and two to the Nyrius, and one to the original display. An added expense. -Verified Store

dfphoto August 27, 2016

Worked well for a condo install where the modem is in the bedroom and the 2nd TV is in the living room. went through a wall and AC and washer dryer stack all 220v. No hesitation, but my friend who is staying there didn't spend time to setup the remote and the instructions are a bit wanky... I also bought an HDMI splitter (need a newer 4k compatible) 21.00 to act as a pass through (one hdmi out to the bedroom tv) one hdmi to the transmitter for the living room. The company sells a unit that is made for this purpose but I didn't understand that when I bought it and for 100 extra, it's not worth it at least to me at the time. It might have features that make it work though.... -Verified Store

Patrick August 27, 2016

In switching from DirecTV to Xfinity/Comcast I was looking for a wireless solution to stream my signal to my tv over the mantle where I didn't want any wires showing and the Nyrius has worked perfectly. It takes about 3 seconds to connect initially when you turn on the tv and then you really forget that it is there. I'm consistently streaming a 1080P picture and the X1 service and remote work just the way they should.
One note is that my setup is very simple. The box you plug the cable into is probably 8 to 10 feet away from the box that plugs into the television with very little obstruction. Based on my experience I would highly recommend this product. -Verified Store

Terrance H August 26, 2016

Sends a strong signal to the reciever. I have no problems with either part. -Verified Store

SC August 26, 2016

The unit died after five month. I got in touch with costumer service and after trying a few of their suggestions it was decided the the unit is not working. They gave me all the information I need to send it to their service department but I have to pay the shipment my self and wait three weeks to get it back. For a unit that cost $250.00 I think that is unfair. -Verified Store

M. D August 25, 2016

Great product when it works! There are situations that it doesn't work quit as you expect. Distance and obstacles obviously deteriorate the image quality. You should have line of sight between sender and receiver if you want the best performance. My biggest problem is audio though. On some cable channels (e.g. NBC) I don't get audio during the main programming, but as soon as the commercials start, the audio is transmitted. I haven't been able to find any solution to this online. -Verified Store

jon p August 25, 2016

The product description is misleading. This product only has ONE output so unlike most 1080p transmitters if you plug this into your cable box you will not be able to source the TV you are at and the receiving TV. You will need to buy an HD splitter to run more than one output. A rather useless design unless you are just going to send signal from laptop or blueray to a projector. Other models have the splitter built in so you can source both from the unit. As far as performance, use this with TVs literally one floor apart but directly on top of each other and the unit struggles. Signal randomly cuts out for long periods of time. The LED lights are hard to see so you never know if connected and these units do not have a remote control so you will need to be able to reach each unit or leave them on 24/7. I would stay away from this system. -Verified Store

J. K August 25, 2016

This unit works as advertised and solved a setup problem I had with three flat panels HDTVs - two upstairs and one main level - which I wanted to connect to a Dish receiver upstairs. The wireless connection is great; there's a little lag (a second or two) but nothing I can't live with. One note of caution, however. I wanted to connect the downstairs HDTV to the ARIES pass-through output via existing 60-ft HDMI heavy gauge cable. No joy. The picture and sound constantly cycle on-off every 2 seconds or so. Addition of a good 4x2 splitter (J-Tech JTD-HD4X2 from Amazon) did the trick. No deductions from the ARIES for that, as a 6-ft HDMI cable on that pass-through port connected to a nearby HDTV does work properly. Kudos to Nyrius for solving what must be a common issue. -Verified Store

AZKlaus August 23, 2016

It just works- make sure if you're going through a ceiling you have adequate line of site from the main box out and place it as high as possible. Was able to go through a ceiling and about 40 feet over no problem -Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 23, 2016

works well... -Verified Store

Mark T August 22, 2016

I purchased this two weeks ago. After two days of using this product-I have started running into a problem-the two units do not communicate at all. The lights are constantly blinking. I've tried placing them right next to each other but again No help. I will try to troubleshoot this with the company however if it's not resolved I will end up returning it.

I very strongly recommend that you buy this product from a place where you can return it should you run into any problems.

Please keep in mind the one to unit was working for the first two days, it was really good and flawless. The picture quality was amazing. However I cannot be bothered to spend half an hour or an hour troubleshooting these units At random times.

I've tried calling the customer service but have been on hold for about 8-10 minutes. This is not necessarily bad, it just shows that I'm impatient. -Verified Store

jro August 20, 2016

i have needed this product for years... i stumbled upon it a few months back and thought it was too good to be true! ive had cable issues forever and have purchased many different 'fixes' over the years but always had compatibility issues and promises that different box/cable configuration would suit me but then they never pan out. finally broke down and bought...omg!!! gone are my eye sore cables. i am astonished by the ease of use of this little guy. plug in, push a button on each end, you are done. best out of the box experience ever. wish i could give 20 stars! seriously! and yes, i purchased this item and was not reimbursed for this opinion. kudos++ im tempted to buy 3 more for other parts of my home just so i could recommend this product to you 3 more times! -Verified Store

Salvatore P August 20, 2016

I wanted to watch TV on my covered patio, but didn't want to run a cable wire. This device was the perfect solution. I split the HDMI output of the cable box and used this device to transmit the signal to the remote TV. -Verified Store

Ernest W August 19, 2016

This is a fantastic product. Very easy to setup and works great. Makes my second TV like an extension of the main TV. I am thrilled. Great Service -Verified Store

Rob D August 18, 2016

This product works but does have glitches. It takes a minute or two to send the signal to the TV and sometimes needs to be reset. It's ok, but they need to fix the delay and the content need to reset the modem, the Nyrius, in order for the signal to be sent to my TV. Installation was easy. Just fix the delay and resetting issue please. -Verified Store

John R August 16, 2016

Worked right out of the box/ Easy setup. Did need to read the instructions on where to place the IR bars. -Verified Store

constante August 16, 2016

Works very well. I only have one problem....both the remote TV and the main TV must be on for either TV to have audio for some reason. -Verified Store

Graham M August 15, 2016

I bought this to replace a different system. The picture quality is great and was easy to install. -Verified Store

Alan B August 13, 2016

Purchased for executive office to replace a similar solution that was not Windows 10 compatible. This system worked right out of the box and was extremely simple to set up. Displays from a computer to a wall-mounted HDTV about 30 feet away. No interference from people walking through the line of sight and the signal is strong enough that we can keep the receiver hidden behind the TV for a completely clean look. Couldn't be happier. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 10, 2016

Easy way to double your video distribution. -Verified Store

M B August 8, 2016

Sticker shock but worth it even with the minor inconveniences, Setup was easy, range and quality is fantastic. Connectivity is a little buggy but that is situational.
I believe I am stretching the limits of this transmitter. I am transmitting from the downstairs living room into an upstairs bedroom so I am going through a few walls and a floor.
It takes a few tries to get it connected but once it connects it displays the video first then about 1 to 2 seconds later the audio pops in. Not an issue for me.
Other reviewers have mentioned the audio delay being an issue while changing channels watching tv but I don't see how that could be a problem as I have only noticed the audio delay when the transmitter first connects after being powered on.
Other reviewers have also mentioned that you can power the receiver unit off of the USB port on your tv. Although I tried this and was able to get a connection, I would not reccomend it because the unit requires approximately 2amps to function properly and most USB connections on a television only have the capability to output 1 to 1.5 amps.
Connecting this device to the USB on your tv could possibly damage your tv and/or the receiver, unit also the lower power will affect signal strength too.
Just stick with the included power adaptor. It is specifically designed for this unit.
I did notice during my initial setup and testing that the receiver got really hot almost to the point it was too hot to touch. But I'm never going to have to touch it so I'm not too worried about it.
I gave it 4 out of 5 because it is not perfect but there are SO many variables that any device that is designed to do this is almost impossible to work perfectly. No technology is perfect.
I would highly reccomend this to someone else. -Verified Store

Kevin C August 8, 2016

Good deal -Verified Store

L. O August 7, 2016

Awesome 1080 HD wireless. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 7, 2016

Wireless weak I can not receive the communication between the two devices on the second floor in my house -Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 3, 2016

Do not buy this product. It does not work. I had a very simple set up. A Comcast cable box 15 feet across the room with no obstructions. The transmitter never synced with the receiver. I tried every troubleshooting suggestion on the Nyrius website and tried contacting Nyrius, but it is impossible to submit your query to the company because there is no "submit" button on the website when you give a description of the complaint. There is ZERO customer support from Nyrius. This is a lousy company. I am returning it. -Verified Store

Nikki M August 3, 2016

signal isn't that great...and it suddenly quit working after a few months. NOT happy about that -Verified Store

Lynn August 2, 2016

Simple set up. All I did was plug them in. Connected immediately. Picture is excellent. I am actually using this to transmit HD Closed Circuit TV.
20 feet away, thru 2 walls. -Verified Store

Esther M August 1, 2016

System works great, easy to setup, awesome picture and sound. Really was plug and play for set up. We are using for our outdoor living area and have it setup on our bedroom cable box, which is near the outdoor living area. Has to transmit thru a brick wall and travel about 35 ft. No issues so far!! -Verified Store

Richard C July 28, 2016

This works great for me! I use it on a LCD TV mounted to the outside of my 27' RV. All I have to do is slide my TV into the mount and plug it in. The receiver is small enough that I mounted it to back of TV. I have the transmitter inside the RV near the DirecTV box connected via a HDMI splitter. The DirecTV box has a RF remote so I can use it to change channels while watching outside TV. -Verified Store

Chris B July 27, 2016

Looks cool but messes up way too much. We are setup 8' from it with no obstruction. IR signal is weak. It is really shame. Integrated with Directv wireless and a 2.4/5 ghz wifi network... -Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 26, 2016

Good product. Had to set my computer to output 59 frames per second instead of 60 to get the image to appear properly. Works at a greater range than the wireless mouse and keyboard I am using. -Verified Store

Nebrich July 26, 2016

Incredible product that lets you easily use a cable service in one room to watch in another room. I bought this system to setup a TV outside. I didn't want to get the cable company to come in a cut holes in my siding or lay wire to give me outdoor tv. I found this system after some research and it met all my requirement. Cost, easy install, full HD, multiple inputs, and simple to use. I set the base HD transmitter up with my cable box in my bedroom which doesn't get used that often. The remote HD receiver was small and easy to attach to my outdoor TV with supplied HDMI cable. Once both units were on, they automatically synced and I had full HD reception! The IR extender that comes with unit alliwed me to use my cable provided remote to work all functions like guide, channel change, etc. Highly recommend this unit to extend TV coverage. One note, you can't watch different channels from cable box when hooked together. That's why I installed on little used cable box. -Verified Store

TC July 24, 2016

Works perfect! Picture is great and was super easy to install. Highly recommended. -Verified Store

Mike July 22, 2016

Product eventually worked as advertised. However it was not plug and play, took significant time to get the transmitter and receiver to talk to each other in less that 20 feet of separation. I was able to resolve the issue by moving the receiver around. Still does lose signal from.time to time. And you have to ensue that you have line of.sight to the receiver for remote control and repeater function. So don't plan to hide the receiver behind your TV. -Verified Store

Dad July 21, 2016

Within 3 minutes of opening the box I was up and running connecting my dish service two two HD tvOS via a powered signal splitter. So far so good -Verified Store

D. H July 21, 2016

Great! Works just as described . Fast shipper. I liked it so much I ordered a second one. Love it! -Verified Store

Tommy July 20, 2016

This product is terrible it does not work!! -Verified Store

Lotus July 19, 2016

works perfectly -Verified Store

Lorac July 18, 2016

We bought this to use with a television placed outside the house on our patio. It was easy to set up and worked just fine extending the cable signal outside through windows and walls to the outdoor TV. The remote works outside as well. No lag problems, no compatibility problems with comcast or our main TV inside--it just works! For our current use we are mirroring the same channel on both TVs and then while you're in and out of the house preparing food, etc. the same show can be seen inside and outside simultaneously. -Verified Store

CB July 17, 2016

Works as described. No lag in sound or picture through one wall. Highly recommended. -Verified Store

DGabriel July 13, 2016

My old wireless HDMI broke so I had to order another one. This works GREAT! Picture is better and it connected right away. We had an HDMI cable that ran from closet to TV above fireplace break and there was no way a new one could be run easily (it was run when house was built). The wireless HDMI transmitter is a perfect solution. The box that sits by the TV is tiny and not even noticeable. -Verified Store

[email protected] July 12, 2016

the product works well. the picture is clear although there is a slight loss of quality (it's hardly noticeable). this could be due to several factors. This product needs a strong signal meaning you cannot use it with a splitter unless you get a signal booster. Set was initially annoying because if you have wifi within close proximity it can interfere with the signal. every once in a while you'll find yourself have to reset the box to get the signal to come up. overall, i am satisfied -Verified Store

stevencam July 11, 2016

product is worth the money, a little difficult to work with as there is not much info about the product if it does not work as instructed. I have been playing with it now off and on for awhile now as the video works great, but I still cant get audio to the TV from the computer. I bought a new video card for the computer with 2 independent HDMI video outputs and on the computer it works great, both video and audio but as of yet not able to get audio on the TV. distance is about 30 feet, no walls to go through and a direct line of site to the receiver. hope to get this working soon or try and find someone who can help with answers. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 2, 2016

The signal drops out every few minutes for about 15 seconds. The transmitter and receiver are positioned in line-of-sight about 15 feet apart. No amount of repositioning of the transmitter and receiver made a difference. Very disappointed! -Verified Store

Thomas T June 30, 2016

Installed the Nyrius in the garage to shoot signal to outdoor TV about 50ft away. Works great through garage door/brick exterior wall of the garage. Starts to lose signal if TV is left up behind the crossbeam of the arbor, but when extended down it works great. No issues with latency and IR emitters work well. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 29, 2016

Do not try to use more then 1 in a house. Purchased 8 to do my whole house. Only 1 will connect. The rest interfere with each other. Tech support is only available via online chat. Tech said sorry they are not designed to work with multiples in a house. Stuck with 7 extras. Bright side is that the 1 works fine. -Verified Store

PR June 29, 2016

We were desparate for this solution after many issues involving what turned out to be a faulty cable drop to our wallmounted television. Rather than pay an electrician/cable tech to rewire, this was the perfect solution.

