Stream to Multiple HDTVs

Connecting A Cable Box Wirelessly To Multiple Screens At a Business/Organization

Businesses or organizations may want to show the same content on multiple screens. Perhaps you're a bar/restaurant showing the Olympics, a MMA fight, or the Superbowl, and want it to show on screens throughout the establishment. With Nyrius you are able to transmit that one cable box to multiple screens wirelessly. You don’t have to worry about getting additional cable boxes or running HDMI cables throughout your bar or restaurant.

Recommended Products:

WS55 & ADDITIONAL RECEIVERS – By hooking up a transmitter to your cable box you are able to stream that content on one screen through a wired connection and one wirelessly with the receiver, then purchase additional receivers to play that content on additional televisions or projectors. The Nyrius WS55 allows for multiple receivers all connected to one transmitter making it an excellent choice for businesses.