ARIES Home Wireless HDMI Digital Transmitter & Receiver

ARIES Home Wireless HDMI Digital Transmitter & Receiver

for HD 1080p Video Streaming (NAVS500)

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Stream your favorite media in razor sharp HD video with the addition of the ARIES Home to your entertainment setup. Mounting your HDTV over your fireplace? No problem. Discover the freedom of arranging your living room without being limited by your audio/video devices. Wirelessly transmit the signal from your Blu-ray/DVD player, digital cable box, satellite receiver, laptop, or gaming console up to 100ft away in high definition with 3D compatibility to your HDTV or HD projector. Keep your devices out of sight and your entertainment setup wire-free.

Powerful Long Range Digital Signal

Powerful Long Range Digital Signal

The Aries Home allows the wireless transmission of true 1080p HD quality up to 100ft. This system is capable of transmitting uncompressed video and surround sound audio with zero latency through walls, floors, and ceilings without interfering with other common wireless devices such as WiFi or Bluetooth.

Wirelessly Send HD Video

Wirelessly Send 3D HD Video & Digital Audio to any HDTV

Now you can easily stream uncompressed high definition audio and video without running messy cables. There is no reduction in picture quality allowing you to experience full 1080p resolution. The ARIES Home will allow you to watch any device with HDMI connections on any HDTV wirelessly. And with 3D compatibility, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite media on any 3D display.

Out of the Box Wireless Streaming

Out of the Box Wireless Streaming

The ARIES Home is ready to go right out of the box allowing you to quickly set up the system and begin benefitting from wireless HDMI capability. Just plug the transmitter into your devices HDMI port and the receiver into your HDTV and you’re immediately connected. Eliminate the inconvenience of installing messy cables. No software or WiFi connection required. The transmitter has 1x HDMI input and the receiver has 1x HDMI output.

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Supported Video Resolution 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p
Audio Formats Supported Uncompressed 7.1 PCM , DTS , Dolby Digital Surround Sound
Video Formats Supported 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p
Ports & Interfaces Transmitter: 1 HDMI input; Receiver: 1 HDMI output
Wireless Range 100ft (clear line of sight)
Transmission Frequency 5.1G ~ 5.9GHz
System Latency Zero latency (<1ms)
IR Frequency 47K, 58K, 38K
Antenna High Performance Internal Antennas
Wireless Technology GigaXtreme Technology
Environmental Requirements Keep a distance of 1.5m with any other wireless product; Any source containing an HDMI port
Source Compatibility 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p
Display Compatibility Any high-definition television with HDMI including popular models from these manufacturers: Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Vizio, Hitachi, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic etc.
Wall Mountable Yes, Transmitter/Receiver have built-in keyhole slots
Remote Control No
Power Supply Transmitter: 5V/2A; Receiver: 5V/1.5A
Transmitter Dimensions 7.6x3.8x1.5inches (WxLxH)
Receiver Dimensions 7.6x3.8x1.5inches (WxLxH)
Adapter Compatibility Nyrius does not recommend using Digital to Analog Adapters with our ARIES Products, however HDMI to miniHDMI/microHDMI adapters are compatible
Certifications ICES, FCC Certified, CUL/UL
What's Included Digital Wireless HD Transmitter, External IR Remote Extender, Digital Wireless HD Receiver with Built-in IR Remote Extender, 2x 100-240V AC Power Adapters, 5ft HDMI Cable, 2x Screws/Screw Anchors, 1 Year Warranty, Lifetime Customer Support

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Megan March 13, 2017

The system was incredibly easy to set up. I know next to nothing about technology but had a vague idea that wireless entertainment was possible. Thanks to the help of Donna in customer service, I was able to determine which unit would work best for our needs. Donna was incredibly kind and patient with me (again, knowing next to nothing I could barely describe what I wanted). I set some time aside over the weekend expecting this would take a while to set up. All in I think it was less than 10 minutes to disconnect everything, move it to another room, and reconnect it all to the wireless setup. Thankfully I guessed right in terms of where the IR receiver was on the DVD player. I think our remotes work even faster now than when everything was under the TV! All in all, I am really pleased with the product and feeling pretty darn tech savvy now (thanks again, Donna!).

hugo February 21, 2017

Why we don't have the possibility of buying a second or more receptors?