Setup was easy - tried to follow instructions carefully and got results. We had some small issues initially with the position of the receiver behind our TV, but it was easy to resolve. Unit has worked without interruption for 8-10 hours every day since.

Other reviews have mentioned sound lag compared to video, but we have not experienced it. When we turn on the TV, there is a delay while the ARIES unit connects (5-10 seconds I think). Picture and sound qualities are excellent.

Our configuration is cable provider to Tivo Bolt to ARIES and then to our 1080p tv. Distance from base to receiver is about 25-30 feet with no walls in between. -Verified Store

Roger June 29, 2016

Very poor . Easy to set up, but hard to get it to work even using their PDF instructions .. Screws up my comcast X1 box. Sound and video go in an out even if you don't turn on the receiver or remote tv. Even worse at less than 20 feet with all on . I even tried different positions and locations of transmitter. Lost two nights trying to get it to work. Finally returned it to Amazon. Thank god they are good at returns. Would not buy again. But should say Nyruys telephone support is good. Just that the product is not developed enough. Need a lot of development for home use. Good concept but certainly not ready for prime time. Their nearest competitor Iogear look very similar . Makes me wonder. Also makes me wonder about the positive reviews. -Verified Store

Jeff June 28, 2016

Purchased based on comments and need to wirelessly send media stream from cable box in bedroom to tv in bathroom, about 25 ft away and through one wall. I hooked the units up and unfortunately, the system could not maintain a consistent signal stream. When I turned on tv, at times it would come on normally but then lose signal completely after about 1-2 min. Other times, it wouldn't connect. Returned item and purchase same type of product from IOGEAR works flawlessly with exact same set up, and it was about $10 cheaper. Either I received a defective one from Nyrius or it really doesn't work well without line of sight (through walls). -Verified Store

Mickey W June 27, 2016

I purchased this device to give me cable tv out on my deck (about 15' from the cable box) during the warmer months and in my guest room (30' and 3 walls away) in the cooler months. I have only used it so far for the deck and am very pleased with the quality of the transmission. This device replaces a previous Nyrius that did just ok on the deck and failed to perform at all in the guest room application...I'm hopeful for success in the latter use when seasons change. (I will update this review at that time). Set up is very easy and the transmitter and receiver have been flawless in achieving connection within 3 or 4 seconds after the TV is turned on. The picture is excellent 1080p and the audio totally satisfactory. So far, so good! -Verified Store

Michael P June 27, 2016

The connection reliability is not very good. Typically the transmitter and receiver is under 15 feet away out in the open and I get frequent signal interruptions. -Verified Store

Old&Retired June 26, 2016

Really works great with no signal latency. The built-in IR remote function also works great, every time. Virtually no signal atenuation. Saved me hundreds of dollars in wiring expenses and HD STB rental fees. -Verified Store

NORIMICHI OTA June 25, 2016

This product is easy setup and very clear to transfer HDMI video from DVD player and/or PC.
However, it needs stable time for connection. if not stable, video/sound on TV have noise.

Except the matter, I would gave Total Star is 5 star.

Bill c June 25, 2016

Ir doesn't work -Verified Store

Jason G June 24, 2016

Works like a dream. Tried another product before this one that we ended up returning. This has worked perfectly. We have our gaming console and our cable/DVR hooked up to it with 0 lag. -Verified Store

Sashie June 21, 2016

My husband is the real computer geek so I I am not going to pretend that I know much about this product. What I can tell you is that we bought this to stream videos from my Asus gaming system to our big screen that sits above the fireplace. As most of you know having a tv above your fireplace looks like dookie with all the wires and cords. The way our house is set up we would need more than a simple hole in the wall to hide cables so this transmitter was our next best option. My thoughts? Save your money! The picture is great when you can get a signal. Atleast half of the time we had problems with sound not matching up with the picture and we would have to pre-load videos on just about everything. Loading videos was never an issue with a direct connection to the tv. The distance for our signal requirement is about 12 feet (open space no walls), the problems that we had with signal were just unacceptable. You know its bad when you would rather hot glue a cable alongside your fireplace then mess with an electronic that makes you want to rip your hair out. -Verified Store

Jeannine K June 20, 2016

Not happy with the performance. The range was not near that was advertised -Verified Store

David C June 18, 2016

Excellent product. Love having no cable running through 3 rooms to have another TV. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 16, 2016

Product works as described. Paired with a 5 port HDMI switch and can now switch between devices that I have stored in a compartment out of sight. Definitely recommend. -Verified Store

Rich Y June 14, 2016

Unfortunately I couldn't get an HDMI cable through a certain wall in my home. I really wanted to mount my HD TV on this wall. I had stumbled upon the Nyrius ARIES Digital Transmitter. I was skeptical but purchased one anyhow. I couldn't be happier. Quick shipping, easy setup, great picture. It's as if I had hooked it up directly. Oh, and the built in IR is a bonus and makes for a nice clean install. GREAT PRODUCT.

Amazon Customer June 14, 2016

The product arrived as promised. Thus far, it has worked perfectly! -Verified Store

Rodney C June 13, 2016

I purchased this item hoping to connect a TV in another room of my house. After setting the units up everything was working fine and it was very easy to do the setup. Within five minutes the remote unit started dropping out of sync with the transmitter. Soon the dropouts were lasting longer than the time the units were actually working. Frustrated, I went to the company website to see if I could find a solution. After reading through the Q&A and other resources on the site and not finding an answer to my problem, I wrote a detailed email hoping to get a solution. After several days I have not received any contact from the company. I will be returning this item. -Verified Store

Frank June 12, 2016

Works flawless!! Range is excellent and no delay or skipping! -Verified Store

Patrick F June 11, 2016

This is a great wireless HDMI unit. We used this in an executive conference room and saved us from having to run HDMI over dual cat6. Plugged it in, turned it on, and it worked the first time and every time since -Verified Store

norizo June 8, 2016

very power full and clear transmitter from PC to TV via HDMI -Verified Store

Matt June 8, 2016

Works great, it sometimes has issue but that could be from interference. -Verified Store

Zuheir A June 8, 2016

Delightfully surprised by how well this works, even out of a closet, down a hall and around a corner. -Verified Store

Scott Schwertfeger June 7, 2016

As a pastor at a church we had issues with showing video on two tvs at the same time without the wires. We've tried another product (mywirelesstv) and there was a latency problem. Personally I didn't know if there was a solution out there for wireless HDMI that didn't have a problem with latency. I looked online and thought I'd give this product a shot. It works great. If you need 2 televisions to cast at the same time with no latency in the video and audio, then this is the product you need. I don't know if there is another product out there that will work for you like this works. delivers what it promises. Great work.

percy p June 7, 2016

Excellent wireless product. Connection is a breeze, just plug in power and hdmi cables; no setup is needed. HD 480, 720 and 1080p work perfectly. The picture quality is as good as my best HDMI cable connection. Best wireless product I have ever seen. I highly recommend this product. -Verified Store

Manni June 6, 2016

Nifty little thing. Works just fine. I have it installed about 2 walls apart and 15ish feet. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 5, 2016

this product is AMAZING -Verified Store

JWinCinci June 4, 2016

I purchased this device, because I wanted to watch ball games out on our back porch, since my wife doesn't like to have the TV on in the family room all the time during the sports seasons. It would have been complicated to route DirectTV cable to the porch. The TV I purchased for this was a top rated LG high def model. After installing this device, it was a miserable disappointment. The picture was distorted and frequently froze or disappeared altogether. No sound. The receiver kept trying to pair with the transmitter all the time. The receiver on the porch was about 30 ft away from the transmitter. I gave up and finally moved it to the basement directly underneath the transmitter location, where it finally worked as expected. I guess the actual range of this device is 15-20 ft max. Beware. The technology is still limited. -Verified Store

John B May 31, 2016

I got rid of direct tv and I use this Nyrius ARIES HDMI Digital Wireless Audio Video Transmitter / Receiver to connect a cable tv box which is located in a different room. This way I did not have to drill holes thru walls and run a cable thru the walls. The Nyrius ARIES Home HDMI Digital Wireless Transmitter Receiver was very simple to hook up, connect the hdmi cords plug in the transmitter and receiver and that was it. It was that easy. All functions of the remote work including voice recognition and the picture quality is real good. I have been using this for about 2 to 3 weeks and had to reset (turn my tv off and back on again) it once which was not a problem. -Verified Store

gene s May 27, 2016

dont waste your money... the other 1 star reviews are spot on. i had this in the next room over--one wall away--less that 20 feet from the transmitter and the reception would constantly cut out. this is not what you expect from something this expensive -Verified Store

J. W May 26, 2016

Works very well for me. Can take 10-20 seconds to connect when turned on each time but for the convenience it offers I find that acceptable. -Verified Store

Scott J May 24, 2016

Installed one on the other side of a basement. Works great, don't notice any lag. Would purchase again -Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 18, 2016

It works really well with the video and sound. I have the two units about 40 feet apart with a wall dividing them and I have had no issues with the picture quality. The only issue I have had is with the IR receiver. Quite often I have to use an app on my phone to control the TV box because the IR receiver does not want to work. Other than that, the unit works wonderfully. -Verified Store

TJ May 16, 2016

Pulling a HDMI cable in my Motorhome was going to be a major job. This device was a 2 minute setup and it works great. I have learned to power on the sending unit first works best to set up the link. But the picture and audio is as good as a cable and no hassle of fishing the cable. -Verified Store

Phototype1 May 16, 2016

I recently redid my basement and didnt want to spend the extra cash to have the cable ran through the ceiling and the wall. Since the spot where the wife wanted the tv was across from the cable outlet i purchased this device. It was streamed exactly 7 feet - clear line of sight and this product is a piece of crap. it streams but is constantly laggy, losing sound every 3-8 seconds. made watching tv impossible. I will give Nyrius credit, their tech support did email back each time but their "fixes" were jokes. turn it off and reset it, try it at a friends house etc. what a great idea but completly useless product. it claims it can go through walls etc up to 100 ft away. i couldnt even get it to work right 7 feet away.

dont spend your money on this, spend it on having the cables fished through the walls -Verified Store

Dexter A May 16, 2016

The IR transmitter is a bit tricky and takes some patience. Otherwise it works great. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 13, 2016

Great product; helps make room less cluttered with cable especially if input and output locations are far apart. -Verified Store

Leandro B May 13, 2016

It is realy easy to setup. Worked fine. I just had to set the right IR channel. -Verified Store

Sean E May 13, 2016

It works well for me, approximately 40 feet line of sight, using it to not have to wire a computer to a projector across the room. Very little lag and the quality looks fine for presentations (haven't used it for videos). The only issue is that the system seems to be larger than you would think would be necessary. I feel like nobody has been improving on this technology in the past few years. -Verified Store

Dave Y May 12, 2016

I recently purchased the Nyrius Aries Home+ HD to setup a projector in my house. I didn't want to run wire through my walls and still wanted to use the TV located in the same room. At the moment we have watched about 22 hours of TV and video games with this device

So far this device has worked flawlessly in terms of zero latency for movies, audio or video games. The image quality has zero loss of quality and comes across in 1080p

Just incase you were wondering the device is transmitting about 20 feet in my setup.

Dan B May 11, 2016

I finally entered the world of HD television. My setup is with Directv and all my televisions have a receiver except one. That one is actually the main television that we watch, but it is a room that is not wired. I had a wireless solution for non-HD that worked well, but I wanted to take advantage of the better picture quality of HD. I did some research and found the Nyrius NAVS500. It was offered at a discount from its original price, which made it affordable for me. I purchased the unit and it arrived quickly. Setup was quick and easy to do. I had no trouble connecting to the Directv receiver and the audio and video transmitted flawlessly to the television that was about 30 feet away in the next room. The picture is perfect and I am very please with the quality of the product.

I recently had a power outage and was trying to do the setup again and had a bit of trouble. I contacted online support and was helped by Daniela. She walked me through the steps again, (seems I was doing the pairing in the wrong order), and I was back up and running in no time.

As a side note, using the product with a splitter is not supported, but I have a REI HDS-102 HDMI splitter with EDID that I have been using for 2 months without any problems.

If you need a wireless HDMI solution, I recommend this as the way to go.

