Mirror your Laptop

Mirroring screens wirelessly from your laptop to conference room screen

Being able to wirelessly mirror your laptop to a conference room screen can be a big asset for professional presentations. Some conference rooms have wired in computers but you as the presenter may not have access to software, files, or settings that you need that are already available on your laptop. Take control of your presentations and have everything you need at your fingertips without worrying that your PowerPoint presentation may not format correctly on another computer. Not only can you mirror your screen you can also create a secondary display. You can have your PowerPoint presentation show up on the conference room display while keeping notes in front of you on your laptop screen.

Recommended Products:

ARIES PRIME AND ARIES PRO – The compact and convenient transmitter is perfect for using in your conference room. The ARIES Prime offers a more affordable option with 30 feet of range, while the ARIES PRO offers a greater range of 100 feet for larger rooms or if you want to stream for a source device in another room.