Kamodo February 8, 2017

Kinda slow in the beginning, but it works after all. Need more detailed step by step guide and installation for non-electronics dummies. My IR extender is not working yet. Still have to figure it out. No 1-800 customer service contact number.

Gary Gonzales January 25, 2017

They got it right this time. I had de-synchonization problems that led to complete picture pixelation with the model from 2 - 3 years ago. They fixed this problem in this new model. They also increased the capability with the IR remote controls. All in all, very satisfied with this new model.

narinder d January 24, 2017

This is my second nyrius. first one burned out after 3 years (no repair options....booo). Candace helped me buy this unit, plugged in both sides and boom, worked without a hitch. very happy with results!

Lucas January 18, 2017

Fantastic Product,

I bought the Nyrius Aries Home to stream movies, TV, and video games from my computer to my TV in another room. Straight out of the box it worked perfectly, no hassle or messing around with settings to get it to work properly.

The best part is that this does not use the internet to transmit the signal so your bandwidth limit won't take a hit when you are streaming

Bob Becker January 14, 2017

This unit is so good that it can even send 1080P 24 hz mode ... which is the best movie video. It works with a Fire Stick and sends commands without the need of the IR setup.

Gerald B January 12, 2017

HD Satellite is connected to HDTV in garage. Second HDTV is second story, not that far from garage, but through a couple of walls / floor. Purchased the Nav500. Set-up was very easy. Connected right away. It appears of the units are left on, all that is necessary is to turn on the Sat Receiver - using the Remote Extender - no need to reset either of the Nav500 units. Today added Orei HD-102 1x2 1 Port HDMI Powered Splitter Ver 1.3. The signal is now available at either / both HDTV's. So far seems to be two products that work exactly as advertised.

Marsha Neff December 22, 2016

It works very well.

Jerry Zabriskie December 13, 2016

Great product. Used for transmitting computer images of song words to a projector. Works exactly as advertised.

Bill D October 26, 2016

The first one worked so well that I bought a second one for a different room in the house. No interference when both are on, either.

NORIMICHI OTA June 25, 2016

This product is easy setup and very clear to transfer HDMI video from DVD player and/or PC.
However, it needs stable time for connection. if not stable, video/sound on TV have noise.

Except the matter, I would gave Total Star is 5 star.

Rich Y June 14, 2016

Unfortunately I couldn’t get an HDMI cable through a certain wall in my home. I really wanted to mount my HD TV on this wall. I had stumbled upon the Nyrius ARIES Digital Transmitter. I was skeptical but purchased one anyhow. I couldn’t be happier. Quick shipping, easy setup, great picture. It’s as if I had hooked it up directly. Oh, and the built in IR is a bonus and makes for a nice clean install. GREAT PRODUCT.

Dan B May 11, 2016

I finally entered the world of HD television. My setup is with Directv and all my televisions have a receiver except one. That one is actually the main television that we watch, but it is a room that is not wired. I had a wireless solution for non-HD that worked well, but I wanted to take advantage of the better picture quality of HD. I did some research and found the Nyrius NAVS500. It was offered at a discount from its original price, which made it affordable for me. I purchased the unit and it arrived quickly. Setup was quick and easy to do. I had no trouble connecting to the Directv receiver and the audio and video transmitted flawlessly to the television that was about 30 feet away in the next room. The picture is perfect and I am very please with the quality of the product.

I recently had a power outage and was trying to do the setup again and had a bit of trouble. I contacted online support and was helped by Daniela. She walked me through the steps again, (seems I was doing the pairing in the wrong order), and I was back up and running in no time.

As a side note, using the product with a splitter is not supported, but I have a REI HDS-102 HDMI splitter with EDID that I have been using for 2 months without any problems.

If you need a wireless HDMI solution, I recommend this as the way to go.

william comeau April 12, 2016

NAVS500 works better than advertised. I am running from main floor to upstairs bedroom through one floor and some furniture. I had an older version that burned out after two years. Newer version shuts down when receiver TV is off and turns on when TV is turned on, wish older version did same, perhaps it would have not failed. Picture is perfect. I have only had new NAVS500 for two weeks but so far is operates perfectly. Manual could be a little more detailed on IR and auto shut-down but figured it out. Very happy.

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