Kubota M May 10, 2016

this is the second one of these things I have purchased. first one worked well and lasted about 18 months. "out of warranty nothing we can do". second one worded well but only lasted 14 months. "sorry, out of warranty, nothing we can do but give you a 10% discount from our web site" -Verified Store

Mo M May 10, 2016

Works great! The only issue I have with it (minor) is that when changing channels on my satellite it blanks out and discovers what the resolution is, even though it's still 1080i. It only does it for a few seconds. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a wireless solution. -Verified Store

Mike Kline May 9, 2016

Easy setup and configuration, however I will be contacting customer service to assist with ge^in the audio working.

Mike K May 9, 2016

Easy setup and worked transmitting video with no problems the first time, however the audio didn't work. I will be contacting customer service to find out however to resolve that issue.

Bill P May 9, 2016

Very easy to set up, just plug and play. The picture quality is great and the IR repeater is easy to configure. -Verified Store

Morgan May 9, 2016

I am extremely satisfied with this product! I decided to hang my flat screen television above my fireplace, but I didn't want my cable box to be visible. After doing some research, I realized the Nyrius Aries wireless HDMI was the solution. I was able to have my cable box connected on one side of the room while my tv hangs on the other.

I am not technologically savvy in the least bit, but I thought set up was a breeze. Once everything was plugged in, it worked instantly. I read several reviews complaining about the delay in sound, but I haven't had that problem at all. I have not noticed any decrease in picture or sound quality whatsoever. This is undoubtedly the perfect solution for anyone wanting hide their bulky cable boxes and messy wires. -Verified Store

Ed Petrco May 7, 2016

Excellent product. Receiver stays hidden behind TV hanging on wall and can access my cable box 50 feet away! Great HD picture quality and overall I am very sstisfied!!

Neida May 6, 2016

The Nyrius works well with out cords for the computer to the TV. I just sit back, release and watch the movies. -Verified Store

kyle May 5, 2016

So far I couldn't recommend this product enough. I have a TV mounted above a fireplace and didn't want to have my Xbox on the mantel. I have a built in bookcase approximately 20 feet away and running wires was going to be a nightmare. This has allowed me to store both in the cabinet and achieve 1080p without having to deal with ugly wires. Easy to sync and works like a charm out of the box. Very fast delivery as well. Would purchase again from the same vendor. -Verified Store

rahul goparapu May 2, 2016

Works great if its less the 50 Feet with walls I would say 40 is most i have around 70 feet and the signal keeps dropping will try to use for a week and see if does better in different positions else will return it.

If the distance is less then 40 Feet definitely yes. else try it out more then 70 no(with walls).

Rahul G May 1, 2016

I am using this in my basement and its about 50-75 feet range with walls and the signal keeps breaking but when i used in the same floor in about 25 feet with walls it was working great so I think with walls its range is about 25 to 40(high). I will give it another try this week and probably return it.

*** Great Product if your range is <40 Feet with walls.***

Josh W April 30, 2016

Consistently cuts out! Don't buy! -Verified Store

Marc B April 28, 2016

This Wireless HDMI device is a "lifesaver". Our old receiver did not have HDMI, and our new DirectTV requires HDMI. Our wall mounted TV had an old Composite Cable feed through the wall, but there was no way to replace that with an HDMI cable without making huge holes in the ceiling and walls. The Nyrius ARIES device works perfectly, hidden in a cabinet with the new HDMI enabled receiver. There are occasional "blackouts" of the TV picture when the TV is turned on, but this just lasts for a few seconds. The quality of the TV picture is terrific. -Verified Store

Robert J April 27, 2016

Some of these reviews are pretty scary (like the one that says it only works in very specific situations) but a lot of them just didn't seem to apply to our needs so I pulled the trigger and bought this. It ended up being a very good purchase.

We "cut the cable" some time ago and invested in a decent home theater PC.. The desktop sat in a cabinet next to my fireplace and our TV was mounted on the wall above the fireplace mantle. We couldn't put the hdmi cable into the wall because of the fireplace chimney so we ran an HDMI cord along the mantle and hid it with plastic molding.

With this transmitter / receiver we moved the desktop behind the couch (together with the internet cable and modem router) in the same room and successfully hid the whole mess including getting rid of the plastic molding. We aren't gamers and if there is any signal latency we don't see it. The picture is the same as it was with the HDMI cable and we have had zero problems transmission / reception problems. The actually installation was nothing more than plugging things in and waiting 10 seconds or less for the transmis -Verified Store

RUBEN. April 27, 2016

My devise stopped connecting after 4 months of purchase and the customer support lacks desire, there is no phone number to speak with someone to help trouble shoot the products. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 25, 2016

What a great product! My wife wanted a TV for the deck and to use in the family room. Neither had outlets for cable boxes and the thought of drilling a hole in the wall of the house left me cold. Then I found the Nyrius Aries. The setup was simple. (I added a powered splitter). Once it was all hooked up, I pressed the buttons, the units connected and it works like a charm! I was careful to save the boxes that it came in due to a few really negative reviews but they went to the transfer station on Saturday. On the negative side: there could be some better setup instructions beside the quick start guidelines . I had a question during the setup process and had to spend some time on their website to solve it. But the bottom line is, if you have to put a TV where you can't run a cable line, this is a very reasonable way to do it! -Verified Store

Maria B April 25, 2016

Works great once you get it set up. Set up is a bit confusing. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 20, 2016

I use the ComCast X1 Platform. I bought this product to wirelessly stream content to the television in my kids' bedroom. The distance between the transmitter and receiver was <20 feet, and included two corners. The picture froze repeatedly, about every 5-10 minutes, necessitating a re-start of the cable box, transmitter, and receiver. The competitors are no better; I've tried 2 others. Do Not waste your time. -Verified Store

Shawn A April 19, 2016

I am not 15' between devices and I have a constant, large, on screen display, in the top left corner, apparently showing signal strength. The picture is fine, but the on screen display is very annoying, and does not go away. I am considering returning this unit. I am guessing there must be something wrong with it. -Verified Store

SilverBelt April 18, 2016

It worked good the first time I connected both the transmitter and receiver. There were a few horizontal lines of video 'noise' that appeared and, at the same time, some audio distortion. I used it once again with the same level of success. After that the receiver wouldn't connect to the transmitter. The quick start guide which was packaged with the product didn't provide enough help to resolve the issue. I went online and downloaded the full manual, which did give the information I needed to get the transmitter connected again with the receiver. As mentioned in the manual, I moved the receiver to the recommended distance away from my wireless modem. Had the full manual been packaged along with the product, I would have been saved some frustration, and time. So far, so good. I've used it a few times successfully since, and without as much distortion (both audio and video). My transmitter and receiver are only about 20-feet from each other, and in line of site. I think that, for the price I paid, the distortion should be less, and the issues I experienced early on should have been non-existent, especially in context with the transmitter and receiver being so near to each other... hence my 'It's okay' rating. -Verified Store

K. W April 17, 2016

It works five minutes at a time. Most frustrating. Line of sight 10 feet. What waste of time and money. Also it transmits by IR! That means line of sight only. Not through walls or floor like pictured. For $249 it should be rock solid. Might as well just start a fire with 249 one dollar bills. -Verified Store

SMCav April 15, 2016

The HD connection works as described but the RF extender only worked for a couple of days. RF connection completely inoperable after only a few days. Return request submitted but no response provided and now we have had the product more than 30 days. Therefore, return/exchange no longer allowed.

The box gets extremely hot and stops responding after a couple of hours of use. Required power disconnection even when not in use to control the heat. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 14, 2016

This was a great solution for our conference room. We were looking at paying over a thousand dollars to run an HDMI cable under the floor from the conference table to the wall-mounted TV. We decided to try this wireless system instead, and have been very happy with it so far. It was extremely easy to install, and both the video and audio quality are great! -Verified Store

pete April 14, 2016

Worked for 10 minutes at a time. then it started flickering. had to return it the next day. For that price the manufacturer has to spend a little more time on quality testing and control. -Verified Store

KEITH A April 14, 2016

Works great I would recommend it.Very Happy! -Verified Store

Michael G April 14, 2016

This is one of the worst, if not THE worst, purchase of my life. The 80 seconds the paperwork says it takes to sync is way wrong. I had to start up the TV, cable and device well in advance and it would STILL continuously cycle through its channels and have constant picture and sound problems. -Verified Store

BP April 13, 2016

some of the reviews had me worried, but this product worked straight out of the box for me. Simple to set up and use... -Verified Store

william comeau April 12, 2016

NAVS500 works better than advertised. I am running from main floor to upstairs bedroom through one floor and some furniture. I had an older version that burned out after two years. Newer version shuts down when receiver TV is off and turns on when TV is turned on, wish older version did same, perhaps it would have not failed. Picture is perfect. I have only had new NAVS500 for two weeks but so far is operates perfectly. Manual could be a little more detailed on IR and auto shut-down but figured it out. Very happy.

Lincoln April 12, 2016

Received yesterday. Installed and worked without issue. There is a glitch, most likely related to my DVR where the skip 30-seconds function, when going back into play mode, causes the screen to refresh and the image blanks out for a few seconds. Shouldn't be a problem if you're not fast-forwarding.

Update: After a week of usage I've had great success with this device. I've hooked this up to my Onkyo receiver now and the screen no longer blanks out when I skip or fast forward as it appears the Onkyo smooths out the signal being sent to the device. I was worried that there may be a sync issue with the sound but I'm happy to report that there is none.

All of this is hooked up behind a wall that is approximately 10 feet to the right of my TV and the signal has no issues. -Verified Store

Rey Su April 11, 2016

Easy to use, work well, good product!

cactusaz April 11, 2016

This is a great tool for adding another cable or satellite box in a room that's not used often. It wasn't worth it to me to rewire the room then spend another monthly fee on a cable box to get TV in my guest bedroom. This little box allowed to to send the TV signal to the guest bedroom (and control it with a remote) without having to drill holes or otherwise rewire the room. I was concerned that it wouldn't reach through the concrete walls between the source and the receiving boxes, but it seems to work just as advertised. -Verified Store

S M April 10, 2016

This works alright, but there is a lot of interference from my router even though it is over 10 ft away. When not using internet the picture is clear. -Verified Store

florian v April 10, 2016

its 'working only in the same room -Verified Store

Zboatman April 9, 2016

After purchasing one of these for our office, I liked it so much a bought one for home. Picture quality is excellent, Both the one at the office and my personal unit connect immediately upon plugging in the HDMI to the computer. I have had no challenges with interference from other devices and no disconnections. My personal unit is within 3 feet but the office unit more like 20 feet away. -Verified Store

Balneologist April 6, 2016

The device works fine at times but the signal gets lost occasionally. -Verified Store

Mike H April 6, 2016

Image quality is great. No issues. However the receiver does get warm. The documentation states that if you send full 1080 the box will get hot.
That said it does work good -Verified Store

Charles G April 5, 2016

In short ... didn't work. Set it up 15 feet line-of-sight between Tx and Rx, and it would only sporadically link up for a few seconds before the link would be lost. A good concept, but I think I'll wait until the technology matures a bit. -Verified Store

Nicholas April 5, 2016

Spotty -Verified Store

Alan April 5, 2016

It works well. took a while to get used to using it though (it turns on when you turn the t.v to the hdmi output it's connected to. I did not know that) but the receiver to the cable box seemed to stop working, even after I tested each sensor in front of the sensor on the cable box. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 4, 2016

I had purchased a different product before to connect a 2nd floor TV back to the living room transmitter but it didn't work really well. The quality was bad and would stop streaming all the time. This Nyrius product always works and the quality is excellent. -Verified Store

Louis M April 2, 2016

It requires a lot of attention as far as lining transmitter to receiverase even though plywood only 20 ft and did not work. Line of site is very much required and just not that good. If u have good line of site from transmitter to receiverase the u good. -Verified Store

Michael E April 2, 2016

Works great! I'm only going around 25' wirelessly, but this thing works better than I expected. I have also watched 3D-Bluray, which is a different frame and data-rate than typical 1080-HD HDMI, so I thought this would bomb... but worked perfectly! I doubt this would support 4K-3D, but does everything I need in the 1080-realm. Only goofiness is when you turn-on the "wireless" TV, it blanks-out the "wired" (pass-thru) TV for 3-4 seconds, but it does recover. Another VERY important note: the wired and wireless TV outputs are perfectly in-synch, so there are no "echo" delays when you can hear both TVs at the same time... I'm impressed with everything except no ability to add multiple receivers to a single transmitter. -Verified Store

Canyonroom March 31, 2016

I have two of these units. One for a laptop going to a remote monitor and the second for TV receiver to remote TV. What's nice is that both remote displays are sitting right next to each other with no interference issues (with each other) as the NAVS500 automatically finds the best WHDI radio channel for each display (NAVS500 receivers).

The receivers do get pretty warm which initially concerned me but so far nothing HOT if you will.

(Item reviewed for free 1 year extended warranty). -Verified Store

RickV March 30, 2016

Works fines. No issues. -Verified Store

Eliecer A March 30, 2016

Excelent product, no problems with cables, no problems with software installation, just wait a few seconds and voila! -Verified Store

Tony O March 29, 2016

Works great for a while then I have a signal problem and either have to reset my tv or the receiver. When it works it works great -Verified Store

Chris J March 29, 2016

Works for what I wanted to do. Just needed to send the signal from my cable box to another TV in the bedroom. I got an inexpensive HDMI splitter and now when I want to go to bed I just pause the TV, move to the bedroom and start watching again. The IR repeater works great too. I wanted a clutter free install and the Nyrius receiver uses a USB power connection. I power it with a USB port on the back of the TV and mounted the box just above the TV. You can't see any cables and don't even notice the box. I got a second remote for the cable box and keep it in the bedroom. This device will quickly pay for itself versus renting another box from the cable company. I have two other TV's in the house that I rarely use. I set them up so I can just grab the Nyrius receiver and remote. I then Connect it to the tv and watch In my shop or bonus room. Seems to work with all formats 480i to 1080p. I haven't tried it yet, but will probably connect it to my PS3 when I want to play games in the bedroom and I'm sure it will work fine. The only negative is that it doesn't have a splitter built in. I think they have another model that includes the splitter, but the one I got from Amazon for less than ten dollars and works great. I'm not having any range issues, but am within 30 feet for everything. There are several walls and a bathroom in the way, but it doesn't have any trouble at all. I added a picture and the Nyrius receiver is at the top of the tv and under the soundbar. -Verified Store

Stevie J March 28, 2016

Bought it "used" but it was packaged as if it had come fresh from the factory. So easy to set up I frankly was amazed. I plugged it in, pushed a button to turn on the transmitter, pushed a button to turn on the receiver, and like magic it worked! Awesome product and highly recommended. -Verified Store

James Cohen March 27, 2016

I bought the Nyrius NAVS502 so I could wirelessly send the HD signal from laptops to flat screen TVs and it worked flawless

Adam B March 27, 2016

Works perfectly! Exactly what we needed to not have to add a cable outlet to the location that we wanted the TV. -Verified Store

Matt Arthur March 25, 2016

Excellent buying process started with the best price on the net thru Nyrius. Helpful staff and a great knowledge of the product! I received the product in a speedy amount of time and in great condition. Unpacking was great as the product was professionally done. After hooking the product up it was nothing to plug in four wires and bam it worked! No lag and it satisfied my need to send a signal to a tv I didn't want to run a whole new HDMI cable to. Terrific product!

Josh P March 23, 2016

This product helped me solve a major cabling problem. My TV is on the opposite wall from my cable box. This allows me to get the signal between them without a cable. There are two small issues:
1. When I point the remote at the TV (including the Nyrius receiver) and push power, the TV and the sound bar turn on, but the Nyrius is "asleep" and doesn't send the IR signal back to the cable box. This means I have to point the remote back at the cable box to turn it on. This is a relatively minor inconvenience and the IR function works fine once the cable box is turned on. You do have to be a bit careful about the remote signal bouncing back to the cable box if you are in the same room.
2. I occasionally see some interference at turn-on, but the Nyrius always seems to overcome it fairly quickly, maybe changing transmit parameters behind the scenes?

As for performance, the picture and sound are good and I cannot see any lag issues. I also have a computer plugged into the second HDMI port to use the TV as a monitor and that works great. -Verified Store

Lee T March 22, 2016

Basically just hooked it up and it works perfectly! No issues whatsoever. We would definitely recommend it! -Verified Store

Jose March 20, 2016

Did not work and returned Go the IOGEAR and it works great! -Verified Store

Denis V March 20, 2016

this works great , -Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 20, 2016

Picture quality is great. I have the receiver about 15 feet from the transponder and it still cuts in and out every 5 - 10 minutes. Very frustrating. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 19, 2016

We're had this for a couple of months, and it's the perfect solution for us - when it works. We have a relatively small apartment, and wanted to be able to use our HD-DVR in both the living room and bedroom. Time Warner was going to charge us $30+ a month to get a whole-home DVR, and that still limited the DVR usability in the second room. This product was pretty easy to set up, and works well through a wall, about 20 feet between the units. The problem is that the receiver likes to overheat, which was confirmed by customer service when I called to ask about the picture and sound repeatedly freezing and then stop working all together. For us, we unplug the receiver when it's not in use, so is only plugged in for a few hours a day, and this has mostly resolved the overheating. -Verified Store

Noel C March 19, 2016

Installed on my Media Computer set to 1080p output and am having no issues. Transmitter is less than 30 ft from receiver and goes through only one wall. Receiver connected directly to the surround amplifier not the TV. No issues with IR operations, just have to remember to point remote at the receiver. Haven't played any HD source though the system, Media Computer has only SD DVD files on the drives but video and audio quality is same as if DVD were played through the Blu Ray player. Have seen no interference issues with home network router. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 18, 2016

Easy to use and stable! -Verified Store

D. E March 12, 2016

I purchased this product with fairly low expectations. I do graphics and photo work and just got tired of being tied to working at my desk where the computer box and associated monitor are located. I was hoping to do some low level work from an easy chair and a remote monitor on a side table out in the living room. I assumed that there would be lag and loss of really fine control due to latency- was I ever wrong.

I can do anything on the 23 inch ViewSonic monitor driven by the Nyrius unit that I could do at my disk. The picture on the monitor is crystal-clear and rock solid. Fine editing- at the pixel level even- is no different from working at my desk. There is zero, and I mean zero, lag. It took about 15 minutes to set the two components up and to get then synched and I've never looked back. I can think of several other pretty cool ways to put this great product to use- if you're even thinking about going wireless with your monitor this is the way to go. -Verified Store

Tracey March 9, 2016

Just started using it, but so far so good! -Verified Store

JK March 1, 2016

Got the transmitter connected to the HT receiver . Projector has the wireless receiver connected - works well so far and lives up to the spec of zero latency. I am not big on 3D, for HD this is really good -Verified Store

Ken S February 11, 2016

We bought the Nyrius to extend our cable box into our bedroom as a long term, cheaper alternative to an unnecessary second box. The Nyrius was the answer. The basic setup was easy. Need 2 people to properly position the IR sensor, which only took about 3 minutes. After that we were up and running. So far, perfect. We have Full control of the box from our bedroom. Our bedroom is less than 50 feet away and not a direct path, but No delay whatsoever!
Quality is Uncompromised. We are very pleased.

Juan Sanchez February 9, 2016

I love the unit. I bought it to xmit to two different areas in our church, a tv and a projector. Easy set up and great quality. Having the two inputs is nice. I bought another older model years ago and it's still working and thinking about getting another one. Only wish the ws54 was limited in production. I would like to have add on recievers. Great product and I love the superb pict. quality. I recommend it.

Marc Tam February 3, 2016

This product worked very well. At first I couldn't get the receiver to get a signal but all I had to do was press a button on the receiver to try a different frequency. There are 3 different frequency settings. Once I got it to connect it worked great. Very Nice picture. I would recommend this product.

Richard C January 26, 2016

The Aries Home Wireless HDMI Digital Transmitter & Receiver works perfectly. It's a plug and play set up. I had this up and running within 5 minutes of taking it out of the box. I have this connected to a receiver in my AV room and it transmits the video to my TV. There is zero lag between the video and sound. If your connecting a computer to this unit, you might have to adjust the overscan feature on your TV. I highly recommend this product for those who need a wireless solution or want to conceal the wires behind the TV.

Yinger C January 26, 2016

This wireless HDMI unit is a great solution for those who want to a clean look and no wires hanging from their TV.I was debating between this and another wireless HDMI brand. I decided to get the Nyrius because of the many great product reviews. The unit is small, light and very easy to setup. I Have this unit connected to a AV receiver and there is zero lag. There is also no loss in video quality either. Great product. I would recommend this product to friends and family.

John B January 22, 2016

Great little product. Wires ran across floor before purchased. Now floor is clear and TV reception looks great with this product. Happy Customer!

John Quandt January 21, 2016

Love it. The video and audio quality is just like I'm watching it on the TV directly connected to the receiver. I had an older unit that was powered all the time, ultimately causing its failure due to overheating. This model has power buttons on both the transmitter and receiver. Turning on off (standby mode) powers off the other as well. This should prevent failure due to overheating. It also automatically switches WiFi channels to minimize interference.

John Quandt January 18, 2016

Love my NAVS500. My older transmitter overheated, causing it to fail. This one has a standby mode that switches both the transmitter and receiver into low power mode. The picture is great, just like I'm watching the picture on the TV connected to the receiver. The remote works perfectly

Marc Tam January 16, 2016

Very satisfied with this product. It was easy to setup. Initially I was not able to get the receiver to get the signal from the transmitter but all I had to do was change the frequency channel. There is a button on the receiver. There are 3 frequencies to choose from. Works great.

John Bilotti January 14, 2016

Great little product. Had wires running across rug until I installed this product. No reception issues at all.

Michael P January 13, 2016

So far so good. Product arrived in a timely manner. Hook up was easy; worked out of the box.

I'm only about 25 feet away, not using the remote extender (I'm not through any walls or anything) so can't comment on those, but picture is great.

I purchased this to replace my Nyrius Prime that died just outside of warranty. Contacted Nyrius product support and they said there was nothing they could do but sell me a new one at full retail price since it was outside of warranty. I joined the Nyrius VIP club to get $10 off, but when I tried to use the coupon code it said it wasn't valid on sale items (which wasn't mentioned in the offer).

Hence the 4 stars. If this one lasts longer than the Prime it could be 5 stars.

Marc T January 11, 2016

I am very satisfied with this product. It was easy to connect and setup. Initially the receiver did not connect to the transmitter but all I had to do was change the frequency via a button on the receiver. There are 3 frequencies available so try each one until it connects. Overall very good product.

John Quandt January 10, 2016

This replaces an older unit that suffered from overheating problems, being plugged in and turned on all the time. This model has a power button on both the transmitter and receiver. Pressing the power button on one unit puts both in standby mode, which solves long term overheating issues. The picture and audio quality is excellent, allowing me to use my bedroom satellite receiver at my office desk. The receiver transmits the receiver remote control signals to the transmitter just like I was there. The unit transmits 480p, 720p, and 1080i perfectly. (It won't transmit 480i, so I had to disable that mode in the receiver.)

Suhan Khor December 29, 2015

Bought this for my apartment, to create a data closet. It works perfectly, picture's great, and the IR extender works just as advertised.

Kevin C. December 20, 2015

I bought the Nyrius NAVS502 so I could wirelessly send the HD signal from my HD box in my bedroom to the main floor living room in my multi-level home. I would rather pay a little more once for a box that I will own and be able to use for multiple purposes than pay $10/month for an additional HD receiver from my cable provider.

I have been using my Nyrius for a couple weeks now, and it has been working very well. I was a little confused at first about how to manage the two separate HDMI inputs on the transmitter, but have figured it out now, and it works perfectly. Instead of bringing my bedroom remote to the living room to control the HD box, I use the remote app from my cable provider, and it works great.

James D December 17, 2015

I have used device once watching TV next to my fire pit. TV was approximately 50 feet (or less) from transmitter; I was unable to get picture through exterior brick wall. I was able to make this work using a long HDMI cord and moving transmitter outside. The picture was perfect.
Nyrius loses a star for customer NO service. Coupon code for $10 off was not accepted. After placing item in shopping cart and leaving site I was offered 10% off, but had completed the purchase five minutes before e-mail arrived. I made several attempts to contact Nyrius inquiring about a refund with no reply. I sure hope I don't need to make a warranty claim.

guru komaram December 16, 2015

It's a great product. No wiring required. quality is superb.

Alex Nikishin December 15, 2015

Received my Aries Home + right on time, plugged the transmitter into a power outlet, hooked up my PS4 and 3D Blu Ray player to it. Hooked up the receiver about 25 feet away in my bedroom with a wall in between the two units and it worked right off the bat!

Switching between inputs is easy with just the click of a button on the receiver or transmitter, couldn't be happier with this unit! Now I just want a transmitter with more inputs. =)

Alex Niksihin December 15, 2015

Got my Home + unit promptly after ordering, plugged the transmitter into my living room wall outlet, plugged in my PS4 and 3D bluray player up to the 2 hdmi ports on the back. Powered the receiver about 30 feet away in my bedroom (which has a wall between the two rooms) and now my projector has both feeds clean, clear, and with no lag! I love this product.

Igor Goldman December 13, 2015

I have short range, but it works great and steady.

Cam R December 13, 2015

Overall I like the concept, but initial connection time is an issue and it seems to get patchy and disconnect randomly. I'm not saying I want my money back, I definitely like the product, I just wish that it was as robust as an HDMI cord, but I guess that's the tradeoff here.

Eric Y December 13, 2015

Follow the advice from the posts below to avoid a steep learning curve on operating your Nyrius. Experience, through trial and error definitely makes a difference as you read on. I purchased this system because I run the signal from the cable box to my AV Receiver, not directly to the TV.

Roy M December 13, 2015

I like my NAVS500 so much that I decided to purchase a NAVS502.
I have been very happy with both units as they have functioned as stated. Setup was fast and easy. I highly recommend both of these units.

Wilson C December 13, 2015

I bought the Aries Home + Wireless HDMI 2 input Transmitter & Receiver. It is a great product. Both the picture and sound are clear. The remote extender works fine except that it does not work sometime. But all you have to do is to turn the system off and then back on again. It will work fine. I will highly recommend this unit.

Roy May December 10, 2015

I liked the NAVS500 so much, that I brought a NAVS502, both have continued to work flawlessly. Setup was very fast and easy. Have added HDMI splitters to both units to further expand my system setups. Highly recommend...

Sandra Nelson December 9, 2015

This was the best purchase I have made. Easy to set up and works perfectly. I have already recommended you product to friends and family. I am totally satisfied with your product and prompted shipping.

Sandra Nelson December 9, 2015

I am completely satisfied with my Nyrius HDMI Digital Transmitter & Receiver. Simple to set up and perfect reception. Product was shipped quickly. I have told all my family and friends about this product.

Geoffrey Pierce December 2, 2015

What's not to love? We just set up a projector with no wiring other than plugging in the electricity. It doesn't get any easier. Perfection.

Guillermo Sanchez November 29, 2015

It just works!!! Great product, just plug it in and it connects instantly. No lag, great hdmi video. Love this product.

Ed Pedersen November 26, 2015

It is a very simple setup and is working very well even sending a signal through 2 thick solid walls in my log home. I wish it had come with 2 HDMI cables or that I had realized I needed 2 as they were reasonable price from Nyrius and 4 times as much in my home town. Also the price went down $20 in 10 days from when I purchased it which was disappointing. All in all very happy so far.

Gabriel Wireless November 24, 2015

I can't stand wires ughhh. thanks nyrius

Testing to see if tara receives email

Andy Santiago November 15, 2015

This works great, I have added my HDMI splitter and it's still working with multiple inputs

NukTOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE November 4, 2015

This is my setup. My living room has two main areas where we watches or play games. At the end of the space (closer to the kitchen) is where my entertainment center is located. The kids have their Xbox, WiiU, Bluray and AppleTV under our 42" Visio HDTV. On movie night we have an Epson projector on the opposite part of the living room projecting on the wall. Usually I just connect a Roku on it to play movies. We want to play games on the big screen from time to time, and what could be the biggest screen we can get than the projector itself. One of our favorites to play here is Halo and it is perfect. You can play most games on it as long as it don't need a camera like the Kinect. Our transmission/reception is flawless. But I also have to tell you that the distance between the Xbox console and other systems in the entertainment center to the projector is exactly 33 feet without any walls. The only obstacles in between are couches and shelves.

I have an older wireless HDMI system which also works great. My only issue with that is that the receiver heats up too much after an hour or so. I had to constantly run a USB fan to cool it off. This system is runs cooler that I didn't have to direct a fan to the unit. The transmitter also has an extra HDMI input, now I don't have to switch cable if I want to switch from Xbox to another setup box.

(Video footage to follow)

Sample item was sent to me for review and evaluation.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Guy Prier November 4, 2015

This product is awesome! Does exactly what it says! I recently purchased another system and it would constantly cut out and had terrible latency. Not the Nyrius! The Nyrius transmits clear HD picture and audio with no latency just as stated! I would highly recommend this product!
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Gerhayr Djahani November 4, 2015

I was very skeptical at first that this device would allow me to play my PS4 in an adjacent room with two walls of separation. I am happy to report that it works flawlessly with no latency. Twitch based games, pinball, lag. To test, I turned the sound up on the receiving device and muted on the is in complete are completely playable. My only regret is I didn't buy this earlier and wasted my money on a lag riddled playstation tv which is utterly worthless for remote play. I read one user having issues with a blank screen...I had the same issue but it was due to a bad hdmi cable. Swapped the cable and voila...perfect. Awesome product.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Richard L. Hinderliter November 4, 2015

This wireless HDMI works great to gain an HDMI signal in the bedroom of our 36' motor home which signal originates from devices in the front electronics cabinet. HD satellite as well as BluRay signals flow flawlessly to the rear of the coach. Great IR remote signals relayed from the rear of the coach into the electronics cabinet in front as well.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Mark A. Noe November 4, 2015

I was in a situation that required me to remove the siding and plywood from the outside of my home to replace the RGB cords with a HDMI. We have a built in the wall stereo shelving unit and it is perpendicular to the wall where the cables need to run; hence around a corner. We could not feed these through the floor and up the wall either. In addition, the length of the cable probably would have been just was expensive.
I would have given a 5 star rating, however, the transmitter and receiver are only about 4 feet away from each other so I cannot comment on how this would work at a greater distance and I have only been using it for less than a month.
This saved me a great amount of labor and probably cost about the same as the cable would have. It also has options to use on other televisions.
The picture on the television and the sound did not suffer at all.
A good value for the money.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

falken November 4, 2015

Ultimate Wireless HDMI unit! I have owned 3 other wireless HDMI systems over the years, none of them had the long range, low latency, or high quality of this one. The ability to switch between 2 HDMI ports on the transmitter also eliminates the need to use an external HDMI splitter (provided you only need 2 inputs).

Highly recommended!
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

reggaenites November 4, 2015

Capacity: 2 HDMI inputsVerified Purchase
I have had this for a few months and use it to transmit from my basement rec-room to my family room above it. I wanted to wait to write a review (my first) to be sure I could accurately describe how the devices have performed.

Both rooms are large with 11-12ft ceilings and the device has worked nearly flawlessly. I use it to transmit my cable TV HiDef output as well as an LG Blu-Ray player HD output. The only times I run into problems is when I don't give the devices a few seconds to get working before I turn on the devices I want it to transmit; when that does happen, I just have to turn off the sending device and turn it back on - all done via the remote control from the original device. Power on/off and every function from the original remotes work as designed. The sequence that works best is:
1. Power on the Nyrius with the included remote.
2. Wait approximately 10 seconds.
3. Power on the cable and TV boxes using the original remote.
I actually have my cable remote programmed to turn on both the cable box and TV, so I leave the remote's system power-on/off button aimed at the Nyrius for a few seconds to be sure the remote can cycle thru its control sequence for both devices. Powering down is just the same process in reverse.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to save on the fees associate with paying for multiple cable boxes, or who would have extreme difficulty getting wiring run to another room like I did. After reading all the various reviews I decided to go with the Nyrius and I'm very glad I did! it works very well. I don't normally write reviews for purchase I make but I feel this product deserves one.

wizeguyprime November 4, 2015

I'm hoping this review helps since I was on the fence about buying it. From what I read and watched on YouTube, this product either works for you or it doesn't and it completely depends on the distance between your transmitter/receiver and what's physically in between them.

For me, I stream from our living room to a projector in our adjacent bedroom (it's under 20 feet, separated by a wall). I also have the receiver concealed underneath our headboard. I stream an HDMI switch, which has multiple devices connected to it. I also use the pass through to my living room TV.

Since I've set this up (which was a true plug and play), I have had zero issues (have had it over a month and use it a couple of times a week). It's streamed a 1080p signal every time and no HDMI handshake issues (which I thought might happen given I have a switch in the path). I've also gamed using it since my Xbox One controller is within range from the other room and I've experience no lapses. Audio transfers well to the computer speakers I have connected to the projector (again no delay). Also works nicely with my Logitech Harmony remote. I tested 3D and no issue there either.

I cannot stress enough, it seems this product either works with your set up or it doesn't. For me, it's fantastic. I haven't touched it since it's been set up. If I ever move apartments and have a different set up, it might not work (although I'd likely just use it within the same room then). If you have flexibility in where you can put it, I think it's worth getting.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

teresa November 4, 2015

The directions need to be reworked not very clear at all. On the good side once we figured it out it worked GREAT! Very very happy with my purchase, now I can watch my NASCAR boys in my sewing room! Oh happy days
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Jim November 4, 2015

Totally awesome, very easy set up, it went through my outer wall to my bar outside however I had to position the receiver at a special location to get a steady signal. I would definitely recommend this product.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

KBen November 4, 2015

Easy setup. I have it passing through several walls over about 35 feet. If you look closely enough you can see the picture isn't as clear as being plugged directly into media device.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

John Alston November 4, 2015

Product works great. as advertised. I would highly recommend it. I use it to send video from my rec room the my bar area. I have a cable and satellite receiver connected to it.
CommentWas this review helpful to you?
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Erica Jackson November 4, 2015

This has made my tv completely wireless and we have no problmes with it at all. I reccomend it if you don't want to have a million things hanging from your tv.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

vincent d. odenbrett November 4, 2015

Definitely recommend. Using in our RV motor home travelling. Works flawlessly. Will recommend without exception
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Daniel Okeefe November 4, 2015

Works perfectly with a sony reciever using 3d pass through to a BenQ 1070 DLP projector no issues.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Kalaney November 4, 2015

if you stay within 100 feet and learn how to connect and reconnet the base to the receiver end, this is a FABULOUS product. may have to watch video to learn how to use it though. BUT once you learn it's wonderful! just stay within 100feet of base with LITTLE interference of walls and metal/steel etc. mine goes through 3 layers of drywall and doors just fine, BUT i'm within 100feet and reciver is up high to "get signal" from base which is burried(though looking towards the receiver) in with other equipment.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

KranJams November 4, 2015

Works exactly as expected. We just upgraded to the new Apple TV, but were not able to get a signal via in-wall, non-HDMI cables between our receiver and projector (which did work with the older Apple TV). Really didn't want to run new wires but was skeptical about wireless connection given some of the reviewer comments. Thus far my experience is really positive - easy to set up, solid picture quality, there's no lag between audio and video.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Preet November 4, 2015

It does exactly what I hoped it would do. I have Verizon Fios and there no wireless option available as far tv is concerned. I recently mounted a tv in my garage and didn't care for bunch of wires hanging from cable box. So this option simply takes the signal from my cable box that s inside of my house on the second floor and successfully transfers the pic/sound in hd quality without having to mess w wires - lil pricey but does the job.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Preet November 4, 2015

It does exactly what I hoped it would do. I have Verizon Fios and there no wireless option available as far tv is concerned. I recently mounted a tv in my garage and didn't care for bunch of wires hanging from cable box. So this option simply takes the signal from my cable box that s inside of my house on the second floor and successfully transfers the pic/sound in hd quality without having to mess w wires - lil pricey but does the job.

- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Amazon Customer November 4, 2015

Works great. I purchased this so i could have tv on my porch and patio without putting holes in my walls. It does that perfectly!!!
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Craig Drummond November 4, 2015

Excellent product. I would suggest using the app from your cable provider to change channels instead of struggling with the IR setup.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

William N. November 4, 2015

I'm amazed this works as well as it does through 2 walls and a floor/ceiling! Outstanding product!
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

MJ November 4, 2015

Works well.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Primetime November 4, 2015

Well it has taken us a bit longer to make use of this nice little package than we planned. We converted a dining room into a pub and used the Nyrius ARIES to feed a 42" television that is mounted high on the wall in a corner. The pub conversion has gone very well but it took about a month longer than expected (we're doing all the work...) so we only just hooked up the system. This room never had cable connections so we are beaming full 1080 HD cable from a bedroom feed upstairs through the floor and walls to this unit. It works great 90% of the time. The only time we've had any difficulty is when the cable box upstairs get an update pushed to it. The sender and the receiver on the Nyrius require a power recycle and they are back in sync. This product has proven to be exactly what we needed!
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Nikhil November 4, 2015

Works great
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Rudy J. November 4, 2015

Just like using cable but without it. Expensive but worth it
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

kenneth artis November 4, 2015

Works great, Had no problem hooking up. Worked as advertise
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

aladdin November 4, 2015

Good product and a fantastic seller A++++++
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

THAMER Y ALALYAN November 4, 2015

Love it!
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

L. Ross November 4, 2015

I bought this unit for my RV as the cabling to the rear of my coach has somehow been broken or disconnected and I can't find the problem. Fortunately, this unit has solved the problem nicely. The total transmit distance in 28 feet, through two RV walls, and works very well. The unit takes a little time to link up when activated, but the sound and video are perfect. I've connected my DirecTV DVR and my BlueRay player to the inputs, and have no problem receiving either unit.

After purchasing this unit, I received an Email purporting to be from the vendor telling me that if I submitted a product review, I would receive a 1 year extended warranty, but I had only 10 days to submit the review. I submitted a review from the link provided, but the review never posted. When I "clicked on the link to receive my warranty extension", it took me first to a google search result page that I had to read through to find the link I wanted, and that then took me to a long drawn out page requesting all of my personal information, and then wanted me to include a copy/paste of my review on Amazon. That's when I figured out the review was missing and had never posted from the link provided. If this was really a vendor Email, IT SUCKED and I wasted a lot of time for nothing in return. So, vendor, if you're reading this and the Email really was from you, then I deserve the extended warranty period of one year just for the headaches you caused in trying to follow your lousy instructions. Suggestion: Next time, just provide a link that works right from the Email.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Josh Burnett November 4, 2015

Works perfectly 95% of the time - Once you learn your specific oder of operations and the limitations. As another reviewer pointed out, you will have a few days of frustratingly trying to figure out the order in which you power on your devices to allow this to function properly. In my case, I have to power this unit on first, allow it to connect, then power on the tv. If reversed, I experience dropped signals and blocky connections.

Additionally, I have found that the receiver unit cannot be placed closer than 6" to a solid block wall, regardless of the distance or line of sight from the base unit. This was a difficult obstacle to overcome since my television is mounted on a solid block wall. The only way my unit will function properly is to extend the adjustable tv mount at least 6" from the wall. Potential users should be warned that the receiver unit is very picky when in tight spaces.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Robert Luhrs November 3, 2015

I purchased the Aries Home+ HD 1080p HDMI 3D Digital Wireless Audio Video Sender Transmitter & Receiver System with IR Remote Extender (NAVS502) and installed it about two weeks ago. My application was a getting a signal to a TV located by our hot tub from an up-stairs cable box located in our bedroom. Line of sight distance between the units was about 30' through one exterior wall. I originally had the transmitter installed inside a hutch next to the cable box. The results were ok but not to my liking so I re-positioned the transmitter outside of the hutch and it has worked perfectly since. This product is a steal at $200 and I am very happy with it and would recommend it strongly, just be careful on how far you need to re-transmit the signal and barriers between the units.

dinos papas November 2, 2015

something i can do to increase the reception ? only 10 feet away 1st floor no picture .. on the same flor it works fine please help

Ravi Veera November 2, 2015

I just loved the product [Nyrius Aries Home+ HD 1080p HDMI 3D Digital Wireless Audio Video Sender Transmitter & Receiver System with IR Remote Extender (NAVS502)] , it has cut down the wiring. Im a cinematographer and iam using it to transmit the hd video from my Blackmagic camera (SDI converted to HDMI) to receiver for field monitor with approximate distance of 25ft with wall in between it gives a very good signal without any latency. Its just amazing product.

Sacto Fredon October 26, 2015

I have been looking for a device that would transmit a high

definition TV signal from a cable/satellite box to a TV for

years. Every one I found would either only transmit standard

definition or would only use you LAN to transmit to a

computer and the people that owned any of them told me none

were worth owning.

When I saw this Nyrius NAVS500 I was very skeptical of it but

knowing Amazon's great return policy I took the gamble. I was

not disappointed! This thing is much more than I had

expected. At first I thought it worked perfectly right out of

the box but then I noticed I was not getting audio at the

receiving TV from some stations. This upset me until I

realized my problem was the old HDMI cables I was using. If

you use this unit with HDMI devices that are not HDMI 1.3 or

higher standard you may experience problems of lost signal

and/or loss of audio.

After replacing the cables I was still having trouble when I

used an HDMI splitter to split the signal to the TV at the

cable box and to the Nyrius transmitter. The splitter said it

was HDMI 1.3 standard but others were reporting the same

problem with the splitter so I sent it back and ordered one

that had reviews that said they did not have the problem. It

works just great now.

I was really surprised to find the remote extender works

flawlessly. I have never had one that worked as advertised

before, but with this one I can set the extender in front of

the cable box if I am using it or in front of the DVD player

when I am using it and can control either with its own remote

at the receiver end just as if I were in the room with the

9box, (with the exception of physically putting a DVD in or

removing a DVD from the player of course). :-)

I have tested the distance and was able to connect at a

distance of 50 feet and going through four walls. I did have

to place both the transmitter and receiver high enough that

other objects like furniture, appliances, and people were not

in the way but after doing that I had no trouble. When I

moved the receiver another 15 feet to a distance of 65 feet I

was unable to receive a reliable signal. It would drop and

then reconnect. I do believe I could get more distance if I

were not going through so many walls but I have not tested

that yet.

If you buy this unit make sure all of your HDMI hardware is

up to HDMI 1.3 standards or better. The splitter I tried

first was "HDMI 1x2 3D splitter v1.3 HDCP 2 ports switcher 3

4 5 8 PS3 XBOX360 DVD Blu-ray". Even though it claims to be

1.3 it is not. I returned it and bought a "[ASIN:B0012N089W

2-Port (1-in, 2-out) HDMI Certified Amplified Splitter

w/power]" and everything worked. I use nothing but

"BlueRigger High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet" cables. I am

sure there are others that are just fine but I know these are

as advertised and at a reasonable price so I stick with them.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. - </p


You have a problem. You want to mount your HD television

above your fireplace or other remote location, but you can't

(either because of room, cable box placement, or an angry

wife) find a way to plug in your other equipment into the

HDMI slots. Luckily, for you, there is the Nyrius NAVS500,

and while it does have one issue (more on that later) it

offers you flexibility with your home entertainment center.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Sacto Fred October 26, 2015

I have been looking for a device that would transmit a high definition TV signal from a cable/satellite box to a TV for years. Every one I found would either only transmit standard definition or would only use you LAN to transmit to a computer and the people that owned any of them told me none were worth owning.

When I saw this Nyrius NAVS500 I was very skeptical of it but knowing Amazon's great return policy I took the gamble. I was not disappointed! This thing is much more than I had expected. At first I thought it worked perfectly right out of the box but then I noticed I was not getting audio at the receiving TV from some stations. This upset me until I realized my problem was the old HDMI cables I was using. If you use this unit with HDMI devices that are not HDMI 1.3 or higher standard you may experience problems of lost signal and/or loss of audio.

After replacing the cables I was still having trouble when I used an HDMI splitter to split the signal to the TV at the cable box and to the Nyrius transmitter. The splitter said it was HDMI 1.3 standard but others were reporting the same problem with the splitter so I sent it back and ordered one that had reviews that said they did not have the problem. It works just great now.

I was really surprised to find the remote extender works flawlessly. I have never had one that worked as advertised before, but with this one I can set the extender in front of the cable box if I am using it or in front of the DVD player when I am using it and can control either with its own remote at the receiver end just as if I were in the room with the box, (with the exception of physically putting a DVD in or removing a DVD from the player of course). :-)

I have tested the distance and was able to connect at a distance of 50 feet and going through four walls. I did have to place both the transmitter and receiver high enough that other objects like furniture, appliances, and people were not in the way but after doing that I had no trouble. When I moved the receiver another 15 feet to a distance of 65 feet I was unable to receive a reliable signal. It would drop and then reconnect. I do believe I could get more distance if I were not going through so many walls but I have not tested that yet.

If you buy this unit make sure all of your HDMI hardware is up to HDMI 1.3 standards or better. The splitter I tried first was "HDMI 1x2 3D splitter v1.3 HDCP 2 ports switcher 3 4 5 8 PS3 XBOX360 DVD Blu-ray". Even though it claims to be 1.3 it is not. I returned it and bought a "[ASIN:B0012N089W 2-Port (1-in, 2-out) HDMI Certified Amplified Splitter w/power]" and everything worked. I use nothing but "BlueRigger High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet" cables. I am sure there are others that are just fine but I know these are as advertised and at a reasonable price so I stick with them.


You have a problem. You want to mount your HD television above your fireplace or other remote location, but you can't (either because of room, cable box placement, or an angry wife) find a way to plug in your other equipment into the HDMI slots. Luckily, for you, there is the Nyrius NAVS500, and while it does have one issue (more on that later) it offers you flexibility with your home entertainment center.

Notes on the device

- The Nyrius NAVS500 allows you to "Untether" your television from the rest of your home entertainment center. Simply plug the device (DVR, Blu-Ray, PS3, Xbox 360, or other HDMI device) into the *Transmitter* and then plug your television into *Receiver* and you are ready to go. The set-up is that easy, in fact, it is easier than hooking up a VCR.

- Quality - The video quality is excellent (true 1080p) with a very minimal delay - less than a second. There is one issue, the audio portion takes about 5-10 seconds to begin (the broadcast is just silent... but it is not out-of-phase). This an be an issue if you are watching broadcast tv- although a DVR can solve part of that problem (it mainly would be an issue if you switching between shows). This delay should not be a noticeable problem with a Blu-ray, PS3, or other device where immediate audio is not needed. For some users this could be a deal killer, but for others it may not even be noticeable.

- Audio and video are in sync. There are no issues where you see lips moving with a delay in the audio.

- What I really like is the flexibility and other possibilities with the Nyrius NAVS500 - with the use of a Ultra High Performance HDMI Switcher, 3to1 Switch you have the ability to run multiple devices into your television. Admittedly, it would be better if the HDMI splitter was integrated into the Nyrius HDMI directly, but external splitters are relatively inexpensive.

- Another possibility is with use of Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable, 6 feet you have the ability to connect your Mac directly into your television. This gives you the ability to watch Hulu, NBC, ABC, ESPN, and/or a Monsoon Multimedia 010410VL TV Tuner/Receiver on your television using only your computer (Read - you can possibly eliminate your cable bill).

Final Verdict - The Nyrius NAVS500 offers you significant flexibility with you home entertainment center. There is an issue with the delay in the audio, but for many issues this will not be a concern. If you are looking for a way to isolate your HD TV from the rest of your home entertainment equipment the Nyrius NAVS500 may be the device for you.

4 1/2 Stars

- Please note I received a Nyrius NAVS500 for reviewing purposes-----

Nuk October 26, 2015

This is my setup. My living room has two main areas where we

watches or play games. At the end of the space (closer to the

kitchen) is where my entertainment center is located. The

kids have their Xbox, WiiU, Bluray and AppleTV under our 42"

Visio HDTV. On movie night we have an Epson projector on the

opposite part of the living room projecting on the wall.

Usually I just connect a Roku on it to play movies. We want

to play games on the big screen from time to time, and what

could be the biggest screen we can get than the projector

itself. One of our favorites to play here is Halo and it is

perfect. You can play most games on it as long as it don't

need a camera like the Kinect. Our transmission/reception is

flawless. But I also have to tell you that the distance

between the Xbox console and other systems in the

entertainment center to the projector is exactly 33 feet

without any walls. The only obstacles in between are couches

and shelves.

I have an older wireless HDMI system which also works great.

My only issue with that is that the receiver heats up too

much after an hour or so. I had to constantly run a USB fan

to cool it off. This system is runs cooler that I didn't have

to direct a fan to the unit. The transmitter also has an

extra HDMI input, now I don't have to switch cable if I want

to switch from Xbox to another setup box.

(Video footage to follow)

Sample item was sent to me for review and evaluation.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

L'alchemiste206 October 26, 2015

I purchased this item after carefully researching and

weighing all the available options for HDMI transmission over

the large distance in our theatre. Those included Dual Cat 6e

Baluns, Fiber-Optic Convertors, and Wireless HDMI

transmitter/receiver pairs. I would warn anyone trying to use

the first option in a public theatre because the cable length

limitation (usually only 100') is just not long enough if you

want the Blu-Ray/DVD player located on the stage or

projection booth with the projector suspended in the ceiling

typically in a 1000 to 3000 seat venue for front projection.

In addition, those cables cannot be run parallel to AC lines

or in a high RF environment (such as a place where many

lighting dimmer circuits are used, well DUH, it's a theatre

and that's the normal lighting usage) and it states that

quite clearly in the manual.

Our projector is hung from a balcony rail with lots of AC

runs on it and the Cat 6e Balun didn't work AT ALL despite

having both Cat 6e runs of identical length, using high

quality well-terminated ends, and avoiding AC lines. I looked

into a Fiber-Optic convertor interface. At almost $1,200, it

was just too expensive.

Enter the Nyrius Aries NAVS500 unit. At $200 it seemed like a

good (reasonably) affordable choice... if it worked. After

reading all the reviews, I decided to give it a try. I wasn't

disappointed. Many of the negative reviews cited the unit not

working right out of the box. That's fair enough. It seems

like a quality-control issue at worst. The company should

work on that. I was able to purchase a refurbished unit at a

discount so I figured it had been gone over and tested

thoroughly before I got it.

I initially hooked up my top-of-the-line Oppo Digital BP-83

Blu-Ray player (which normally syncs perfectly to my HD home

theatre projector) and it didn't work! The Sanyo XL-FP42 (8K

Lumen) projector displayed a sync rate of 480P with a nasty

stripe through the middle of an unwatchable picture. I was

crestfallen until I discovered much later why that had

happened. My co-worker had a much cheaper Samsung Blu-Ray

(around $300) and it was able to sync at 720P. We were making

progress but still not quite at our goal of 1080i, the

projector's highest supported rate.

Just for giggles we hooked up the theatre's very cheap ($150)

Samsung Blu-Ray player and to our surprise and delight, the

projector synched to it INSTANTLY at 1080i! We couldn't

believe it. We played an entire movie and the link never

failed or lost sync once. It was incredible and ironic. The

cheapest player performed the best!

At first we decided to place that Blu-Ray player within 25'

of the projector with no obstructions. When we got the el

cheapo Samsung player to sync, we moved it to the stage where

we normally set it up (through a much lower-res interface).

This is an as-the-crow-flies distance of approximately 90'

with a big CONCRETE AND STEEL proscenium wall in the direct

line-of-sight between them. We fired everything up and it

again synched at 1080i and stayed there with no glitches.


We then decided to go for broke. I had the head electrician

fire up EVERY lighting circuit dimmer in the building.

Several hundred RF-pumping, EMF-saturating, mega-

interference-generating AC runs soaked the ether. The picture

looked perfect and stayed that way despite our constantly

changing the levels of the lights in an attempt to disrupt

the link.

We were ready to use it for a real show. The next week we

tested everything successfully and a few days later we used

the Nyrius ARIES NAVS500 for a live event where a movie was

the centerpiece. It worked perfectly and we are now

cautiously confident that we've got a winner. I will update

this review as we do more shows (we don't use the projector

on a daily or even weekly basis), so stay tuned.

I suspect (but haven't fully tested the hypothesis) that the

synching protocol between Blu-Ray players and the Nyrius

ARIES NAVS500 differs greatly from player to player. I want

to set my Oppo Blu-Ray to 1080i instead of "Auto" and see if

I can get it to sync at that rate. I also would like to do

the same with my co-worker's mid-priced Samsung Blu-Ray. And

I would like to test a few other players for good measure. I

will perform these experiments soon and revise this review

accordingly. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone using this unit

in a public theatre to have several Blu-Ray players on hand

because of this issue. In addition, I would use the shortest

possible HDMI cables to get into and out of the Nyrius units.

That's just good practice.

This unit gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from me despite it

not working with two out of three players we tested it with.

That question will be resolved one way or another. Here is

some last advice: Turn on the receiver FIRST, then turn on

the transmitter, then the Blu-Ray, and finally turn on the

projector. Do not disconnect the HDMI connection when it has

synched because it may not re-synch. If you do happen to

disconnect it, power down the transmitter, hook the HDMI back

up and power the transmitter back up again. That solved it

for me.

Thanks for making a good workable unit Nyrius!
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

windy city October 26, 2015

The picture is flawless. I am transmitting 60 feet from the

back to the front of the house. I just plugged the Nyrius in

and it worked from the get-go.

My situation: About 40 feet away from the transmitter/cable

box is a kitchen wall, and there is an opening in that wall

to the front room. So I do not have a direct line of sight by

any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I am transmitting

diagonally through the entire house with counters, a sink and

a refrigerator in between.

You always hold your breath a little when you buy a product

like this because it depends on wireless transmission.

Everybody's situation is different with the walls, plaster

vs. drywall, distance and objects that might get in the way.

All I can say is that this product is a winner. I always knew

if it didn't work it is always returnable, so you should

definitely try it if you are unsure. Many people wrote

reviews where their obstacles and/or distance were far worse

than mine.

Make sure you get one Nyrius HDMI 1.4 high speed cable which

Nyrius sells for $9.99 each (a steal). You automatically get

one in the box to connect for the transmitter, but you also

need another one for the receiver. Most of us have the 1.3

standard at home which is standard issue HDMI - other

reviewers already noted that standard (1.3) won't work -

thankfully I read that before I bought.

Remember that when you transmit the cable signal from a cable

box, it shows the channel that you have set on that cable box

from where you are transmitting. So if you really need to

watch different tv shows on the two different tv's, you will

probably end up renting an extra cable box for about $10/mth

(Comcast price) from your cable provider just for this

purpose. Remember: if you had that tv hard-wired with cable

to begin with, you would have needed to rent an extra cable

box anyway.

Bottomline: If you want to watch high-def 1080p cable in a

place where you cannot wire up a cable, then this is the

product you want.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Jblakus October 26, 2015

Have had this unit for a week now and it works great. Set it

up to transmit from our family room DirecTV receiver to

another TV set upstairs within 20 feet distance. We did not

want to spent the extra $99 for another HD receiver plus

installation cost of cable and $5/month for a TV that is only

used a few times per week. We can also switch the receiver

unit to other sets if needed by just plug-in in the HDMI and

power adapter to the other location.
I set it up using a 1 to 2 port HDMI power splitter and with

good quality HDMI cables as was recommended by other posts

here. The unit worked immediately and broadcast the DirecTV

channel to the other set simultaneously. Yes... both TV's

must view the same channel, but is not an issue for us. Using

the IR remote pass-thru cable from the transmitter and

aligning it with the DirectTV receiver, allows us to change

satellite channels from the remote TV location. This is a

great feature and much appreciated over other transmitter

offerings. Picture quality is great on both sets from the HD

DirecTV signal. We can not notice any deterioration. Once you

turn on the transmitter and receiver it takes a few seconds

for the signal link to be established. We have not had any

issue with the signal link being lost or dropping out while

the units were in used.
Only 2 minor negatives have been noticed so far and I mean

minor. 1) There is slightly more of time lag in the video

display on the TV screen than before. This is only noticed

when you change channels or use the online guides or menus.

This could be due more to the slitter being used than the

Nyrius wireless transmitter and receiver. 2) The Transmitter

and receiver units are designed go into standby mode after

being idle for a while. You can also put the units into

standby mode manually. A small button is used as the only

means to put in to or bring out of standby. The standby

button is located in an awkward place on the back of each

unit above or between the cable hook ups. Placement on the

front of the unit would have been better and more convenient.

Plus, you have to do it manually and push the button... no

remote operation possible. So you have to go to both until

and take out of or put into standby mode.
As I said it is minor inconvenience and i did not even deduct

from my star rating for this, but other may consider it more

problematic for their situation.

I highly recommend the Nyrius transmitter and receiver NAV500

HD. It is versatile and quality addition to our home video

set up.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Myoshi October 26, 2015

We have a finished basement without cable tv wiring. We DO

have cable in our bedroom but don't like to have a tv in our

room. I've been talking about getting an electrician to come

in and snake cable through the walls to get cable to the

basement from our room above it. We have a large tv down

there and use it primarily for video games. Netflix and Hulu

are nice on the PS3 but it's not the same. It would be nice

to have that area as a usable tv viewing area, especially

when we have guests come stay.
Enter this device! I can't even remember how I came across it

but I'm so glad I did. I ordered it thinking worst case

scenario, it doesn't work and I have to return it. Five

minutes out of the box and we had full HD cable tv

downstairs! No wiring! I'm truly amazed by this. We have our

HD cable box hidden in our bedroom with the IR extender

connected. The receiver is downstairs connected to the tv. It

works like a charm! My only slight complaint is that the

Remote is VERY touchy. When you hit fast forward on the dvr,

it goes two or three times the speed you want. If you want to

type in channel 2, you get 22. We may need to tweak the IR

extender, not sure. That's a very small problem to have

considering the remote works, we now have cable down there,

and I didn't have to hire an electrician to charge me a

gazillion dollars. I HIGHLY recommend this product!!
Our bedroom is directly on top of where the tv is set up in

the basement. The signal is very strong for us.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Donald Terry October 26, 2015

As with any purchase online, you should read as many reviews

as possible, both good and bad. I actually prefer to read the

negative reviews first, to see what issues other people had

with the item. For this item, I read about the problems

others had with transmission through walls, distance between

the transmitter and receiver, cutting out, audio sync, etc. I

use these to compare to my planned setup and compared my

plans to others that posted positive reviews. I decided to

make the purchase and have had NO regrets whatsoever. I have

a DirecTv HD DVR in my living room connected to an LG LCD

flat screen. Facing the purchase of a second box for the

bedroom, I started looking online for wireless transmitters

and found the NAVS500 at Amazon. I received the product and

setup was very quick and simple. The units paired immediately

on the first try. The transmitter has to send through the

guest bedroom walls (2) about 40 feet away to reach the

receiver in the master bedroom. It worked flawlessly on the

first attempt. The only issue I had was the placement of the

IR Remoter sensor on the DTV box. After finally realizing

that the sensor had to be placed directly over the sensor on

the box, it started working correctly. I was concerned that

this would block the sensor while watching TV in the living

room, but apparently not. I am no electronic wizard, but I

guess it has some type of pass-through ability. Whatever, it

works. The instructions are not clear about the placement, so

I hope this helps someone else in a similar situation. I have

only had the unit up and running for a couple of weeks, but

so far it has worked perfectly, as advertised. I am now able

to enjoy HD quality programming in the bedroom without the

need to purchase another satellite receiver. I can also view

my recorded programs in the bedroom. All you have to do is

turn on the satellite receiver, transmitter and receiver,

turn off the TV in the living room and watch your full

programming on the TV in the bedroom. Obviously, I would

highly recommend this product to anyone in a similar

- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Gerrie October 26, 2015

I recently purchased the Nyrius NAVS500 HD to set up a second

LED HD panel driven by the same AV Amplifier. Most impressive

was the simplicity of the solution - it literally took me 5

minutes to unpack everything and get a decent signal. Both the

sender and receiver is nice and compact and easy to use.

The 2nd HD panel for which I bought the Nyrius is located in

my home gym one floor up and in total some 18 meters away from

my AV Amp. Some improvements that could be considered to make

this even better would be extending the range. I had to move

the unit around in order to pic up a good signal and I still

detect minor pixelation when the images are moving fast. 99%

of the timI recently purchased the Nyrius NAVS500 HD to set up a second

LED HD panel driven by the same AV Amplifier. Most impressive

was the simplicity of the solution - it literally took me 5

minutes to unpack everything and get a decent signal. Both the

sender and receiver is nice and compact and easy to use.

The 2nd HD panel for which I bought the Nyrius is located in

my home gym one floor up and in total some 18 meters away from

my AV Amp. Some improvements that could be considered to make

this even better would be extending the range. I had to move

the unit around in order to pic up a good signal and I still

detect minor pixelation when the images are moving fast. 99%

of the time the picture is perfect with no distortion. A

second, and really minor, enhancement could be to add a wall

mounting option as one often don't have a flat surface on

which to put the receiver. It would thus make sense to create

the ability to wall mount it.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. - e the picture is perfect with no distortion. A

second, and really minor, enhancement could be to add a wall

mounting option as one often don't have a flat surface on

which to put the receiver. It would thus make sense to create

the ability to wall mount it.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Mark A. Noe October 26, 2015

I was in a situation that required me to remove the siding and

plywood from the outside of my home to replace the RGB cords

with a HDMI. We have a built in the wall stereo shelving unit

and it is perpendicular to the wall where the cables need to

run; hence around a corner. We could not feed these through

the floor and up the wall either. In addition, the length of

the cable probably would have been just was expensive.
I would have given a 5 star rating, however, the transmitter

and receiver are only about 4 feet away from each other so I

cannot comment on how this would work at a greater distance

and I have only been using it for less than a month.
This saved me a great amount of labor and probably cost about

the same as the cable would have. It also has options to use

on other televisions.
The picture on the television and the sound did not suffer at

A good value for the money.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Amazon Customer October 26, 2015

The product worked right out of the box. The IR extender

works great. I'm using this with a TV box in the living room

that I connected to a Y switch. Now I use the Nyrius ARIES

NAVS500 HD to watch and control my TIVO unit in my bedroom.

It's easy to watch my recordings on either TV and I no longer

pay for 2 cable connections. I did have to watch the

placement of the units to make sure I didn't have

interference from speakers but other than that it works

great. The signal goes through 2 walls and about 25 feet from

point A to point B.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

mikewad October 26, 2015

I have just received the Nyrius NAVS500 transmitter/receiver

two weeks ago and set it up in an area that did not have a

satellite connector close by and I didn't want the cables

strewn across the room. I hooked the transmitter to a sat'

receiver on the upper floor and the receiver on the main

floor, so the signal is going through is great and for the

most part trouble free.

The footprint of the transmitter and receiver is small so is

easy to "hide" close to or behind the TV. The satellite

receiver only has a 720 output but the picture is the same

quality. All the information supplied in the original website

was correct and complete and all the reception claims are


The only issue I have had so far is that from a cold start

up, the picture starts good but degrades very quickly to a

horizontal scroll and finally a color "mash", this I

corrected quickly by switching the sleep mode on and after a

few seconds, off. This corrected the problem, I'm not sure

what causes (this happened twice so far) but is not a major


I'm very happy with the NAVS500 overall and purchasing these

was a cheaper option than buying another satellite reeceiver

and running the cable.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Guy Prier October 26, 2015

This product is awesome! Does exactly what it says! I

recently purchased another system and it would constantly cut

out and had terrible latency. Not the Nyrius! The Nyrius

transmits clear HD picture and audio with no latency just as

stated! I would highly recommend this product!
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Drew Fredrick October 26, 2015

All in all, this was a piece of cake to set up. My use-case

was that I have a TV indoors in our family room, connected to

a traditional cable box. We have a covered porch outdoors,

right outside the family room, but you need to walk out the

kitchen (adjacent to the family room) to get to the porch --

meaning there is a wall (but no doors) with some windows

between the family room and the covered porch. We wanted to

watch TV out on the porch, but didn't have a cable connection

or hook-up outside, and the exterior is brick, so

installation would be costly. So the ARIES was our solution.

And it works fantastic. Total distance is about 30 feet from

transmitter to receiver, and there is some general line-of-

site through brick walls and windows between transmitter and

receiver, but not direct line of site. We have watched

dramas, movies, and sports programming, and all have

experienced great quality picture, no noticeable latency in

either sound or video, and it just plain works. Set up was

quick and easy. Plug it in, plug in the HDMI cables, and


The only thing I wish was different: It would be ideal if

there were two HDMI outputs on the transmitter, so I can have

the TV connected inside and have the option to receive it

outside when needed without having to swap HDMI cables out.

The easy fix for that was to purchase an HDMI splitter, and

that worked just fine. If I hadn't purchased the splitter, I

would need to yank the HDMI from my indoor TV and connect it

to the transmitter each time I wanted to use the outdoor TV.

With the splitter, I can just walk out to the porch and turn

on the TV and not have to worry about moving cables around.

One other positive note: most cable companies offer

smartphone apps to control your set top boxes. We have

Comcast, so with their TV Remote app, I can change the

channel using my smartphone from out on the porch. (The

"master" TV indoors connected to the cable box is what drives

the channels on the outdoor cable box). The good thing is, I

don't need additional remote control devices, cable boxes, or

anything else and I'm watching TV outdoors. It's awesome...

The devices do tend to get warm, but if they are in a well-

ventilated place they tend to work flawlessly. I have only

had to "reboot" them once (unplug them) but it's definitely

not a common recurrence.

All in all, I would highly recommend these devices. We love

it, and my teenagers are already dreaming up ways to use

another set for the basement.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

John Dickey October 26, 2015

After trying different units from other manufacturers that

were supposed to work with my computer I ordered this unit.

Short story...received the package, hooked up the unit to my

pico projector and computer, turned on the receiver and

transmitter and ... 1080p picture of my computer on the big

screen! Absolutely no delay, If you have been trying to get

your computer to connect to your tv or projector but have an

older system that does not have WIDI or Miracast capability

but have an HDMI out connector on your computer, give this

unit a shot.

Note: I purchased the unit through Amazon Warehouse Deals. It

was an open box unit so I took advantage of the discount.

Must say that after getting the unit and having the time to

run it through its paces that I would buy it again at full

price without a moments hesitation.

Note: This unit is not for VGA broadcast. The manufacturer

states that it must have a 480p or above signal to work.

(Almost any device on the market now with an HDMI output

meets these requirements.)Nyrius ARIES Home HDMI Digital

Wireless Transmitter & Receiver for HD 1080p Video Streaming,

Cable box, Satellite, Bluray, DVD, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox

One, Laptops, PC (NAVS500)
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Pete McElmo Canyon October 26, 2015

This solved the problem of us getting our dish network

programming in the kitchen hassle free. We live in a large

adobe style house 5000+ sq feet with ceilings up to 30 ft

tall so running wires inconspicuously is extremely hard. This

solved the problem easily. I just got a HDMI splitter (a

quality, powered one so no signal loss) and some 3 ft HDMI

cables. Making sure the power was off to all devices I took

the output HDMI cable from the Dish box and plugged it into

the input of the splitter and then used HDMI cables to go

from two outputs of the splitter with one going to the TV

HDMI in port and one to the Nyrius Navs500 sender. I then

went in the Kitchen and hooked up the Nyrius Navs500 receiver

to the kitchen TV using another HMDI cable. With all the HDMI

cables in place I powered up both the Nyrius Navs500

receiver/sender, the Dish Box and the TVS. The picture was

crystal clear on both TV's with zero lag time. With dish

hopper they use radio frequency remote controls so using that

remote in the kitchen works fine too. Of course you can only

view the same content on both TV's as it just splits the

signal after decoding in the dish box. This works well for

the DVR functions also, any thing coming from my dish box

shows flawlessly on the kitchen tv when I turn it on too. For

a few days the receiver seemed to need to be reset every once

in a while when I started the kitchen TV but that doesn't

seem to happen any more. Very pleased with this, it allows me

to watch tv in the kitchen without running wires.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Will Holman October 26, 2015

Plug and play and very easy to set up. Originally I attempted

a distance of 40' across two floors and three rooms using one

pair, it did not work. There was pixelation and intermittent

interruptions and the image was grainy. Then, I bought two

pairs. I used one between the first and second floors with a

separation of about 13'. The second is used between two

rooms, two walls in between, at a distance of 28'. The

upstairs pair had no communication problems. The pair that

transmits across floors needed some attention in terms of

alignment and pointing. Now in the second week of operation

and everything works flawlessly. I compared with actual hard

wired connection, I could not see a noticeable drop in


Finally, the infrared (IR) transmitter is very handy and you

can use the remote of the device that you are transmitting

from (Satellite box, cable box, etc.) as it was sitting in

front of you in the other room.

I recommend this product if you have an application that does

not require a large separation and more than two walls

between the transmitter and the receiver.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Tim Spradlin October 26, 2015

Product works great. Just plug in and it works. Very easy to

setup. Remote works great with no delay. Provides good

picture. Would recommend to anyone.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Nik C October 26, 2015

My parents come to stay with me every couple of months and

love to watch TV. I put a TV in their bedroom and wanted to

set up a cable box however was told I would need to pay an

additional $10/month plus whatever other charges to hire a new

set top box. Seeing as we don't really watch cable unless my

folks are in town I was reluctant to pay the additional costs

so decided to try out this as it would be a more long term


I received the box and the instructions are pretty basic

although the set up itself is pretty basic too. The box

contains an HDMI cable, 2 units (both clearly labelled as

Transmitter and Receiver), power adapters and an infrared

transmitter. The set up is fairly easy - just plus whatever

you want to transmit into the transmitter and plug in the

receiver at your receiving end. The lights on both boxes will

indicate when the wireless connection has been established and

you will automatically start receiving a picture. Easy as pie!

So what are my reservations? Using the IR transmitter is a

pain to set up. On my cable box it is not very clear where the

IR receiver is so it took my wife and I about 20 minutes of

shouting across the apartment to get it in the right position.

Once you do have it working you are able to control your unit

from the receiver unit which is a great bonus!

The range is not as fantastic as promised. My apartment isn't

huge so it is not a problem however in my parents' house it

is. My father was so happy with the way it worked he made me

buy another unit and set up at theirs when I was home visiting

them. I set one transmitter up in their living room and the

receiver in their bedroom. The distance is no more than about

15ft directly upwards (their bedroom is above their living

room) and the signal is just about OK. If you stand too close

to either of the Nyrius boxes then the signal will cut out. I

understand that there will be interference from other units

such as cordless phones and WiFi although as much as I tried

to compensate for this it has not been overly successful.

Another gripe is that this is great for transmitting from one

room to another but you can't split the signal. For this you

need to buy an additional splitter which works although adds

to the mass of electronic devices I do have.

I do wish it were possible to have multiple receivers and one

transmitter so that the signal could be shared all over the

house although I think this is wishful thinking. Perhaps one


Overall this is a good device although a little fiddly. If you

do have problems their support is below par although with a

little bit of patience you should be able to get everything

- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Scott October 26, 2015

This thing rocks. I bought it about 4 months ago to connect

my desktop pc (video card with HDMI out) to my tv. I have my

TV mounted to a wall with all cables routed behind it, across

the room I have my computer on the floor next to my couch

with a wireless keyboard & mouse. I wanted a really clean

look so I installed an outlet behind the tv and no cables at

all are visible from where you sit. I have this ARIES

receiver bungeed to the mount behind the tv, and the sender

unit sits by the router and modem. It works flawlessly, if

there is any lag I can't tell at all. I've streamed movies

via hulu/comedy central, and played computer games like

Diablo 3 (D1 and D2 were great, but this one sucks don't buy

it) and the Mass Effect series. There hasn't been any kind of

lag/delay/sync problem at all, its exactly like using an HDMI

cable, just without the cable. In addition, every time I have

a friend over, they think its the coolest thing they've ever

- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

A. Larson October 26, 2015

Short and sweet, just like the installation process.

Getting another sat. receiver and trying to get wire into the

bedroom would have been something just short of a nightmare.

So I split the HDMI signal at the living room sat. receiver

and connected this NAVS500 as instructed. Perfection, and

simple as all-get-out.

Regarding the remote control extender: Make sure you identify

which part of your HD device receives the remote control

signal. Then attach the remote extender to that spot and you

can control your remote television as easily as you control

your local tevevision.

Great product for the type of application I required and I'm

sure for several others.

Update: While this product worked very well with my older

DirecTV HD-DVR, it does not work with the newest Genie HD-

DVR. Major bummer.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Todd October 26, 2015

I've had this product in operation for a couple of months. I

purchased this system because my satellite receiver must be

located in one particular room, but we wanted our TV in a

different room. It does exactly what it's supposed to do -

sends a 1080p video + audio signal to it's remote receiver

through a couple of walls and a distance of about 30 feet. It

also handles remote control routing, using your existing

remote control. Meaning that my wife can change channels

without having to learn a new remote control. I don't

understand why that's important to her, but it is - so

therefore it's important to me.

It doesn't perform flawlessly. The receiver has lost

reception a couple of times, but was easily corrected by

cycling the power.

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

JB October 26, 2015

I use Directv for the two TVs in my house. Every now and then

we watch sports games out by the pool and have to move the TV

from our bedroom outside. It has always been a pain to move

the TV, run long cables outside, and get everything set up.

The Directv box takes forever to reboot. Then, you have to

move everything back inside when you are done.

So, we bought a smaller TV that is easier to move outside and

one of these wireless contraptions. I was very skeptical that

it would work properly. It literally took two minutes to set

up and worked right out of the box. I even tested it outside

where it had to work through one concrete wall. It worked

perfectly. I was surprised at how responsive the remote

worked too. It was just like I was next to the satellite box

inside. The picture and sound was also perfect.

I still am waiting to see how it performs over a long period

of time. I still remain a little skeptical, but I am happy so

- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

amzbuy October 26, 2015

I buy a lot from Amazon, but I have never wirtten a review,

even though I have been very impressed by many of the

products I have purchased. Today though I write this review

because this item worked EXACTLY as expected, right out of

the box, with no set up issues, or strange configurations

needed, or changes to my current set up for it to work, etc.

Honestly, I often find electronics to be a hassle as

frequently they never seem to work as easily or seemlessly or

as good as advertised, or even hoped for, and I am in the

business of computers! Anyhow, this wireless HDMI transmitter

and receiver works beautifully, period.

Update: I purchased a second system to share another directtv

box for another TV/room. I could not tell from the specs on

Amazon or the manufacturers site if the 2nd receiver would

sync with my first/existing transmitter or not, it would have

been fine with me if yes as this tv would not be watched at

the same time as that first. So when I hooked up the new

(2nd) receiver it did not sync with the first transmitter, so

I simply connected the new transmitter to another directtv

box and all wors as it should. So if anyone was wondering,

apparently these need to be installed as pairs! So I guess

several pairs could be used in the same house, at least 2

like I am.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Jim A. October 26, 2015

This was a fairly straightforward setup and the quality of

the signal from the cable box to the TV is very good quality.

We had a small amount of difficulty in the setup because we

have an automatic HDMI switch to allow connectivity from a

DVD player as well as the DVR, but overcame that when we put

the switch before the Nyrius. We also had to play with the

location of the IR Remote Extender to be in a location where

both devices would receive the IR signal, but after a little

adjustment, both devices work well. I also want to confirm

that this device does not work with some of the "basic"

Comcast DVRs - after upgrading to the RNG200 DVR, the signal

and synchronization works very well.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

MiloMike October 26, 2015

Simply installed between my Verizon cable box and TV located

25 feet across the room. I recommend this unit for this


Always turn on the transmitter before the receiver.

My wife's only complaint is that the units always have a

light on, either one or more green lights during operation or

a red light when the unit is off. The red light bothered her

at night so a simple 3x5 card taped to the unit blocks the

view. (Easier than placing the blind fold on my wife.) The

on-off switch is somewhat awkwardly positioned on the

backside. On the next version, I recommend placing it at a

more accessible point. Of course, if you leave it on all the

time, not an issue.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Gerhayr Djahani October 26, 2015

I was very skeptical at first that this device would allow me

to play my PS4 in an adjacent room with two walls of

separation. I am happy to report that it works flawlessly

with no latency. Twitch based games, pinball,

lag. To test, I turned the sound up on the receiving device

and muted on the is in complete

are completely playable. My only regret is I didn't buy this

earlier and wasted my money on a lag riddled playstation tv

which is utterly worthless for remote play. I read one user

having issues with a blank screen...I had the same issue but

it was due to a bad hdmi cable. Swapped the cable and

voila...perfect. Awesome product.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Jeremy Fehrenbacher October 26, 2015

Terrible product. I can't get signal more than 20 feet away

through a single wall. Also, RF extender works maybe 5% of the

time. Audio streaming is horrible and constantly cuts in and

(Edit) Turns out that the problems were EMI induced. Pro Tip:

when you setup your recover/transmitter, put some distance

between the unit and the power outlet. Works like a champ now.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

NJPerkins October 26, 2015

I had two DirecTV recievers and did not want to get another,

but I now do most of my TV watching in a room that has no

reciever. Previously, I had run R-Y-B cables from downstairs

(5 conductor, 3 video and 2 audio), which produced an

acceptable picutre, but intruduced hum into the audio.

Having had some luck with AV wireless (5g) before, I searched

for and found these, specifically for HD and HDMI connectors,

so I thought I would try them. In short, I was pleasantly

suprised with the results. I am transmitting from downstairs

(so through a floor) about 25-30 ft in a straight line

distance. I needed to place the reciever carefully in order to

avoid transmitting through too many obstacles, but once

properly positioned, all is well.

It usually takes a few seconds to "sync up" when the TV is

turned on, but after that, it is rock solid. I have been

running for several weeks now and only once did I lose the

connection to the point where I had to turn the tranmitter off

and on... which instantly resolved the issue.

There is no latency whatsover, audio and video are synced fine

and the picture is crisp and clear. If I look closely, I can

see where the picture isn't quite as sharp as direct wired HD,

but it is barely noticable at normal viewing distance. I am

very pleased with the results.

I believe I am pushing the limit by transmtting through

walls/floors and depending on each situation the results may

vary, but if you can get a clean signal, it works as

advertised. It should be no issue at all for those "same room"

installations where the TV is mounted away from the source.

I don't use the RF extender because my remotes are already

using RF and I can control them from anywhere in the house.

All in all, a good buy.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Lee P. Noehring October 26, 2015

It works as advertised, which is no small feat... Have tried

others with minimal success. The transmitter is in my house

and the receiver is on my patio about 40 feet away. I have

had a problem with it cutting out, but only with my local

channels (using direct TV service). Talked to their customer

service and they are presently working on a firmware fix for

this problem, but for now an easy work around is to record on

DVR and watch it on a 1 second delay. BTW: Their customer

service is awesome. They are very helpful and you can

actually talk to a live person without going through a maze

of recordings.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

JAMES D BUTLER October 26, 2015

Product works great after several attempts to set up in the

right locatio